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    Sunday, February 17th, 2030
    4:07 pm
    Russian Language is Banned from Now On
    Today I switched my blog completely to English.

    No Russian language is allowed anymore.

    Anonymous comments are screened, with only comments in English will be unscreened. Non-anonymous comments in Russian will be deleted, repeated offenders - gulaged.

    Deal with it, Russian scum.

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    Saturday, February 23rd, 2019
    10:18 am

    Who is that annoying soviet shithead spamming retarded links? The only reason I haven't yet twit_set him, is because he plans to kill Luba, Vera and Nadya, right near his home. It is always good to kill Russian women. Moscow Orthodox Church needs more martyrs.

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    Friday, February 22nd, 2019
    11:22 pm
    Russian Public Transportation
    I still wonder why people like me with schizophrenia diagnosis are banned from obtaining a driver license. Because Russian buses are always overloaded, there are always these annoying crying children, and you have to endure this torture for an hour, while getting to work, and for another hour while returning, always in a such heavily overloaded bus, without fresh air or a place to sit, with some freaks constantly bothering you to forward the fare payment to the driver, you just cant avoid touch contact with these dirty creatures. For me it is really hard to name even a single thing that doesn't annoy in Russian public transportation. You just cant imagine my overflowing hatred. I want it all to be over in a single bright flash, because want my suffering to stop.

    The official reason to ban psychiatric patients from driving is that psychoactive medications impede reaction and judgement, while some forms of schizophrenia/brain-damage can suddenly result into epilepsy. So to safe-guard Russians just forbid people with any (even mild) mental disorder to drive cars. No need to mention what amount of corruption that breeds, because anyone with money can still easily obtain driver license illegally through bribes or just a fake one.

    After experiencing the Russian public transportation for a year, you will start reflecting about it, and in the end it is easy to go postal, when you understand that you have the whole life of such torture ahead of you. You just cant throw out homicidal thoughts out your head and stop wanting to stab these nasty children and pushy rude women. This annoyance and the desire to kill grows with time you, and you have nowhere to run, you still need to use that bus to get to the work. Good thing I can limit my exposure to public transport, and try to call a taxi when possible, but still it is far more dangerous to allow the psychopathic introverts to ride say tram or a bus, than driving a car. Easily annoyed people should be spared from a company of degenerates. I still wonder how I haven't stabbed anyone in that stinky bus yet.

    I can find a thousand of reasons to murder somebody, but it is very hard to find a single reason to let him/her live. The concentration of annoying scum per square meter is just too high. Especially on public transport.

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    6:08 pm
    I don't speak Russian. I'm from Russia.
    Once in a lifetime even aculeata makes an attempt to write a smart post

    But she fails badly. One shouldn't burn Russian books, but burn Russians themselves instead. Without Russians, there will be no one to read the damned corpus of Russian literature.

    Returning from dreams to reality: today I had a bad experience in Ukraine again: Two drinking companions (looking like the man on the photo) sat down at different ends of the tram's cabin and shouted talking to each other. Of course in Russian. One of them addressed me with the question "hey muzhik, where is the Pokrovsky monastery?", Which by the way was in a completely different direction. I pretended that I did not hear, but the drunkard took silence as an insult and began to harass me using the heavy swearing Russian words, "listen here, I'm talking to you, pridurok..." To which I replied "Sorry. I don't understand Ukrainian. I'm from Russia," but my English made the alcoholic even more angry, and he turned to the threats of physical violence. Fortunately, some woman saved me by explaining in a language chronic drunks understand that they were on the wrong tram.

    In general, I always answer in English to any request in Russian: that saves me a lot of time and effort, but unfortunately such tactics doesn't always work with drunk and aggressive Russian males. Russian females also often throw some taunts in response, but they limited themselves to verbal abuse. Still it is cool when they tell you "пожалуйста передайте за проезд", and you answer "Sorry. I don't speak Russian. I'm from Russia."

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    Thursday, February 21st, 2019
    11:18 pm
    Putting a Pixel on Screen
    Here I'll explain as concisely as possible why I have no plans to accept modern technology.

    *(char*)(0xA0000+y*320+x) = color;

    2019:1000 lines of code that do the same thing as the single line above )

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    6:15 pm
    The Ocean of Dreams
    So one day you wake up, brush your teeth, turn on a TV, make a breakfast, and suddenly notice that something is missing on that map behind the TV news host. You go to KC, and ask Bernds where is that nasty country, but immediately notice that there is not a single Aquafresh flag in there, while Bernds just don't know what you're talking about: they never heard about World War II, Communism or Nazism. Hitler was just an architect. There are no Muslims in Europe, or Israel, Jews still live in Poland, while Middle East became a rich Caliphate and now opposes both America, Europe and Asia. Then you open window shutters, and find that you're on a colonial Mars base, because without two World Wars Germany has managed to be the first country to send a man into space, and then colonized Mars.

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    2:54 pm
    Kremlin bot madfrequency is against inciting ethnic hatred.
    Check this out:

    I posted that information with obvious intention to create ethnic strife and harm Russia. And madfrequency responded with lightning speed, attacking me for fake news. I have also deleted madfrequency's enraged anonymous comment and enabled screening, so madfrequency had to create this post in his own blog.

    I will tell you that: all news are good, if they lead to some damages to Russians. If Kazakhs get provoked into pushing Russians out, that is already a good job and a loss of territory for Russian Empire. So yeah, I call you to provoke and incite, with fake or real methods. If you can cut off a head of a real Tajik, then do it and distribute the message to all of Tajikistan, if you cant, then launch a fake lynching video. We are weak and fighting against the devious and treacherous enemy - the Russian Nation, so all methods are acceptable.

    Also, cool John Carmack's talk:

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    1:34 pm
    Russian World in Kazakhstan
    Russians killed a Kazakh in Almaty, Kazakhstan, because he told them to return back to Russia:
    Один казах заразился хохлянкой. Во всех его бедах вдруг стали виноваты злые русские, которые выгнали его предков из юрты, заставили мыть жопу и дали квартиру А не он сам, поскольку является безвольным омежкой. Вскоре героя видео повстречали неустановленные личности и пообщались по его проблеме более предметно.

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    11:16 am
    Russian Swine

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    Wednesday, February 20th, 2019
    10:00 pm
    Mystery Solved
    As you remember a month or so ago I was evicted in 3 days, under a made up reason, that I left several hairs in a bathroom. You at LJR were happy, including [info]double_agent, who herself got evicted soon afterwards. Today some people told me real reason for my eviction: a couple of days after I got evicted, Grisha transferred this Andrei from his normal room with a double bed to my room with mold on the ceiling, while Andrei's room was given to Grisha's young mistress lover. I really doubt this experience made me into a better person.

    Here is my dialogue with Grisha and this Andrei

    I'll recite the story:

    Landlord Grisha decided to evict me. I was given just 2 days to find a new home: Jan 16 evening the landlord told me that I have to get out immediately, with Jan 18 21:00 being the deadline, before he calls crime gang to evict me. When asked about usual rules of giving one month to find new housing, the landlord pointed, that I'm not in Europe or America to have any consumer rights. When asked where should I go no into the night, landlord said that I can probably spend a night at railway station. I asked real estate agents if that is a common practice in Ukraine, and they answered that throwing people out onto the streets in the evening is widespread practice in Ukraine. As an example, a girl rented room in commie-block flat, and refused to provide sex to landlady's son. She was evicted in a single day without any refund.

    Although I have to note, that in my case landlord Grisha was Russian himself, from Crimea, and didn't even spoke Ukrainian, so maybe in western Ukraine the rules are different. Grisha had ill son, and when this son died, Grisha was not even mourning the loss of a relative, but was happy and called prostitutes. Is that Crimean mentality? The official reason I was evicted is because I left 2 hairs in a shower. The unofficial reason (my guess) is because the new family of Ukrainian immigration service employees demanded my eviction (they know nuances pertaining to such immigrants), or because Grisha found better renters. The official 2 hairs version just doesn't hold water, because there is a lot of mold in a bathroom and shit leaking from sewage pipe. So small hairs from my legs would be the last thing one notice there.

    It is impossible to find a cheap new room in 2 days. Especially when Grisha calls you frequently and in a threatening tone demands "heya, speed the shit up, understand?", and especially in my case: usually landlords ask why do I have Russian accent, and when they hear that I'm a felon wanted by Russia, under extremism charges, they get extremely nervous and immediately refuse, I'm still trying to persuade them to look into my crime case documents, that I haven't murdered, robbed or sexually harassed anyone, it is just a victimless crime, and FSB doesn't really want me that much to bomb their apartments, but landlords and ladies begin threatening to call police if I wont get lost instantly. That is in addition to various other discrimination: some landlords openly admit that they accept only white guests, no Blacks, Asians or Arabs, and they prefer them to be single girls (or at least families without kids), which won't be staying in apartments for whole day, but leave early in the morning and return only in the evening.

    This appalling state of rental market can be ameliorated with anti-discrimination laws, or more precisely positive discrimination laws which would enforce quotas of convicted persons a landlords will be required to house, similarly to how they have quotas for people of color. That way there will be no problems for drug users and paedophiles to find a home. Then we will also need quotas for single male homosexuals and immigrants. Some people must be forced to accept criminals like me. But to do that all criminals and convicts of the world must unite and fight for their rights. Convicts are a large vote base, especially in Russia, where every family has relative convicted of some crime, and if united convicts are the power to be reckoned with.

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    7:08 pm
    Zuckerberg was born on May 14, 1984, in the heart of the US, New York. His father was a dentist and his mother, a psychiatrist. He also has 3 sisters. Zuckerberg was into computers from an early age. His first invention was when he was just 12 yrs old. He coded a texting program that allowed his father to know when his patients had arrived. He was taking classes for Computer Science from a nearby college while still being a high school student. His parents arranged for a tutor so that Mark could explore computers more, but his tutor admitted that it was hard keeping up with Zuckerberg and that he indeed was a ‘Prodigy’. He had many job offers from big companies like AOL and Microsoft even before attending his college, but Mark turned them down.

    The prodigy got accepted into the elite university, Harvard. Mark was studying Computer Science and Psychology. He already had the reputation of “programming prodigy”. He created a program that he named, ‘CourseMatch’. It allowed students to get to know what courses their friends had chosen, which facilitated group studies among them. He also wrote the infamous ‘FaceMash’, which compared pictures of two people and others can vote who is more attractive. This one got a lot of attention as it not only jammed the Harvard Network but also created an overwhelming popularity and feud in the college. Later, Mark apologized publicly and the site was taken down by the Harvard authorities.

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    3:30 pm is Over
    Got instabanned at for starting a thread ( ) about my game

    The thread was deleted too.

    Mods got offended that I forbid Russians to play it. I got banned from other boards for similar reasons. Including a multiple bans from and for starting anonymous threads about the ugliness of Russian males compared to German ones. They also banned me from /pol/ for various reasons (for both anonymous and non-anonymous posts). Guess now is completely turned into Gulag, where any discussion is censored. Or maybe Russians in general just dislike me and my posts? mods also instabanned me several times and each time for posting the link to on different boards. Why 4ch mods dislike this text that much?

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    12:13 pm
    The Difference Between a Philosopher and a Mathematician
    For now comments are not screened. But Russian comments will be deleted. If somebody launches a bot, I will have to enable screening again.

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    Tuesday, February 19th, 2019
    9:19 pm
    Russophobia is Just a Subset of Agoraphobia
    Elevators in Germany

    Elevators in Russia

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    1:10 pm
    Russians are not White
    Yolanda Baker, the last of the disco ball makers:

    >Vladimir Nuzhny from the National Narcological Research Centre of Russia states that almost half of the Russian population has inherited a Mongol gene having the effect of causing more alcohol to be absorbed by the blood.
    >they are more susceptible to aggressions or depressions.
    >Mongols ruled Russia for nearly 300 years. Interracial marriages were quite common between Mongols and peoples of other nations. Scientists already knew that people of Mongol descent, but including Chinese, Koreans and Japanese, possessed an intestinal ferment responsible for alcohol digestion which was not as strong as that of Europeans who used to consume rather strong alcoholic beverages made of grapes and wheat.
    >The theory was rejected in the Soviet Union in the Stalinist period. Karl August Wittfogel suggested in his 1957 book, Oriental Despotism, that his concept of Oriental despotism showed that this was because of the similarity between the AMP and the reality of Stalin's Russia, he saw the authoritarian nature of communism as an extension of the need of totalitarian rule to control water in "the Orient".

    Communism in practice is an extremely Asiatic thing, which is likely why it is so successful in Asia and not so much in Europe. The Mongol's racial soul can work with communism while the Aryan's cannot.

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    11:46 am
    Keep Producing Rhymes
    Одна реваншистская супер-канава
    В безумном угаре держалась за нефть.
    Слепа и глупа, хоть и пошло двуглава,
    Пытается сразу и в скотство, и в блеф.

    Она не стесняяся дикого нрава
    Рыгает и чавкает как нараспев.
    Стоглавая вошь, ты дурна и корява,
    Проваливай снова в Московии хлев!

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    Monday, February 18th, 2019
    6:20 pm
    Some of my older unpublished rhymes
    The hardest thing for the Russians to understand in the English language is the difference between a price, a cost and a value. For a Russian both an ice cream, a prostitute and his mother have a price.

    Девченки, возьмите котёнка!
    Пушистый без ласки умрёт.
    Ещё у него есть сестрёнка,
    Которая в парке живёт.

    Котёнок чудесный! игривый!
    Приучен к лотку! полосат!
    Повесили маму на иве...
    Вы слышите мышки шуршат?
    >в Мытищах уже несколько лет издевается над животными, заживо сжигая их на костре и подвешивая на веревках
    > С ней живет сын, он кошек головой о стену бьет.
    >– Сын – мой главный заступник. Как он тут бил одного мужика, который пытался мне что-то предъявить! – говорит женщина.
    >В Ульяновске живодер выбросил из окна 19 кошек
    >мужчина привязал к машине собаку и тащил ее по дороге. После этого живодер оставил пса на дороге и уехал.
    >Живодер перерезал собаке горло и забил щенка молотком

    >жители Магнитогорска нашли в одном из мусорных баков собаку с отрезанными ушами.

    «У собаки отрезаны уши, есть старые и свежие раны на голове и теле. Она истощена, красные глаза говорят об ударах по голове. Судя по наличию молока, она недавно родила щенков»
    >Волгоградский школьник из любопытства распотрошил чужую кошку
    >В полицию обратилась местная жительница, которая рассказала, что ее кошку жестоко убили и разобрали на внутренние органы.
    >Под Тулой живодер тащил собаку по трассе, потому что машина была загружена продуктами
    >"Он меня разбудил": на Урале мужчина выкинул кота с 13 этажа

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    1:49 pm
    The Main Problem of Ukraine: Part 2 - Why Ukraine is not France
    Follow up to
    >Privantbank of Ukraine threatens to sue me for not speaking Russian and filming their rudeness, they also say that it is their right to coerce clients into speaking Russian, and it is none of my business.
    >Ukrainian woman says that I must speak Russian in Ukraine, and trying to speak English or Ukrainian makes me crazy and inadequate. She says that, despite I'm a citizen of Russia, I'm not a foreigner in Ukraine and therefore must speak Russian. She also claims that I will never get out of former USSR and therefore I must accept the ugly Russian culture, and that I'm alive only because God protects me. Now tell me that Ukraine is not a Gulag #2.

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    Sunday, February 17th, 2019
    11:41 pm
    Different Cultural Approaches To Sound Design
    How soundtracks to classic Hollywood movies were made:

    How soundtracks to Russian movies are made:

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    7:52 pm
    Typical Russian Mathematician from MSU
    Anonymous from the Fap thread have de-anonymized a lover to take a dog's dick under her tail. She turned out to be Ph.D. Tatyana Nizkaya, Candidate of Physical and Mathematical Sciences. She works as a researcher in the laboratory of Moscow State University.

    Is that animal abuse?

    Where was Dmitry Kaledin to stop his mathematician colleague from raping poor dogs?

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