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    Tuesday, December 18th, 2018
    10:35 am
    More Work on World Map
    Introduced more sensible sprites, instead of letter placeholders, and a few more sites, like monster lairs and ruins, that is left from fallen cities. Each site has its own use. Should probably animate water, but that would first require improving resource engine, because currently all loaded sprites cannot be unloaded, in effect working memory set goes beyond 100 megabytes, which is too huge.

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    5:38 am

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    3:18 am
    While of course, it is important to destroy Russian military, economy and population reproduction, our first target, while living in Russia, should be Russian social capital. Yes, you can take down Russian MIG or simply damage it, working as technician at an air base, but what good is in that, if Russians rebuild it? Yet by destroying Russian education, trust and social connections between Russians, we will greatly impede Russian progress, weaken Russia and open more weak points in its defense.

    So yes, if you're standing here and thinking about the best way you can damage Russia, then become a teacher or a professor, and try to instill into Russian children the hatred of engineering sciences and love for unsubstantial obscurantism. Destroy not their MIGs, but their children and students, and they won't be able to build MIGs anymore. That is also why we must advance hate speech and pit Russians against minorities and each other. As a teacher, you must push one child group to attack the other and close eyes to all the conflicts, encouraging them in subversive ways. Russians don't care about their young, so gaining access to them shouldn't be that hard.

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    Monday, December 17th, 2018
    4:04 pm
    I have to agree with madfrequency
    >Призывы к отмене 282 — это призывы к оправданию преступников. Которые УЖЕ совершили уголовные преступления. Которые УЖЕ отправили людей своей страны убивать граждан страны соседней. Бывшей нам когда-то братской. Которые УЖЕ разожгли ненависть и вражду до такой степени, что тысячи человек взяли в руки оружие и поехали убивать и умирать.

    Babchenko shifts blame from Russians in general to some paid propagandists who don't even put soul into their words, for them it is just money. In reality, it is Russian nation who is guilty, every single tax-payer and government servant, who agrees to play this game and fund Russian imperialistic ambitions. Dugin and Kiselevs are just some paid whores, their words mean nothing, they are not even military officers. It is the Russian nation, who follows the words.

    Then Babchenko would surely vote for putting into prison people like me, who call to kill Russians, despite that I'm absolutely right, and Russians deserve total genocide.

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    10:19 am
    Wage in Russia is 12.2 times less than wage in America
    Minimum wage in America:
    >Minimum Wage for Employers with 26 Employees or More

    >Минимальная зарплата в России увеличится почти до 9,5 тыс. руб.

    >Курс доллара США (USD)

    9500р/66.4 = $157

    40 work hours in a work week X 52 weeks in a year = 2,080 hours divided by 12 months in a year = 173 the monthly average of working hours in a month divided by 8 working hours per work day = 21.62 the average number of working day/month.

    157/(21.62*8) = $0.9/hour (minimum wage in Russia)

    Yes. Russia is the richest country on Earth, with the most natural resources.

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    4:23 am
    Russian Values
    Are Russians retarded? Why do I need an orbital cruiser? I need a nice house with cheap rent and a robot that would be doing cleaning and cooking. You can stuff that warship into your commie ass.

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    1:51 am
    [info]double_agent decided to become a dancer:

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    Sunday, December 16th, 2018
    6:43 am
    Russians Cant Stand Truth
    Wanted to say that Kashin is a banal political whore, while Sentsov is a citizen of Ukraine, who got captured by invading Russians. It is like if America invades Mexico and arrests local anti-American film director, charging him with "terrorism":

    But found that Mandela banned me from commenting. Yes, Russians love freedom of speech.

    Also. Noticed, that tracksuit wearing Shariy uses gonpink style of speech similar to Veniamin, "мразь подмахивает", etc.. Their speech writers completed the same МГИМО courses?

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    Saturday, December 15th, 2018
    5:36 pm
    Re: Why Russia is not Japan
    Russian Composer:
    >an ethnically mixed family of a Volga Tatar father and an ethnic Russian mother ... Gubaidulina discovered spiritual ideas through Judaism and found them in the works of composers such as Bach, Mozart, and Beethoven. Gubaidulina quickly learned to keep her spiritual interests secret from her parents and other adults since the Soviet Union was against any religious ideas.[2] These early experiences with music and spiritual ideas led her to treat the two domains of thought as conceptually similar and explains her later striving to write music expressing and exploring spiritually based concepts. She studied composition and piano at the Kazan Conservatory, graduating in 1954. In Moscow she undertook further studies at the Conservatory with Nikolay Peyko until 1959, and then with Shebalin until 1963. She was awarded a Stalin fellowship.

    I.e. typical Russian composer is a retarded half-breed woman, awarded Stalin's prize and delving in pretentious judeo-abrahamic crap.

    Gubaidulina's major work:
    >Лидия Веселова 2 years ago
    >мрак и шиза! [murky schizophrenia!]

    An unholy cacophonic mess with randomly placed everything. It is easy to be a composer, when you're paid by government for composing crap. She one of many such Russian garbage female composers, the others are Elena Firsova and Aleksandra Pakhmutova. All these "ladies" got there due to the progressiveness of USSR, which had special free places for women everywhere.

    Japanese Composer:
    >Sakimoto started composing for games when he was 16, and was paid to both create the music and the program to play it for several games. Sakimoto also created the synthesizer driver "Terpsichorean" to enhance the sound quality of the game's music; the synthesizer driver has been implemented into many games throughout the Japanese game market in the early 1990s. Despite Revolter's success, he continued with his previous goal to become a video game programmer rather than a composer; however, his friends and colleagues encouraged him to continue composing game music. He has stated that his biggest musical influences are "old techno and progressive rock" groups such as the Japanese synthpop group Yellow Magic Orchestra.[6][16]

    Sakimoto's minor work:
    psyance 1 day ago
    >Recording is a bit noisy but still thank you, this is just fantastic!

    In other words, typical Japanese composer is a talented polymath, who is at the bleeding edge of technology and creates musical instruments himself.

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    5:12 am
    Two teenage students die after falling from south London balcony 'while having sex'
    At first I was like "How horrible! My condolences."

    But then:
    >The dead girl was named as Anastasia Tutik, 19, from Russia.

    OMG! That is so good! Great event! I.e. she was not just Russian, but a daughter of some corrupt Russian government family, having enough money to send their children to Europe, while I was denied such opportunity, and instead got educated at the insane asylum.

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    3:33 am
    I love how Russian commies cite Shaw in http://lj.rossia.org/users/sadkov/283855.html?thread=10210511#t10210511
    >Life isn't about finding yourself. Life is about creating yourself.

    >Shaw described Hitler as "a very remarkable man, a very able man"
    >Stalin, whom Shaw later described as "a Georgian gentleman" with no malice in him.

    Shaw was a banal political whore. He got money for writing what his patrons wanted to hear. He haven't created himself, but was influenced by various shady opportunities. Shaw was like that caricature "merchant" Jew, following every profit opportunity and trying to collect every shekel in the world, as if they are Pokemons. I hope Shaw burns in hell, where he belongs to.

    If you want to cite Englishman, who made himself, then cite Alan Turing, who indeed made himself, but England killed him as an award for his service in WW2. So had Turing chose to help Hitler instead, nothing would have changed for him.

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    Friday, December 14th, 2018
    3:04 am
    Horror Stories
    So it is the year 2004. I've finally got Baldur's Gate II copy, but it isn't working, due to the bug in the botched pirate Fartus translation, and it was impossible to get untranslated original English version in Russia, because Russian pirates hacked and translated all games into Russian, usually including speech, sometimes using automatic translation tool, and always blindly, without testing how it would look and sound in the game. So yeah, Baldur's Gate segfaulted past the first few areas, that pirates have tested after their botched translation, while I learned a lesson that piracy is bad, and instead had to play Evil Islands (or Allods 3, as it is know in Russia). Evil Islands was in originally in Russian, as it is a Russian game, it was somewhat working, albeit very glitchy and unoptimized (framerate was jumping from 5 to 20 FPS), and it was an ugly experience, pretty much summarized by the following video:

    If you're designing an RPG, you can get a lot of insight on what makes bad RPG from the above let's play video. In a nutshell, Russian game designers failed to properly balance monsters and playtest their garbage. It had less polish than modern asset swapped indie games. I got childhood trauma from that. It was like being raped by raging pedos (and living in Russia I had an experience being assaulted by a pedo as a child).

    BTW, two previous Allods games (sold as Rage of Mages in the west) weren't much better. Basically they were Warcraft 2 clones with ugly graphics and without base buildings. Allods 4 (Allods Online) was an outright blatant World of Warcraft clone with worse everything. Now tell me that I have no right to hate Russians.

    >you’ll often find yourself doing, extremely difficult and at times completely impossible, especially since you can’t run away from enemies ... because your stamina runs out extremely quickly while your enemies never tire…
    >characters dying very often and very quickly is something you’ll really get used to during this game, because the difficulty is quite punishing. And that’s on “novice”, because there’s basically no way to play the game on “normal”. They really should have called the difficulty settings “hard” and “impossible”, because the enemies you’ll end up facing are usually at least a match for your party members, and often even stronger, and there usually are far more of them than there are of you. In addition, on the “normal” difficulty level the amount of experience you receive for killing a certain type of enemy decreases the more enemies of that type you kill, so not only are the enemies more powerful but you’ll also be far weaker than you’d be if playing on “novice”, which means that soon enough you’ll bump into enemies who’ll crush you like a bug without you being able to even scratch them.

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    Thursday, December 13th, 2018
    11:21 pm
    Drawn Bless Spell Effect Animation
    Doing even such simple animation is really a challenge with GIMP, compared to Photoshop, where everything is cakewalk. Still easier than programming a particle system script in Blender.

    Also, nice analysis of Russian marriage phenomena:

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    8:42 pm
    Chicherina Continued
    Ok. People say Chicherina is not Jewish, just a commie. Yet we need some evil ugly talentless music Jew, especially now, when Kobzon and his wig are dead. So, given my power, I promote Chicherina into Jews. She is now honorary Jewish.

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    5:35 am
    Julia Chicherina, aka the Ugly Jewish Girl, and Other Kikes
    >Юля Чичерина родилась в августе 1978 года в Свердловске. Девушка приходится правнучкой наркому иностранных дел Союза Георгию Чичерину.
    >Юля мечтала выступать школьном хоре «Горошинки», но педагоги сочли, что у нее нет ни слуха, ни голоса, а потому не взяли девочку. «Мы примем тебя в хор, даже бантики красивые дадим, только рот открывай, но не пой, пожалуйста!», – сказала руководительница настойчивой девочке

    >Многие евреи ринулись петь про христианство. Куда уж теперь без него? Анастасия раз сто, наверное, пропела "Мамин крестик, мамин крестик!". Убедить что ль хочет всех, что мама ее крестик носила? Или ничего больше придумать не смогла? Однако, есть заказ. Давай, Газманов, пой: "Москва - золотые купола". Вообще в последнее время слишком уж много развелось всяческих "рок-музыкантов" типа Чичериной. Любят они, эти доморощенные христолюбы, внедрять в свою речь словеса типа "бог", "спас", "одарил", "талант от бога". Причём используют эти слова где ни попадя, объясняя любой свой успех снисхождением, а неудачу - гневом Его. Тут и Иосиф Кобзон вздумал русские народные песни петь. И Винокур подхватил. И Лещенко в дуэт с Винокуровым. А далее в Питере был открыт радиоканал под названием "Русский шансон". Только там почему-то поют одни жиды свои блатные и дворовые песни. Буквально за один вечер там можно встретить Кобзона, Пугачеву, Понаровскую, Штурм, Варум, Градского, Аллегрову, Долину, Крутого, Паб, "Академию", Укупника, Хазанова, Шифрина, Арканова, Новикову, Мишина, Шуфутинского, Винокура, Розенбаума, Алису Мон и других жидов. А стоит ли изучения такой псевдомузыкальный мусор как Земфира, Линда, Мумий Троль, Ляпис-Трубецкой и многое другое? Но все эти канализационные мелодии составляют музыкальный репертуар "Русской волны" Камчатского радио "Лукоморье".

    That is what they call heredity. Without Jews, there would be no Russia. So yes, Hitler was doing the right thing, by holocausting these kikes.

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    Wednesday, December 12th, 2018
    3:59 pm
    Finally Provided Out of Grid Object Placement
    My isometric engine doesn't actually limit objects to map grid. So I finally exposed the arbitrary x,y,z to the editor. That would allow for nicer and less uniform looking maps. Especially important for forest areas, because trees and bushes don't grow in grid.

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    9:01 am
    Final Fantasy Tactics and Russians
    My hatred for Russia wasn't born in a single day. So here is a bit of trivia for you. If you look at the Final Fantasy Tactics credits, you will notice a lot of Russian names:

    The opening movie of the original Final Fantasy Tactics for PSX was outsourced to Russian company AnimaTek International, because Square at the time had no staff to complete it in house. And Russian dunces totally botched it, making horrible CGI, that has nothing to do with the game, so much that in the later port for PSP, Square had to throw it away and replace with proper opening. The Russian opening was worse than no opening or a humble opening using game's engine and sprites, because Russians can only produce garbage.

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    1:04 am
    Why Russia is not Japan
    To render reflections in older 3d games, Japanese artists modeled whole rooms behind the mirror's surface:

    Meanwhile in Russia they made Big Rigs: Over the Road Racing:

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    Tuesday, December 11th, 2018
    11:14 am
    The True Nature of Anti-Copyright
    Myrzin keeps being a clown:
    >Право автора не распространять свои книги бесплатно, а продавать их, абсолютно не входит в противоречие со свободой информационного обмена ... автор не обязан никого развлекать или просвещать бесплатно, тем более, если у него есть свой финансовый интерес. Алина предпочитает продавать печатные, а не электронные варианты своих книг, тем самым снижая вероятность их бесплатного распространения. если вы любите и уважаете автора, вы приобретаете его книги, ибо если у вас нет денег даже на книгу, то скорее всего, вам она и не особо нужна.

    I'm sure Misha's "anti-copyright" is similar hypocrisy: it is okay to steal from others, but totally wrong, when others steal from you.

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    7:51 am
    Interview with Raymond Montgomery

    Montgomery invented the choice your own adventure books in 1970, as a way of introducing children to math. Now remind me, what Russians have invented in 1970?

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