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Remember, remember the 2nd Amendment!

Once again you mistakenly (more likely - purposely) link up mass shootings with citizen gun ownership and/or civil access to guns. That is totally irrelevant and wrong. Without guns people will still be able to mass murder with illegal guns and explosives, also they could use other legal means, for instance, a car. Or a kitchen knife, a baseball bat, etc. Some people are even trained to kill with bare hands. So what do you suggest then? Ban cars, knifes, baseball bats? Ban everything, except donuts? If such, then you're a mean person, Mr. McFaul. And you totally neglect a simple man's right to protect himself from possible armed attacks when police is too far away, as it always arrives on scene with victim bodies, that do not require any protection being already deceased. You are protected by govs agents so you don't actually care. That's why you stand for gun ban. Not because you do not want more mass shootings to occur. You want gun ban because you Dems want the American society to become puppets so you could manipulate them with ease - with fake news and media hoaxes. That's why it will never happen. People will stand for 2nd Amendment with their guns in their hands. Like they stood in 'good old days' against the British rule.

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