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Wednesday, June 1st, 2022

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    New Diagnosis
    It doesn't confirm my Russian autism and schizotypal personality disorders, yet confirms gender dysphoria.

    Checkmate, trolls and bullies!!!
    I will never see your Russia ever again!!!
    Enjoy you North Korea yourself!!!
    Hope in a few years I will get to Thailand and Philippines ^__^

    But I'm still sad about the few Russian transgirls I like.
    Hope they will get out.

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    MGMT - crossdressers and furries

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    TGF-β2 inhibition for hair regrowth?
    Apparently it is possible to block TFG-β locally:

    And reducing TGF-β2 increases the duration of hair growth. Then again, one may get cancer if TGF-β stops functioning properly, since it is used for signalling all kinds of shit. And I doubt it alone will fix the follicle miniaturization. More like one will get very long, but thin hair.

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