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Wednesday, May 18th, 2022

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    Got move to the new camp
    I asked if they can move me with Antonina, but they decided to move me closer to psychiatric asylum and crematorium.

    I'm not joking, it is the next area down the road.

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    Current Music: Daikatana - Modern Mystery
    When I began transitioning
    So whatever people say, I was interested in transgenderism since around 2006:
    My nickname there is exanode, and I had female avatar back them. knows

    Shame I haven't transitioned back then. That would have solved all my issues. But I was completely isolated and in depression.

    Argonov after that went completely insane and released music about USSR 2.0 and a war with America. Should have too transitioned in the name of Queer Anarchism and Transhumanism. Otherwise it is impossible to build USSR 40k

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    Current Music: Purple Motion - Second Reality

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