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Tilorone Hazard level: Harmful
Segodnia nashel na chemBlink (kstati kto znaet etot resurs i ego "credibility"?)

chemBlink Overview
Why chemBlink
chemBlink is an open source of chemical information available to the public online since 2005. It also serves as a platform to promote products for worldwide suppliers.

chemBlink's popularity can be attributed to the wide extent of its online information, the simplicity of its interface, and the accuracy and reliability of its records, which are all human edited and reviewed.

What is chemBlink
In order for the CHEMical community to Be LINKed, chemBlink's extensive database allows chemical information to be available at the blink of an eye.

Where is chemBlink
The company headquarters are located in the Research Triangle Park area of North Carolina, but also has agencies around the world.
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vot takuu informaziu pro Tilorone:

Hazard level: Harmful

R20 Harmful by inhalation.
R21 Harmful in contact with skin.
R22 Harmful if swallowed.

R36 Irritating to eyes.
R37 Irritating to respiratory system.
R38 Irritating to skin.

R40 Limited evidence of a carcinogenic effect.
(A carcinogen is any substance, radionuclide or radiation that is an agent directly involved in the exacerbation of cancer or in the increase of its propagation)

Mi s moei luchei polovinkoi vipili vchera po tabletke Amiksina. U menia propala tempiratura kotoraya bila v raione 38 gradusov 2 dnia, v tom chilse propali vse simptomi grippa krome zalozhennosti v legkih kotoraya tozhe prohodit. Interesno na osnovanii kakih issledovaniy i kem bili sdelani podobnie zaklucheniya???
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