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    Wednesday, September 14th, 2022
    11:13 am

    The Weyl tube theorem for Kähler manifolds
    Andreas Bernig, Joseph H.G. Fu, Gil Solanes, Thomas Wannerer

    As sharpened in terms of Alesker's theory of valuations on manifolds, a classic theorem of Weyl asserts that the coefficients of the tube polynomial of an isometrically embedded riemannian manifold M↪ℝn constitute a canonical finite dimensional subalgebra (M) of the algebra (M) of all smooth valuations on M, isomorphic to the algebra of valuations on Euclidean space that are invariant under rigid motions. We construct an analogous, larger, canonical subalgebra (M)⊂(M) for Kähler manifolds M: i) if dimM=n, then (M)≃ValU(n), the algebra of valuations on ℂn invariant under the holomorphic isometry group, and ii) if M↪M̃ is a Kähler embedding, then the restriction map (M̃ )→(M) induces a surjection (M̃ )→(M). This answers a question posed by Alesker in 2010 and gives a structural explanation for some previously known, but mysterious phenomena in hermitian integral geometry.
    Wednesday, August 10th, 2022
    5:31 am

    Unstable minimal surfaces in symmetric spaces of non-compact type
    Nathaniel Sagman, Peter Smillie

    We prove that if Σ is a closed surface of genus at least 3 and G is a split real semisimple Lie group of rank at least 3 acting faithfully by isometries on a symmetric space N, then there exists a Hitchin representation ρ:π1(Σ)→G and a ρ-equivariant unstable minimal map from the universal cover of Σ to N. This follows from a new lower bound on the index of high energy minimal maps into an arbitrary symmetric space of non-compact type. Taking G=PSL(n,ℝ), n≥4, this disproves the Labourie conjecture.
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