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    Sunday, December 22nd, 2030
    6:04 pm
    Welcome to the new, work in progress, version of my book - One Life in Russia. This time English only.

    PDF version:

    - Nikita Sadkov <>
        What was that? The fruit of a sick imagination?
        Delirious demschiza.....
                -- Mariam Skripova, about this story

    This text is an autobiographical sketch of the author's life story, without claiming to be in proper writing style, complete or relevant to someone other than the author. The goal of this story was initially an attempt to understand my own feelings towards my Homeland and compatriots, then somehow crystallize my worldview, and finally explain to others the reasons for my extremely negative attitude towards the Russian nation. This text contains no fiction, only real events happened to the author during his sad life in Russia. The names are unchanged either. Be cautious when distributing or quoting this text, because it violates numerous laws of the Russian Federation, including materials on which there are precedents of opened criminal cases.

    Compatriots, themselves deprived of voice, all my life tried to shut me up. Even my mother taught me the Russian wisdom of "not to stick out" since childhood: "Shut up - go for a clever" and "silence is gold." But if silence is gold, then the dead are the richest. This text is also my response to all those who tried to deprive me of the right to express my thoughts aloud. Yes it is full of hatred towards Russian, but as Dovlatov has said: it was not Joseph Stalin who has sentenced the millions of people to suffering and death.

    I started writing this book in Russian, but then changed into English, due to the shift in my relationship with the Russian nation. There is no official Russian version anymore. The existing copies are completely out of date.


    - Not My Choice
    - Grandparents
    - Vodka Countryside
    - The Gopnik City
    - Medicine
    - Family
    - Hobbies
    - The Spirit of Ignorance
    - Programming
    - Gaziza
    - Nation of Filth
    - Protesting in Vain
    - Rusich The Rooster
    - Memorial of Military Glory
    - Sanity
    - Tell you, I'm Innocent!
    - Parting with Subhumans.
    - Ukraine, My Dear Dumpster Fire...
    - Kyiv Hostels and Bedbugs
    - The Nigerian Carder and The Donbass Bully
    - Uncle Yura; Gopnik Cop
    - The Sour Grapes of Eugenics
    - More "Hospitality"
    - Ukrainian Psychiatry
    - And You Expect Me to Love THIS?
    - Brothel is Not a Sanctuary
    - Opposition to What?
    - Free Speech: is there Such a Thing?
    - Free Will: is there Such a Thing?
    - Goodbye, Unwashed Mad Ukraine
    - The Last, but Not Least
    - Achievements

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    Sunday, April 7th, 2030
    9:15 pm
    New Name Asks for a New Account
    Hi, folks!

    I've long planned to changed my name from Nikita Sadkov, since hating Russians while having a Russian name looks like a silly trolling. In fact my Russian name was a source of never ending confusion.

    Unfortunately my status in Ukraine provided me no way to change my name formally. Still I want to change it at least informally. So from now on I kindly ask you call me Nash Gold. After American mathematician John Nash and a Boeing Engineer Richard Goldberg (aka r@ygold).

    Hope that will make things a bit more cleaner and show everyone that I refuse to accept a Russian identity. I will change my passport name as soon as I get ability to do it.

    Given that, my previous account is now retired, due to having an ugly Russian name.

    BTW there is actually an anime character with this name:

    I believe that I deserve an English name, since I'm part of Anglosphere, and I don't live in Greece where such name can be natural. In the English world, the name "Nikita" is considered female, after the Elton John's song and the Luc Besson's movie. Generally , people are free to change their names, just like they are free to change their gender or nationality. I don't have to belong to some group, whose values I don't share.

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    Sunday, January 24th, 2021
    3:51 pm
    Classy! The chimps have clogged the toilet again. Africans use toilet to dispose of non-solvable stuff. Usually they don't call the repair service, till the shit starts flowing over the top, introducing the true African odor to the apartments.

    It seems Africans are just incompatible with any politeness. For example, I was inquired by one of them, what age am I. I told him that I'm 35. To which he said that I'm very old and I should have a family with children. I replied that no, I don't have children. Now a well mannered person would stop asking further, but the Black man insisted, asking why I don't have a wife and a family. I responded in a straight way, telling him that I'm homosexual, and I don't need children, since they are a huge economic burden for their caretaker. That African said that I should be ashamed of being gay. I responded to him, that here in the West people are proud of they sexual orientation. He asked if my parents are proud of me, I stated that my mother is a non-westerner, her father was a full-blown mongoloid and she herself has Asiatic mentality. The African replied that I'm racist. Well, guess I'm "racist" towards my own ancestry. But then self-criticism is a racism too!

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    11:35 am
    African Behavior
    To my discomfort, now I've learned more about Africa, than about Netherlands. I would loved to tell that I met great Dutch artists or computer scientists, like Dijkstra. But it is the Black people whom I've to deal with here continuously. And they brought Africa with them and began turning everything around them into Africa. For example, there is a littler all around, and Benches near the refugee camp are defaced with graffitis, reminiscent of the Russian and Ukrainian ones. Probably a warning sign that you enter a hazardous environment.

    Africans don't eat from personal dish plates, but instead share a common plate. They don't use utensils, like spoon or work, eating by hand. The pinnacle of the African kitchen is the dish called "Fufu". It is a disguising looking mass, which smells and tastes like the Russian "mannaya kasha", but a bit more viscous, since Blacks need to take pieces of it from the common plate to dip into the sauce. When Blacks use a blender to cooks their African sauces, they always overload it, and then violently shake the blender in hope it will start blending. If you point that they are doing it wrongly, Blacks usually get angry and can throw something at you (and you're lucky, if it is not the boiling oil). Apparently aggression is the only way for these creatures to vent out their savagery frustration.

    Have I mentioned that Blacks are obnoxiously loud? Africans always shout, never speak quietly. Even when speaking on the phone they are very emotional, screaming, gesticulating, spitting and punching the table and/or walls. In their speech patterns, Blacks also love to repeat the same word for several times in a row (i.e. good-good). Of course their native African languages are based around word and syllable repetition ("reduplication"), but they carry these unmistakable speech patterns to their broken French and English. Guess the process of African speech is similar to a dog barking the same sound repeatedly, deeply animalistic and subconscious. When there are several Africans around, it starts sounding like a soundtrack to the next remake of the Planet of the Apes.

    Unfortunately Blacks also do a lot of noises at night, when I'm, being a stupid white male, try to sleep. At 1:00 they either speak on the phone with Africa, or watch their African youtube videos or a football match. When I asked of my room-mate if he can be a bit quieter in between 22:00 and 8:00 (the official sleep hours in the camp), and use the headphones, the Black male responded "don't tell me what to do." The only working method convincing them, is calling the camp staff, who can call police, because Africans either don't understand when you ask them nicely, or more likely consider it unmanly to comply with a request of some "gay white matharfacker."

    Many Africans came to Europe from Libya. They really love Muammar Gaddafi, saying that he wanted to unify Africa, creating something like an African version of Soviet Union. Indeed Gaddafi actively lobbied his unification ideas, opened schools and mosques in African countries, so he could indoctrinate their youth for his dream of building the Great African Empire, which would have been subservient to Soviet Union. That was the real reason the crazy bastard Gaddafi got eliminated, because nobody needed such a huge corrupt African King Kong, not even the Gaddafi's Russian friends, who want Africa in pieces for better digestion.

    Anyway, the Gaddafi's government employed a lot of unskilled African workers domestically, lowering the common Arab wages and spoiling their lives with the Black neighborhoods. So it is no wonder, that after Gadaffi's demise the local Ku Klux Klan department took some actions, including a number of public lynching, which led to a massive outflow of these Negroes. Yet, for some reason, they haven't returned to their native countries, but departed for Europe. Guess when Vladimir Putin dies, Russian Tajik and Uzbek workers will too go to Europe, where they will be praising the great emperor Putin. Libya was indeed very similar to modern Russia.

    Usual disclaimer: I'm not racist, just describe my unpalatable experience.

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    Friday, January 22nd, 2021
    1:49 pm
    African Tolerance
    Hi, folks! Nash is here again.

    The Russian well-wishers rejoiced that I will become the next Limonov and the Blacks in Europe will rape me, since they are all gay. In reality Black refugees are very conservative and hate gay people with passion. Yesterday the camp staff had to relocate a nice friendly Tunisian gay person, after a man from Ghana has beaten him just because he is gay, and kissed with another guy.

    Guess I will be his next target, since I spoke in defense of homosexuality. That Ghana man said that Africa has no gay people, because in Africa everyone is either Christian and Muslim. In his opinion gay people are "smeared in shit", and that I myself "eat shit", since my foul mouth stinks. I objected that Jesus Christ, the founder of Christianity, was himself homosexual and had sex will all the apostles. The proof of Jesus' homosexuality is right there in the New Testament. My argument haven't convinced the Ghana man, he got really enraged and agitated, accusing me of blasphemy, so I had to retreat before he attacked be with some heavy and/or sharp object.

    The refugee camp indeed has an LGBT flag at the entrance, but it is a big joke, since the majority of the population are hardcore fundamentalist right-wingers, who don't even know what that flag means, otherwise they would have likely torn it apart.

    I've already mentioned that Africans love breaking things. Out of the numerous washing machines, at least half is defunct, despite the continuous maintenance and fixing by the camp staff. In addition to trying to wash stuff like children toys, Africans always overload the washing machines, probably trying to save on the washing tablets. Sometimes Blacks have so much laundry, they carry it balancing on their heads, while we stupid white people use our heads for over-thinking and over-complicating things. Blacks also wash their shoes inside the washing machine at 60C, and when the shoes dis-colorize and fall apart they get mad, trying to fix them with some improper glue, which is not adhesive with rubber. Even the door handles get vandalized. But it is a good thing they broke the TV, because the only TV show Africans watch is the football channel. For the gay-haters, they spend a lot of time watching sweaty athletes chasing the ball.

    Of course Africans don't clean their apartment, so I had to spend several hours scrubbing off the yellow cannabis smoke-ash from the walls around my bed. Smoking inside the apartments if forbidden, but Africans don't care about the rules. Of course I reported them, but that haven't turned me into a much loved person. Now I'm a disgusting snitch of a person. When I enter the room, Blacks stop their talk about "how to evade the Dublin [convention]." Nobody of them wants to sit at the same kitchen table with me. So, when I take a sit, they either change table. or demand me to go away, since they don't want anyone to think they are my friends.

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    Wednesday, January 20th, 2021
    12:33 pm
    Phone Scammers
    As I've mentioned before I use this cheap french SIM card, mostly used by the rapefugees here. The so called "Lycamobile."

    Now for some reason the list of active numbers gets leaked to the scammers, who make phone calls like several times of day. Usually it is a person with unmistakable Nigerian or Arab accent, calling from some crowded place (i.e. not a call center), either prison, hostel or a refugee camp. They don't know dutch, even through they call Dutch phone, and barely speak English.

    Typically such African tries to scam you into the advanced fee payment, but sometimes uses threats and fear mongering tricks. But because he is a African/Arab, you immediately know he is a scammer. And when you expose him for scam, he goes into a lengthy tirade, mentioning all your relatives and how he fucked them.

    Unfortunately Google has disabled the Android call recorders, so I can't record these annoying call, without a jail break. So yeah, boycott Google, Apple and other commie corporations, who decide for you how you can use your device. Or even better - set their data-centers on fire, instead of Capitol. That will teach them how to support Biden.

    Disclaimer: I'm not racist, I'm just tired of this "colored" scam. I know they are poor downtrodden and uneducated people, but I'm not Mother Theresa to care about them. They just annoy me with their blatant relentless scamming.

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    Tuesday, January 19th, 2021
    10:38 am
    There is only one race, the white race. Others are just animals
    Conversing with my mother on the theory that Russians are just the pale negroes.

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    Monday, January 18th, 2021
    3:32 pm
    He says he is "Italian"
    The video:

    Camp staff told me that this is a normal room mate behavior, and that I'm racist and have no right to record such videos, even when I get threats. Guess I will get sued for an invasion of privacy of something. Still I have explicitly warned him that I began filming, after his initial threats to beat me today.

    And my mother says the Black man is right, and I should stop being a snitch, and stop recording people threatening me.

    How long till I get shanked?

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    Saturday, January 16th, 2021
    5:19 pm
    Thank you, comrade Stalin!
    Reported on another room-mate for smoking. I also began understanding the people who wrote the millions of reports during Stalinism. When you are forced to share communal apartments with other people, relationship gets pretty hostile rather quickly, due to numerous disagreements. Smoking in the apartments being one good example. And after that, you will use any means available to get rid of the fellow communist.

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    Friday, January 15th, 2021
    1:22 pm
    Becoming Street Smart
    When I bought a new bike, Africans immediately tried to get access to it. One Nigerian claimed that he had lost the keys to his bike lock, so he needs to use my to visit a few locations. Obviously if you allow a Nigerian to use your bike, you can say goodbye to it. Most likely he will sell it at the nearby shop, and then claim that it was lost, telling some crazy story, like cops finding him while, he was delivering the crack, so he had to escape though the fences, leaving the bike behind. In fact, when brought the bike, shop keeper, a very friendly fellow, asked my contact details, warning that the bikes he sells repeatedly get stolen and resold to him by the Black refugees.

    Now you can't directly decline, unless you want to turn everyone around you into enemies. You have to make some excuse. And no, something like "my bike doesn't have lights, has broken tire or failing brakes" wont work, since the Nigerian will say he will fix it just for your. Instead you should claim, that you will give him the bike tomorrow, or that you yourself have lost the key, or maybe that you have already gave the bike to some other guy, whom that Nigerian doesn't know. The main rule: when dealing with Blacks, never openly decline or refuse to share your stuff, always lie and promise to do it tomorrow. You will tell that such behavior is dishonest and brings social strife, yet it is the norm in Nigeria.

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    Thursday, January 14th, 2021
    4:56 pm

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    12:45 pm
    Russians on the Unity Customer Support Team?
    I'm trying to restore my Unity account, since Google had banned me from my GMail account. And there is somebody on their customer support team with the Russian nickname Vesemir mocking me, intentionally mistyping my email during the check. Now that is truly an unbiased customer support!

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    Wednesday, January 13th, 2021
    9:26 pm
    Nigerian scammers have a broken bot
    Nigerian scam bot keeps triggering at my old post, and I keep reporting their profiles for identity theft, which gets them blocked. BTW, GMail group, while owned by Google, is completely unmoderated and has more scam bots than people. These African bots are very primitive and only auto-post reply on keyword match. Again. I'm not racist. I'm just mad at Google for blocking my GMail. When I find time, I will get their attention with something big, like bot spamming Youtube with childporn. Blocking my account will cost them! Also, note how lovely are these Africans, threatening people. If you're racist, then reading such replies will immediately turn you into a liberal communist, donating money to hungry Black children.

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    4:27 pm
    African View on Gay Rights
    I've mentioned that I asked administration get myself relocated, since my former African room-mate planned to kill me and then himself. And I was not particularly excited for such a Romeo and Juliet opportunity.

    The new compartment has more African experience. At night I was awoken by the loud squabble sounds. There is a gay guy from Tunisia, and he was relaxing with his friend in the kitchen, during night. Guess they left the strict Muslim country expecting to enjoy some decadent Western life, but instead of liberal West they met some hardcore African values. Basically, a Black man from Ghana demanded them to GET THE FUCK OUT, because he wont allow them kissing there in the kitchen, since homosexuality is a big no-no in Africa.

    Apparently LGBTQ is the new racism, because the Africans I seen here are very homophobic, but they are also rather conservative and right-winged. I.e. like Russians, just Black.

    Anyway, Tunisian people cook some funny food. Like they take a lot of garlic, and only garlic, boil a full pot of it, and then eat it with species. I have never seen people eating garlic like that. They also speak some Italian dialect and look like Greeks or Italians.

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    Tuesday, January 12th, 2021
    5:41 pm
    African Toilet Peculiarities
    I keep observing and making notes. Many Blacks here don't use the toilet paper, due to different reasons: they don't know about it, want to save some money or because they are Muslims, while Holy Quran orders using water, sand or stone for the process.

    That works fine in their squat shithole toilets (depicted), but with the western style seating toilet there is shit, and piss, and diarrhea all around - like literal pieces of shit and undigested food, washed out with the water. Walls and everything around also get splashed with this ass water. So avoid touching anything in the toilet visited by Africans, because many nasty viruses get propagated through the fecal matter venue and Africans naturally carry them.

    Holy Quran also designates the left hand for the ass whipping purpose, so the right hand will remain relatively clean. So never ever give an African anything with your left hand. That is the first rule you learn in a refugee camp. Better yet, avoid any contacts with them at all.

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    Monday, January 11th, 2021
    12:22 pm
    Arguing with the Africans here in the refugee camp. They say "Black Lives Matter." I reply that the life of a person has as much value as much that person pays taxes or contributes to the American society. Given that the majority of US prison population is African, the Black lives can only matter in a negative sense. I also told them that George Floyd has resisted arrest and died out of overdose - the man had a history of violent crimes. Equating all Black people with the violent criminals, such as George Floyd and then bringing that message to whites, maybe a bad idea, which will only create more racism. And BLM looks like a false flag movement, whose only purpose is to polarize and create strife. It seems negroes have no argument against that, since they respond only with "kill yourself" and "racist mothefucker". I also doubt that Blacks understand the notion of constructive discussion and that you should use logic in your argument, instead of just insults, threats and handwaving. BTW, why Blacks always use the word "mothefucker"? Are they obsessed with fucking their big black mammas?

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    Saturday, January 9th, 2021
    4:44 pm
    Uninstall Samsung Global Goals
    Don't want to sound racist, but I have admit that Black refugees throw litter trash and cigarette butts everywhere, even when a garbage bin stands nearby (on the photo refugees try to stick in the used toilet paper and banana peels into the ash tray). I'm sorry for Dutch people who have to live near the camp - their neighborhood would be pristine clean without the Africans. Dutch people are uber neat and tidy.

    Africans put these yellow supermarket bags inside the daylight lamps. When I asked why do they do it, the Blacks replied "because this white light is the prison light, we need yellow light." Since this dim yellow light really strains eyes and putting a plastic bag inside the lamp creates fire hazard, I reported that to the camp administration. But Africans have overheard it and warned me that they "hate informers." I replied that only the criminals dislike informers, to which one of them responded that he is a criminal. I said that criminals should be in prison. Apparently that haven't turned him into my friend, so, guess, I have terrible socials skills. I think in Africa they still have these yellow incandescent light bulbs, so these newer diode lamps make them nervous. Yet Africans are surprisingly not afraid of IPhones, which use similar display technology to the modern lamps.

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    Friday, January 8th, 2021
    1:45 pm
    Zoology Part 2
    When I brought some new bread, and gave the remaining stale bread to a Nigerian, who had his phone stolen by other Blacks, so he needed too buy a new one, leaving him with very little money. Other Blacks got angry at me, demanding that I should give him my fresh bread instead. I told them, if a person is hungry and has no money, he will be thankful even for a stale bread. They said that I'm a "white mothefucker, mocking them", and that in Africa I "would have been killed."

    I told them that I have no plans traveling to Africa, since it has nothing to offer me: no culture, no architecture, or theaters, no employment opportunities in any of their Africa shitholes. Only malaria and HIV/AIDS. That haven't made them happy. And I continued that I would love to travel to America instead. They told me that America is a very racist criminal country full of white supremacists, and their Black brothers there will kill me, doing the right thing. To which I answered that apparently the only racists and criminals in America are their African brothers, because they rob and kill white people only because they are white.

    These same Blacks also claimed that it is me, who stole the Nigerian guy's phone. I told them to report me to police then, but they said that they hate cops, and prefer to deal with all the problems in person. Generally Black people get agitated and switch to murder threats rather quickly.

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    Thursday, January 7th, 2021
    3:47 pm
    Chatting with random nigerian scammers
    Niggers are as dumb as Russians.

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    Tuesday, January 5th, 2021
    1:24 pm
    What has the Communism Achieved?
    Barbie had little respect for Che Guevara. 'Altmann said once, "This poor man wouldn't have survived at all if he fought in the Second World War. He was a pitiful adventurer, nothing like his popular image. The people have turned him into a myth, a great figure. But what has he actually achieved? Absolutely nothing".'

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