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обессмерчивание мастодонта Aug. 24th, 2018|05:41 pm

Смотрите, пентаграмма врановых:

Придумал её некто Johann Jakob Kaup,
вот с такой физиономией:

На википедии про него тоже смешное:

A particularly important incident in the history of paleontology
involves Kaup. In 1854 he bought the American mastodon found in 1799
in Orange County, New York. This is the mastodon immortalized in
Charles Willson Peale's painting [sic!] of the 1801 excavation (painting
executed between 1806 and 1808). This mastodon was on display for many
years in Peale's Museum and is currently on display in Hessisches
Landesmuseum Darmstadt, Germany[2] This mastodon is the first complete
example found in the United States, and may be only the second fossil
animal ever mounted for display.

А обессмерчивание мастодонта вот:

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