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Sunday, November 5th, 2006

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    Кто здесь?
    Поглядев внимательно на фотографию Белова-Поткина я вдруг понял, кого он мне напоминает...

    Дон Педро в к/ф "Человек-Амфибия"...
    Перепост от http://lj.rossia.org/users/aenocyon/406551.html

    так как всё глючит
    то пробую ответить здесь,
    пишет val_bregitsky@lj
    Посмотрел инет и нашел ещё две системы, аналогичные LiveJournal.com:
    1. http://www.greatestjournal.com
    2. http://lj.rossia.org

    Первая полностью индентична LiveJournal.com, но управление даже немного удобнее.

    Возникает вопрос, есть ли средства, позволяющие каким-либо образом синхронизировать два или три сервиса вместе?
    Чтобы можно было:
    1. Публикуя в одном месте, сразу публиковать в в других сервисах?
    2. Читать ленту друзей сразу из всех источников?

    и наверно

    семаджик может работать с обоими сервисами

    вот тут инструкция : http://juliy.livejournal.com/1089224.html?view=40955848#t40955848
    Хроника Сиэлтских событий...
    LJ Maintenance's Journal
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      Saturday, November 4th, 2006
      5:23 pm
      We're working on bringing the site back up to full functionality, and you should be seeing the site approaching normal. We'll keep working and monitoring performance over the next few hours.
      2:33 pm
      Our sysadmins have been hard at work dealing with some unexpected issues arising from our power maintenance last night. (The power maintenance itself went well up until we started bringing back the unavailable servers, and at that point we suffered a power loss event that took down a number of critical machines.)

      The site's going to be a bit slow or unreachable at times as we work to resolve the problems. We're very sorry about the inconvenience caused by this -- we've been working all night and will continue all day until this is resolved.
      Friday, November 3rd, 2006
      3:42 pm
      Power Feed Maintenance
      Our data center needs to perform maintenance on one of our two power feeds this evening beginning at 10pm and lasting until midnight PST. LiveJournal will likely experience a degradation of service during this time, including an outage of directory search.

      UPDATE: This may include "missing" user pics (don't delete or re-upload them, and they'll return to normal after this maintenance window.)

      Wish us luck!


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