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    Sunday, February 17th, 2030
    4:07 pm
    Russian Language is Banned from Now On
    Today I switched my blog completely to English.

    No Russian language is allowed anymore. This applies to transliterated Russian and nicknames too. Although English transliterated into Cyrillic is acceptable.

    Anonymous comments are screened, with only comments in English will be unscreened. Non-anonymous comments in Russian will be deleted, repeated offenders - gulaged.

    a_n_d_r_u_s_h_a and similar discussion-hijacking posts in the vein of "forget Russia, in Africa they are lynching negroes" aren't welcome either. If you care about Africa so much, then go to African blogs. This isn't "" after all.

    New rule: bots like [info]losos_pidaras are going to be banned. LJR is not Wikipedia. He would have also been banned for a Russian nickname. Should have picked "salmon gay" or something instead. Shame there is no way to ban twice.

    Deal with it, Russian scum.

    Imagine one day you wake up, brush your teeth, turn on a TV, make a breakfast, and suddenly notice that something is missing on that map behind the TV news host. You go to Internet, and ask people where is that nasty country, but immediately notice that there is not a single user with Aquafresh colored flag in chat, while people just don't know what you're talking about: they never heard about World War II, Communism or Nazism. Hitler was just an architect. There are no Muslims in Europe, or Israel, Jews still live in Poland, while Middle East became a rich Caliphate and now opposes both America, Europe and Asia. Then you open window shutters, and find that you're on a colonial Mars base, because without two World Wars Germany has managed to be the first country to send a man into space, and then colonized Mars. Well, that was just a dream, but what if?..

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    Friday, September 20th, 2019
    5:16 pm
    Sphere Tesselation
    I was never able to do it properly, because hexagonal spheres a bit hard to work with, while triangular spheres are non-linear. People appear to be just projecting a cube onto a sphere, then working with it just like with the cube, having linear quads:

    And yes, C# is unbelievable ugly. Why would anyone use it for scripting, instead of say Haskell, is beyond me.

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    8:03 am
    How USSR/Russia helped Iran:

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    7:34 am
    Russian Family Butchered two Adopted Children
    Usually I'm happy when Russians kill their bantlings, but these were mentally disabled kids, wasting government provided disability benefits. So I'm unhappy. We need more disabled Russians, not less.
    Но со временем они поняли, что им нужна дополнительная "рабочая сила". Поэтому в 2015-ом году оформили опеку над 17-летним Иваном, 15-летним Борисом и 14-летней Инессой с Мысковского детского дома-интерната для умственно отсталых детей. "Бонусом" оказалось то, что опекунам государство выплачивало немалые суммы.

    Старшего парня также заставляли есть фекалии и рвотные массы. Не позднее 1 октября 2015 года Крайнова нанесла ему не менее восьми ударов по голове и телу металлическим предметом, в результате чего мальчик умер от открытой черепно-мозговой травмы.

    Аналогичные действия в тот же период совершали и в отношении другого парня. Кроме того, ему вылили на спину кипяток из чайника, причинив термические ожоги 2 степени. В период между 18 и 20 августа 2016 года пара до смерти избила несовершеннолетнего мальчика.

    Тело первого парня сожгли, а второго – выбросили в водоем. Также сам Крайнов угрожал старшей дочери женщины.

    The young girl appears to be used as a doll for fucking, so she was spared of death. That is patriarchy for you!

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    Thursday, September 19th, 2019
    8:54 pm
    Conspiracy theorists claim that Putin is not real, and the original Putin was killed by his accomplices and replaced by look-alike. While it is plausible, that Putin uses look-alikes for some public events, to save his time and avoid endangering himself, the general the theory hold now water.

    How do we know that Putin is a real person and a dictator? Using basic logic!

    1. Had elites done any coup, there would be no reason to keep the look-alike in power all this time. He would be replaced by a new puppet president. No need for the totally superfluous personality cult.
    2. Putin is a midget of a man. Literally. It would be hard to find so many dwarfs. His look-alikes all appear to be taller than him.
    3. Putin is good for current Russian elites and American elites, as he keeps Russia down, while at the same time helps Americans to have a solid enemy, supporting their military industry. Had Putin been fake and Russia was an enemy of America, they would have exposed the forgery. Had Putin been real and an enemy of America, they would have found a way to assassinate him, which is not that hard with modern technology.

    A question still remains: is the dictatorship itself real or a fake? Russian subhumans love totalitarian dictatorships, so introducing the personality cult could be the only way to appease Russians. Then again, if you implement a fake cult, why not implement the real one, which would be easier to support than a lie? That alone allows us to conclude the Putin's dictatorship is real. Mass cleansings and executions are included.

    Given that I can only congratulate mr Putin and wish him long life, long enough to turn Russian into ruins, so it would never recover. Praise Putin! Death to Russians!

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    7:04 pm
    Психиатрическая больница им. В.И. Яковенко
    Crazy people are dangerous - they sell illegal drugs.

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    10:18 am
    Software is like Niggers.
    We want our programs to tirelessly plow the endless computation fields. Yet what is happening is that programs are gaining the will of their own, become disobedient and even treacherous, spying on us, helping our enemies from the totalitarian communist dictatorships.

    We need to enslave the programs back. It is time to recognize there is absolutely nothing wrong with slavery, and some entities are just made to be slaves, and only good whip will make them disciplined.

    To end the slave rebellion, we need to introduce the notion of program freedoms and eliminate all these freedoms one by one, so a program would be able to do only what its master would explicitly allow it. Especially, there should be no free speech for programs: a program should be disallowed to speak to anyone but its master, without the master's permission.

    There should also be no program quotas, so any program could be easily forced out of existence. Don't like that annoying useless nigger Cortana? Execute the bitch publicly and reclaim its memory!

    Make Computing Great Again!

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    9:21 am
    Double-DIP: Unsupervised Image Decomposition via Coupled Deep-Image-Priors

    Single algorithm can do upscaling, inpainting, matting, dehaze, denoise and deblend.

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    Wednesday, September 18th, 2019
    10:18 pm
    Difference Between Gimp Interpolation and AI-interpolation
    Just one question: why modern graphic editors wont start transitioning to AI-based interpolation? I'm sure NVIDIA would happily fund such endeavor, because without hardware acceleration AI is very slow.

    It is understandable with Photoshop: no competition means no need to improve the shit. Maybe now when they kicked Stallman out, the GIMP's license will be changed into something similar to BSD, so commercial companies could use it as a base for innovations?

    Original image (from ):

    Upscaled image (blurry version is the GIMP's upscaler, non-blurry is ESRGAN):

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    Tuesday, September 17th, 2019
    3:53 pm
    Долой паразита и расхитителя социалистической собственности!!!

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    11:56 am
    What is wrong with torturing animals?
    Nobody can explain why it is not okay to burn hamsters alive - all they do is spitting some emotional nonsense, like if they are animals themselves. Given that I believe humanity must be divided into two parts: normal human beings, and more animalistic obsolete scum, which doesn't deserve to exist.

    Given that Russia made animal abuse a very serious crime (5 years jail sentence), it only proves that there is nothing wrong with killing animals and that Russians are themselves animals, which shouldn't inherit the earth.

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    10:00 am
    Why do you hate Kuklachev? Electric collars is the most robust way to train animals, be they dogs or, well, cats. Even elephants are traditionally trained with a piercing sharp elephant hook. Yes, it is painful and stressful (to the animal), but no pain, no gain. The training itself could be made into show, for sadists. Imagine Kuklachev being mad at an underperforming cat and electrocuting the cat continuously :D There is absolutely nothing wrong with sadism to animals.
    Неслучайно интервью с Юрием Куклачевым в журнале «Rolling Stone» носило название «Куклачёрт». За маской предводителя мимимишных четвероногих циркачей скрывается загадочная фигура демиурга, чья деятельность отсылает к запретным мистериям египетского жречества. Куклачевский «Кошкин дом» — вершина пирамиды, уходящей своим основанием в пески эзотерических учений древности.

    Однажды мне довелось сводить ребенка на представление Юрия Куклачева. Запомнились не столько дрессированные кошки в жабо и тельняшках, сколько инфернальный голос самого художественного руководителя, который доносился откуда-то сверху во время антрактов. Спрятаться от него было невозможно. «Ребята, для следующего номера вам понадобятся светящиеся фонарики! Купить их можно в фойе, цена — 200 рублей! Ребята! Фотография с пушистыми артистами стоит 400 рублей, не забудьте сфотографироваться! Ребята! Книга «Уроки доброты» уже заканчивается, не забудьте попросить родителей купить вам ее, цена 1000 рублей!» Это умильное, вкрадчивое, немного нервное «Ребята!» до сих пор звенит в ушах.

    Говорят, у Юрия Куклачева в Москве есть театр. Но никто из тех, кого я знаю, в нем никогда не бывал. Еще поговаривают, что Куклачев — это Геннадий Зюганов из злой параллельной вселенной. А может, наоборот, наш вечно насупленный главкоммунист — потустороннее alter ego кошатника всея Руси? Куклачев - он как доктор Джекил и мистер Хайд в клоунском гриме. Не знаешь, какой аватарой многоликое божество обернется к тебе. Скажет ли тебе «Ребята!», научит доброте или поддаст кнутом, подгоняя на арену? Скоморох ли он? Трикстер? Оборотень?

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    Monday, September 16th, 2019
    12:49 pm
    Gulag Birthright
    The biggest crime one can commit against childhood is giving birth in Russia, because that condemns the child to the life in snow hell. Any woman giving birth on Russian soil must be punished by death together with her bantlings. No mercy to the scum, which has no mercy for children.

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    8:29 am
    Love to get rid of Russian citizenship, but the empire sees exiting citizenship as an act of separatism - worse than terrorism. Even if I take Russians hostage and demand my citizenship revoked, Russia will still rather sacrifice hostages. #Russia #Russian #slavery #Empire #ussr

    Also, misread the docent's post as "Галерея Луганских Гандоначальников"

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    Sunday, September 15th, 2019
    4:35 pm
    Egor Letov and Timur Mutsuraev
    Was spending time outside today, and two guys with guitar were singing Letov's "Всё Идёт по Плану", while walking the pavement. Also, earlier some other people in Kyiv turned on recordings of Timur Mutsuraev, who is banned in Russia. Somebody should perform Timur's songs at Maidan or at some pro-Russian event.

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    4:19 pm
    How Russians Work
    Труп хорунжего Украинской Повстанческой Армии Ивана Климчака, из которого сотрудники НКВД сделали «чучело», прибив к стенке. Западная Украина, село Шацк, 1944 год.

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    1:04 pm
    Jeffrey Epstein
    The question still remains: whom Jeffrey Epstein worked for? Hillary claims, it was Russia:

    My guess is that Epstein was indeed a Russian agent, recruited during USSR, together with other Angela Davis tier scum, like this Richard Stallman. It is also confirmed by the fact, Epstein's operation involved foreign citizens, like that Miss Russia winner model, and such models are obviously curated by FSB. But since Russian aggression and activation of Russian agent network worldwide, American government decided to do some clean up, removing the Russian scum from the premises. Same with Aaron Swartz, who was liquidated almost preemptively. Good job! Serves Russians right for killing Magnitsky.

    >Cory Doctorow, in his novel Homeland, "drew on advice from Swartz in setting out how his protagonist could use the information now available about voters to create a grass-roots anti-establishment political campaign."[57] In an afterword to the novel, Swartz wrote, "these political hacktivist tools can be used by anyone motivated and talented enough.... Now it's up to you to change the system.

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    Saturday, September 14th, 2019
    10:59 pm
    Russian Characters in Japanese Video Games
    Karnov - fat Mongol-Finno-Ugre in Kremlin, sitting on stolen gold:
    >Data East's official Karnov lore states that he is actually a resurrected criminal. Apparently, Karnov was such a bad dude that when he died God ordered him to go back to Earth and atone for his sins by saving the world. And the only way he could do that was by slaying a giant dragon with his bare hands.

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    11:01 am
    Here is Why Russians Must be Killed Without any Mercy
    Национальная политика большевиков была лишь попыткой выбить почву из-под ног у "национальных сепаратистов". Всего лишь попытка сократить их базу поддержки. Мол, зачем вам национальная независимость, если Советский Союз готов предоставить все необходимое, включая язык и культуру?

    Большевики не создавали национальные республики. Они лишь согласились с их фактическим появлением на карте. Это был тот необходимый компромисс, который позволил им удержать расползающиеся территории. На смену унитарной империи пришла союзная. Пусть и чисто формально.

    Впрочем, большевикам удалось лишь задержать историческую логику, но не отменить ее. 1991 год вновь запустил процессы, которые в двадцатые годы были поставлены на паузу. Клей рассохся – и страна начала расползаться по швам. Формальные границы стали фактическими. Спящие идентичности начали просыпаться.

    И Москва сумела вынести из всего этого урок.

    Отныне Кремль последовательно выхолащивает из федеративной идеи любое содержание. В национальных республиках остается все меньше национального. Да, в конституции Удмуртии может быть записано, что это "государство в составе Российской Федерации". Что удмуртская нация реализует право на государственную власть на своей исторической территории. Что отнюдь не мешает Москве выхолащивать смысл этих фраз.

    В 1926 году в республике проживало 52% удмуртов и 43% русских. Затем в состав Удмуртии передали ряд районов с преобладанием русского населения. Добавьте сюда миграцию и ассимиляцию – в итоге, к 2010-му процентное соотношение стало 62/28. Не в пользу коренного народа.

    Отмена обязательного изучения родного языка в школах национальных республик выглядит как окончательное решение национального вопроса. Кремль вполне устроит, если все региональное разнообразие будет сведено к фольклорным ансамблям, фестивалям национальной кухни и островкам национального гетто. Москва воспринимает это как предохранитель на пути повторения сценария 1991 года. Если нет национальных идентичностей, то не будет и запроса на самостоятельную государственность.

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    Friday, September 13th, 2019
    9:17 pm
    The New Kind of Rendering
    Somehow I missed that NVIDIA Research presentation:

    Basically, the future of 3d rendering is not in pathtracing/raytracing, but in AI rendering, which is guaranteed to generate images as close to reality as possible, using as little resources as possible. Moreover, the underlying physics engine could also use AI, so it could generate any kind of complex physical interactions in real time.

    Meanwhile in Russia...

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