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KTRH Interview, 20 April, 2007 Dec. 19th, 2018|11:27 am


S.B.: This is S.B. on KTRH.com. Joining me now from the Netherlands is L.A., who runs a website that is controversial, to say the least. He is championing and defending pedophiles. Mr. A., can you just start out by explaining why you feel you need to do this?

LA: There are a lot of purposes, really. Primarily, I need to raise awareness that there is a distinct difference between a pedophile and a child molester. Very often, in the media the distinction is blurred between the two and people do not understand that a pedophile is somebody who has an attraction to children but does not necessarily act upon the attraction. Whereas, a child molester is somebody who has violated the law and may or may not be a pedophile.

SB: Do you think that the people who are pedophiles should be treated any differently? I mean, if you know that somebody has a proclivity for wanting to do something that would be breaking the law, they shouldn’t be looked at any differently?

LA: I think that we need to make a distinction between people who are violating the law and people who are not violating the law.

SB: OK, but my question is, though, do you think that people who are known to want to engage in activity that breaks the law, should they be looked at differently?

LA: Well, I think that the law is fundamentally wrong. So I think that what needs to be looked at is not the people, but the law and the society which creates the law.

SB: What’s wrong with the law?

LA: The law is restricting people based upon an arbitrary criterion and it is disallowing people — children — from exploring their sexuality in an environment which does not create some sort of penalty for the participants in the activity.

SB: Do you have an opinion about how young is too young for a child to have sex?

LA: Well, the site clearly says that I do not advocate penetrative sexual activity with people who have not reached puberty.

SB: But I mean other than that type of… obviously, there are other types of sex. Do you have an opinion about how old somebody has to be to engage in other types of sex?

LA: I think that anybody can enjoy pleasure, and that non-invasive forms of intimacy can be enjoyed by all people.

SB: What do yo mean when you say non-invasive forms?

LA: I am talking specifically about penetrative sex.

SB: But I mean, things like oral sex and…

LA: I'm sorry?

SB: Things like oral sex and that kind of activity? That is not included at all in what you’re talking about?

LA: I’m saying that non-invasive activity should not be proscribed by the law.

SB: So there should be no laws regarding people who, for example, what most people consider to be molestation of children?

LA: I think that there should be laws against any form of sexual contacts which are obtained by force, coercion, manipulation or deception.

SB: OK, now let me ask you about this… Are you aware of this group led by this artist, Petra Luna, who want to shut down your site? Have you heard about this?

LA: I have heard about it?

SB: What do you think about that?

LA: I think this is rubbish.

SB: Why?

LA: My website is a legal website, it does not encourage breaking the law, it does not contain anything which is illegal and I think that it creates a very important discussion. I do not think that something which is protected by the Constitution should be taken off the Internet. I have just as much a right to express my opinion as anybody else does.

SB: They think that you are encouraging people to break the law. You say otherwise?

LA: Well, my website clearly says, in many places, that people should abide by the law of the land and use democratic means to challenge the law, foment discussion of the law and hopefully change the law.

SB: And change the law to say what?

LA: Well, I think that there should be a change in age of consent laws…

SB: To how old?

LA: I don’t think that there should be an age of consent.

SB: OK, so I have a five-year old daughter. You think that ought to be OK for someone to have a sex with her?

LA: I do not advocate penetrative activity with five…

SB: Should someone be able to have oral sex with my five-year old daughter?

LA: Yes.

SB: They should?

LA: Yes.

SB: But you’re not telling people to do that now, you’re telling people to get the law to change — to be changed to say that?

LA: That’s correct.

SB: Have you had a lot of response to your site? Do you get a lot of people emailing you?

LA: I get quite a few emails.

SB: What do they say? Is it mainly supportive or the other way?

LA: I get primarily negative emails, but I do get supportive emails as well.

SB: But like, I mean, give me some examples. I mean what do people say? Do they say that you’re sick, do they say that you’re a pervert? What do they tell you?

LA: I get a number of death threats. I get a lot of people telling me to rot in hell, lots of people telling me…

SB: Because you think that their five-year old kids ought to be having sex? I mean, is that right?

LA: A lot of them think that I should not be expressing my opinion.

SB: What do the supportive people say?

LA: Quite a lot of the supportive people are pleased that there is somebody who is standing up for this. Of course, a lot of them have a similar sexual orientation to me and are living in fear, and they believe that it’s important for some of us to stand up and challenge the society that wants us all to hide, to live in fear, to have nowhere to go to discuss our attraction and work out the feelings that come along with that.

SB: Right. Now, you know that I am speaking to you from Texas, where people, a lot of people think that anybody who would advocate allowing a five-year old to have any kind of sex probably ought to be strapped to a chair and shot in the head? I mean, do you… is there anything you can to people who would be that upset that might change their mind? Or…

LA: I think that are fundamental flaws in society’s mentality today. We live in a society of violence, where violence is glorified in all sorts of media. And I think it’s very odd that we are concentrating on proscribing love and intimacy when there is a surfeit of violence pervading our culture. And I’d also point out that in cultures that are restrictive on sexual activity and on intimacy, there is a correlation in increased levels of violence. We need to examine the causes of violence and dysfunctionality in our society rather than proscribing intimacy, care and love.

SB: Do you think that children who have any type of sex with adults grow up to be well-adjusted?

LA: I think that they can do, if you allow…

SB: Do you think that they do is my question.

LA: Let me answer the first question…

SB: No, sir, my question was do you think that they do grow up to be well-adjusted.

LA: I think that some do.

SB: Do you know of any?

LA: I know of people who have had sexual encounters with adults when they were elementary school-aged children.

SB: Alright, and you think that they’re alright?

LA: I think they’re fine.

SB: You were going to say something else about that?

LA: I think that a big factor in whether they grow up to be well-adjusted or not is whether they’re allowed to explore this intimacy in a supportive environment or if they have a situation where they have a situation and adults find out about it and go ballistic about it.

SB: But you don’t think they should go ballistic about it?

LA: I think that so long as there is consent and respect, that children should be allowed…

SB: Do you think… I’m sorry. Do you think that a five-year old grasps what’s going on well enough to be able to consent to sexual activity?

LA: A five-year old understands friendship. A five-year old understands affection.

SB: So can a two-year old consent to sex?

LA: A two-year old understands pleasure, and…

SB: So they can consent to sex?

LA: They can consent to pleasurable activity.

SB: Can a six-month old do that?

LA: I’m sure that six-month olds also have nerve endings and an understanding of what is pleasurable to them. Yes.

SB: So a six-month old can consent to sex?

LA: A six-month old can consent to activities that it finds pleasurable.

SB: And so you don’t understand why you get death threats?

LA: I do not understand why people would want other people to break the law and kill me.

SB: Is there anything else you’d like to say about this?

LA: I think that it’s really important that we address the issue of people who have attractions similar to mine. Society cannot expect for us all to hide under a rock with no outlet, nowhere to talk, nowhere to turn, and the fear of loss of job, loss of family, loss of livelihood if anybody discovers what our attraction is.

SB: Alright, and have you… I mean, can you, are you willing to say… have you had…

LA: Sorry?

SB: I’m sorry. Can you hear me?

LA: You’re breaking up a bit.

SB: Can you hear me, I’m sorry. Can you hear me?


SB: Have you had sex with children who would be underage in the US?

LA: I have not.

SB: Alright, that is Lindsay Ashford, and I’m Scott Braddock here on KTRH.

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