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Пишет nancygold ([info]nancygold)
@ 2022-07-09 20:28:00

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Entry tags:gamedev

Spell of Mastery Progress
Have to overhaul the magic system again. Initially it was based of reagents, with the idea being "reagent = ammunition", since the game began as a fantasy XCOM. Yet I always found ammunition management to be the most inconvenient thing in XCOM. In my case more complex spells require several reagents (think your soldier has 10 guns, each uses a combination of ammunition - insane!). Now I have also introduced the gods system, and these gods are heavily interlinking with magic system. For example, severing god's influence in the realm will affect spellcasting of that god's dependent spells. There is in fact a way to block all other players from spellcasting, while retaining that power. Of course I can enable/disable spells per player, but the most robust way to implement is by switching spellcasting from reagents to to global mana pool Master of Magic style. But I have colored mana, there are several mana pools. And these mana pools are refilled based of player relationship with gods (player controls god's temple, player gets that god's mana). Finally there is the good old alchemy - converting gold to mana, and the other way around. I like that idea more, since it develops on top of Master of Magic design. But yeah, it further deviates from XCOM. And previously I have already abandoned the idea with ammunition like arrows and cannon powder. Maybe I'm just less autistic on HRT to appreciate the ammunition concept being explicit in game design and now try to streamline everything. Because I'm also looking on making all encounters faster and maps as small as possible. But I never liked the "hunt that last alien" concept. But yeah, there are already fantasy mods for OpenXCOM, so guess people can get exactly that. I'm better of trying alternative designs.

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2022-07-10 08:48 (ссылка)
In X-Com the overcomplicated inventory system other than giving a direct contribution to the gameplay (of questionable value) was contributing to a general realism feeling. Probably the latter aspect should be of far less relevance for a game in a fantasy setting.

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2022-07-10 10:41 (ссылка)

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2022-07-12 19:25 (ссылка)
You are too constrained by your X-COM imprinting in general. One has to think freely and abstractly to create the new and the interesting, and move the state of the art forward.

Also people who remember the old Xcom, and are interested in something similar are in their 40ies now, on average, with family and kids. Not the most gamery of demographics.

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2022-07-13 16:39 (ссылка)
Original X-COM has this kinda indie feel.

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