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    Sunday, December 22nd, 2030
    6:04 pm
    Welcome to the new, work in progress, version of my book - One Life in Russia. This time English only.

    PDF version:

    - Nikita Sadkov <>
        What was that? The fruit of a sick imagination?
        Delirious demschiza.....
                -- Mariam Skripova, about this story

    This text is an autobiographical sketch of the author's life story, without claiming to be in proper writing style, complete or relevant to someone other than the author. The goal of this story was initially an attempt to understand my own feelings towards my Homeland and compatriots, then somehow crystallize my worldview, and finally explain to others the reasons for my extremely negative attitude towards the Russian nation. This text contains no fiction, only real events happened to the author during his sad life in Russia. The names are unchanged either. Be cautious when distributing or quoting this text, because it violates numerous laws of the Russian Federation, including materials on which there are precedents of opened criminal cases.

    Compatriots, themselves deprived of voice, all my life tried to shut me up. Even my mother taught me the Russian wisdom of "not to stick out" since childhood: "Shut up - go for a clever" and "silence is gold." But if silence is gold, then the dead are the richest. This text is also my response to all those who tried to deprive me of the right to express my thoughts aloud. Yes it is full of hatred towards Russian, but as Dovlatov has said: it was not Joseph Stalin who has sentenced the millions of people to suffering and death.

    I started writing this book in Russian, but then changed into English, due to the shift in my relationship with the Russian nation. There is no official Russian version anymore. The existing copies are completely out of date.


    - Not My Choice
    - Grandparents
    - Vodka Countryside
    - The Gopnik City
    - Medicine
    - Family
    - Hobbies
    - The Spirit of Ignorance
    - Programming
    - Gaziza
    - Nation of Filth
    - Protesting in Vain
    - Rusich The Rooster
    - Memorial of Military Glory
    - Sanity
    - Tell you, I'm Innocent!
    - Parting with Subhumans.
    - Ukraine, My Dear Dumpster Fire...
    - Kyiv Hostels and Bedbugs
    - The Nigerian Carder and The Donbass Bully
    - Uncle Yura; Gopnik Cop
    - The Sour Grapes of Eugenics
    - More "Hospitality"
    - Ukrainian Psychiatry
    - And You Expect Me to Love THIS?
    - Brothel is Not a Sanctuary
    - Opposition to What?
    - Free Speech: is there Such a Thing?
    - Free Will: is there Such a Thing?
    - Goodbye, Unwashed Mad Ukraine
    - One Life at the Zoo
    - The Last, but Not Least
    - Achievements

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    Sunday, April 7th, 2030
    9:15 pm
    New Name Asks for a New Account
    Hi, folks!

    I've long planned to changed my name from Nikita Sadkov, since hating Russians while having a Russian name looks like a silly trolling. In fact my Russian name was a source of never ending confusion.

    Unfortunately my status in Ukraine provided me no way to change my name formally. Still I want to change it at least informally. So from now on I kindly ask you call me Nash Gold. After American mathematician John Nash and a Boeing Engineer Richard Goldberg (aka r@ygold).

    Hope that will make things a bit more cleaner and show everyone that I refuse to accept a Russian identity. I will change my passport name as soon as I get ability to do it.

    Given that, my previous account is now retired, due to having an ugly Russian name.

    BTW there is actually an anime character with this name:

    I believe that I deserve an English name, since I'm part of Anglosphere, and I don't live in Greece where such name can be natural. In the English world, the name "Nikita" is considered female, after the Elton John's song and the Luc Besson's movie. Generally , people are free to change their names, just like they are free to change their gender or nationality. I don't have to belong to some group, whose values I don't share.

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    Thursday, September 23rd, 2021
    1:35 pm
    Can't really grasp how the perspective supposed to work
    Basically in my implementation of a voxel renderer perspective is only noticeable over very large distances.

    I.e. to make that bunny foreshortened I have to scale it to super giant proportions of 9000.0, because at 1.0 scale the perspective projection is really indiscernible from the orthogonal one.

    Is that how projection supposed to work?

    Guess I really need to get some book on paining or on photography.

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    12:19 pm
    Added a Perspective Rendering Mode
    This one will be useful for editing interiors, since the usual orthogonal mode is useless when inside of an object. But it needs different camera controls. I will also need to add shadows one day. Otherwise that bunny looks floating in the air, even if it is right on top of the platform, without any gaps.

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    7:48 am

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    Wednesday, September 22nd, 2021
    12:44 pm
    Tree Widget
    Implemented a bare bones tree view widget to display the layer groups hierarchy

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    Monday, September 20th, 2021
    5:10 pm
    Implemented User Specified Brushes
    Basically any PNG can now be used as a brush.

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    Sunday, September 19th, 2021
    8:55 pm
    Restarted the work on my hex editor
    First, I factored it out of the Spell of Mastery code base into a separate project.
    Second, I've added basic support for groups.
    Third, I've implemented project loading and saving.

    Now i need to add basic facilities for animation, and also scripting, which is possible now, since I have my personal compiler and bytecode interpreter built into runtime. So it is just a matter of passing the VoxelEditorApplication object to the script.

    I.e. (funcall (eval '(lambda (App) ...SCRIPT BODY...)) VoxelEditorApplication)

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    Saturday, September 18th, 2021
    1:40 pm

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    Friday, September 17th, 2021
    3:10 pm

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    9:37 am
    The more I deal with mongoloids, the more I start despising the entire Asia (not just Russia). Asians are literal soulless bots with google translate AI in place of brains. Made for communism.

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    Thursday, September 16th, 2021
    3:00 pm
    Grand Symta Redesign Progress
    After a few improvements to the runtime, Symta compiler now compiles itself in under 4 seconds.
    Further possible improvement is replacing interpreter with a recompiler and optimizing method calls.

    But for now I hope returning to developing the Spell of Mastery.

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    Tuesday, September 14th, 2021
    9:29 am
    Yandex Image Search
    Once in a lifetime tried to use the Yandex image search, since Google fails to find the source of the image (although still parses it and shows ads relevant to that image), while finds it, but asks money to give the links. Russian retards at Yandex have messed up the most basic part - JPEG image decoder. It loads the image as a set of stripes and finds stripes. And you tell us these niggers hacked the backbone of US industry and security? More like an insider America job by people wanting to cash in insurance money.

    Also look at the Yandex interface - half of it is English, and half is cyrillic. Literally screams ASIA.

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    Monday, September 13th, 2021
    8:32 pm
    Grand Symta Redesign Progress
    Implemented finalizers into GC. For now it is done in the most braindead way possible - with set_finalizer runtime routine.

    These are less useful than one may think, since most resources like huge in memory arrays and file handles should still be freed manually, otherwise there is a risk of exhausting the resources, before GC reaches the generation holding them. In other words file handle could be opened for several days, and moved into some really old age generation, so it wont be freed for several days, until GC reaches that generation again. Better approach to file handles could be auto-closing and auto-opening on access. Unfortunately same can't be done with say graphic objects inside GPU. TLDR: there is just so much GC can do.

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    Sunday, September 12th, 2021
    11:55 am
    All Good Things Have a Bad Side
    I've already mentioned that Dutch summer is too cold for the African refugees, even despite it being much warmer than the Russian one, so Blacks frequently wear winter clothes even during the summer season. I.e. winter jackets, gloves and warm hats. Now, compared to Russia and Ukraine, in Netherlands, at least at the refugee camp, there is no heating season, so heaters can be turned on at any time, even during summer. That can be useful after a rain, when the building gets really wet and feels uncomfortable, like a cave, and warming helps evaporating this dampness, which otherwise could induce the mold growth.

    But the problem is, Africans love turning heating even during the warm sunny days, making it hot as hell inside. And it is futile to argue with Blacks. They need this heat to not get cold and die. Winter is a nightmare for Africans, especially the real snowy winter (nowadays these are rare in NL). Blacks almost never leave the camp barracks during the winter, getting really depressive and violent. Still kudos to the Dutch people, who are that rich they can afford wasting money on warming Africa during a hot summer season.

    Anyway, regarding my Dutch learning progress. While I do learn new programming languages without huge hassle, apparently I don't have much talent to picking the new natural languages. It took me more than two decades to gain basic proficiency with English (i.e. to stop thinking in Russian), even despite I was exposed to English since the relatively young age: I had access to NES video games and books in English (my father had several art related books as part of his work). Still I studied English like a coroner would study a corpse - as an inanimate object, without any life and dynamics to it. Only long after I began learning to actually speak English, but in part my English is still reminiscent to these decomposing parts of a corpse. Now the Dutch teacher here believes it is more important to have live knowledge of the language, so instead of explaining what is IPO, giving a book in Dutch and asking to translate it with a dictionary, the teacher prefers to just speak Dutch.

    Is my bad English my fault? Should I really blame myself? By any means - no, it is the failure of the general Russia's toxicity and the Russians around me speaking their poisonous Russian language of subhumans. Blaming yourself is the leftist defeatism and pure insanity. With experience I came to understanding that only the weak people blame themselves, when they have actual enemies and the hazardous environment, impeding their progress. The only thing one has the right to blame oneself for is for not gathering one's strength to give these enemies a good fight to their death.

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    Saturday, September 11th, 2021
    11:33 am

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    Friday, September 10th, 2021
    8:18 pm
    Writing a letter to UN

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    5:59 pm
    Understanding Females as a Male
    Look at this lovely lady. They say she is a wonderful human being with a beautiful personality. Yes. It can be so. But would you ever enjoy sex with her? What if you're paid or forced to have sex with her? Please assess your feelings. Because your feelings are the same as the feelings of a woman looking at a dating proposition from sub-alpha male or the young woman who gets offered to have sex with some obese smelly older man, because of career opportunities or just to make money.

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    3:15 pm
    Sergey Prokofiev
    Is it just me or Prokofiev plagiarized the soundtrack to Fritz Lang's Die Nibelungen?
    Because you know Russians always plagiarize everything.

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    Thursday, September 9th, 2021
    5:31 pm
    Why executing young whites for killing useless old farts?
    See for example

    It makes no sense to kill that lady. Moreover, it will weaken the white race, if we execute white criminals. Instead we should set them free, but with a condition that they must kill as many niggers as possible to redeem themselves. I.e. ship them to Zimbabwe with some assault rifles, and make them recolonize Africa. And that Tiffany Cole is strong - she can rip the evil black hearts barehanded.

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