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Пишет tartaristão celestial ([info]oort)
@ 2020-10-23 01:58:00

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Музыка:Pouriya Raisi - Bi Zamani

Pouriya Raisi - Bi Zamani

They excavate tunnels in earth and lay their eggs within its pores; the larvae
burrow through the earth's skin, migrating in the connective tissues, crust
and strata, feeding on necrotic solids and surfaces. Burrowing sounds may be
heard from within the earth. Once they have finished infesting the earth's solid
part, the larvae will cut breathing holes and press their headless tails against the
surface for air. The larvae will continue to grow while boring out spinal cavities
for the earth's body which will never be filled. As the larvae grow, they will
enlarge the holes and come out of the ground.