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Пишет nashgold ([info]nashgold)
@ 2020-05-19 10:01:00

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Настроение: confused
Entry tags:russia, ukraine

Help Needed!
Hi, folks!

I'm a game developer (programmer, audio designer and an artist: https://nashgold.itch.io/ ). I don't usually ask people for help, but this time there is a problem which I can't solve by myself. I'm being threatened with deportation to Russia, since Ukraine declines me political asylum.

I don't really know what to do. So I plead you to help publicizing my case or say writing to Ukrainian FBI, aka SBU callcenter@ssu.gov.ua asking to give me, Nash Gold (legal name Nikita Sadkov), a refugee status:

I know I'm not a nice person and I cant offer humanity much, but I'm a desperate person and I really dislike Russia. In fact I've sweared to harm Russian children if Russia manages to get me extradited. So far I've kept all my oaths (I've promised to stop speaking the ugly Russian language, and I don't speak it anymore). So by preventing my extradition you can save little kids. I know you people love little kids. And I know that I have nothing to lose.

As of now I've contacted SBU myself by sending them the following letter, which I hope holds some water. But got no response.

This is an open letter.


I'm Nash Gold (legal name "Nikita Sadkov"), unfortunately a citizen of Russia. I applied in your country, Ukraine, for a refugee status, since Russia persecuted me under the article 282 after my Internet posts where I stated that I hate Russia and its population. Since the beginning I had the intention of applying for British and Australian work visa, and then immediately leaving Ukraine, since Ukraine offers no opportunities for an English speaking IT person who hates the Russian mentality.

Your government migration service (ДМСУ) denied me the refugee status on the grounds of me "being diagnosed with psychopathy at the age of 8, breaking United Russia propaganda stands at the entrance to the commie-block, sacrificing a rooster, which represented the Russian patriots, extinguishing Eternal Fire and burning the flag of Russia." That decision was upheld by your Kyiv court (court documents attached). That forces me to conclude that you all love kissing Russian flag there and are big fans of the United Russia party, which voted to annex your Crimea in particular. Or you are just trying to prove some unobvious point to somebody, and create conflict where there is none, which is a bad PR for you in itself.

I have already wasted a lot of time in Ukraine, which I dislike for its Russian speaking population with a Soviet mindset. And now I'm facing the danger of deportation to Russia, where Russians will lock me for life since I have openly shown disrespect to their society and the ideology, they use to cement the power. And I don't even speak Russian, which creates a never-ending conflict with the common Russian population. Previously I have threaten the Russian side with huge problems if they accept my deportation, but Russians are uncooperative and still want me punished.

My legal resources to handle this outcome are unfortunately very limited. Given that I'm being left with little options and will be forced to consider desperate solutions. These can include crossing the border illegally to leave Ukraine, since I have no EU visa, and risking creating some international PR problems for you, or your border guards killing me. Or taking hostages in Ukraine and asking Ukraine less nicely to provide me a passage to another country. That will be even bigger PR disaster, especially if some hostage gets harmed. Nobody will win if a little Ukainian girl dies, used as a live shield, during your SWAT team assault.

After you declined me the refugee status, I have created a gallery criticizing your capital - Kyiv: https://www.flickr.com/photos/183169116@N03/
It was already disseminated by Kremlin bots. But as of now the license is still "All Rights Reserved". But if you still deny me the refugee status, I will change the license of these photos to "public domain", and upload to stock photo sites, like Pixabay, as a set of photos illustrating Kyiv. Then these photos will be spread by bloggers, who need a free photo of Kyiv. That will produce lasting damages to your country's PR. I.e. that is more damage, than if I had killed several your citizens, and the damage is harder to mitigate.

Apparently you're asking for something bad to happen. Since by mistreating refugees you prove nothing to nobody, beside proving you're no better than Russia. I know a refugee from India. She asked for an Ukrainian residency permit to work in Europe. You've declined her and now she smears your country. You made an enemy out of a random, but high initiative, person, who has just asked for your help, which would have cost you nothing, since Ukraine doesn't provide refugees with any welfare - just a single signature approving the residency permit.

Ukraine, please rethink your ignorant and racist stance towards us, refugees.

- Sincerely,
Nash Gold

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2020-05-19 19:46 (ссылка)
Listen here Nash, political asylums are only given to the people who do political activism. Decapitating a rooster a few years ago and hating Russia does not entitle you to a refugee status.

You can do more political activism, for example running an actual blog detailing the corruptions going on with the putin cabinet,
or a blog protesting Crimea's annex by russia (this one will be really good, since it would be also a suck up to Ukraine and they will like it)

Also the only English-speaking country that gives asylums in Canada, and if you wanna go to canada, that's good, but keep in mind, if Ukraine rejected your asylum status, Canada will also reject it.

So build up an actual resume of activism and you will be more likely to deserve an asylum.

By the way, I posted a help thread on Kohlchan so that the people will try to help you: https://kohlchan.net/int/res/7164261.html

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Re: Ok
2020-05-20 09:03 (ссылка)
I'm not a political activist. I just hate Russians and I don't want to share a single country with them. I.e. I'm like that white racist living in Congo. I have nothing against Putin, since he does evil to the Russians. If I'm a true racist, I should start killing Russians to prove that I refuse to live with them.

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Re: Ok
2020-05-20 09:07 (ссылка)
Also, thanks for the thread. I'm banned KC for exposing how Russians rape little boys.

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