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Is it Possible to Have a Meaningful Relationship with a Young Girl? Dec. 21st, 2018|09:16 pm


Many people mistakenly assume that a girllover is solely attracted to young girls for sexual purposes because they do not think that it is possible for an adult to have a meaningful relationship with a young person I believe, however, that it is indeed very possible, and can be very beneficial for both parties. Our society teaches us that young people are incapable of thinking for themselves and clings to the idyllic myth that children are a blank book. Yet while young people have a more rudimentary education than those who have completed their schooling, they are by no means incapable of having deep thoughts.

I remember as a 10-year old boy pondering a great many things that have been pondered throughout the ages by our most august thinkers. Fortunately, I had a very good adult friend (non-sexual) who was very much like a mentor to me, with whom I could discuss my ideas and nascent philosophies. He always treated me as an equal, not condescending, and rather than telling me what his perception of the truth was, he asked me questions structured so that I could see the inconsistencies in my logic or gain affirmation for my conclusions. Admittedly, I was by no means a typical child. Nevertheless, I remain convinced that many such children do exist, and that it is indeed possible to have very deep relationships with them.

That being said, most relationships in the world are not terribly deep on an intellectual level at all. What is it that keeps two people who are physically attracted to each other together? In most cases, it most certainly is not sharing a deep understanding of Hegel or Kant, but a commonality of experiences, values and backgrounds. That is to say that by and large, people wind up choosing partners who are from a similar socio-economic, ethnic, cultural and religious background. These ties are strengthened yet further by sharing specific experiences and memories with the partner. There is no reason to believe that such commonality is not possible between two people of disparate ages. Yes, there are differences, but these can be overcome, just as in today's multi-cultural world many people overcome great differences in order to forge a deep relationship with the person they love.

I am often asked what I would talk about with a young girl if I were to go out with one. My answer usually starts by asking what adult lovers talk about. Most of the time, they talk about relatively mundane topics: the weather, who they met in the street, what happened at work etc. Having a university degree is by no means a prerequisite to forming a meaningful relationship with anybody. Therefore, I would talk with my young lover about things that we both find interesting. Moreover, the more time that we spent together, the more memories we would create together to talk about and remember later.

For some reason, people presume that because a young person has not completed their education that they have nothing to say. What a nonsense that is! Anyone who has been around young people knows that they are full of ideas. While many adults choose to treat young people and their ideas in a condescending fashion, they ought to learn to listen and enjoy. Young people have a lot of ideas and opinions. They would love the opportunity to share them with others. Some of us have chosen to listen to them, and for that, we have been richly rewarded.

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