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Пишет sadkov ([info]sadkov)
@ 2019-07-08 20:39:00

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Настроение: amused
Entry tags:russia

Got banned at 2ch.hk again
Posted at /gd/ (gamedev) about Russian game developers stealing intellectual property, and they banned me for "politics". Posted that at /po/ (politics), and got banned for "non political content". So Russians being thieves and stealing other peoples work is neither politics or gamedev?

Decided to ask about that at /d/ (site discussion), and found that they've disabled the new thread creation feature to suppress any discussion. Yet I still managed to create a thread by modifying JavaScript file. These retards don't double-check it on server side, and comment their crappy JS code in Russian, not even bothering to minimize it. What a mess!

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2019-07-08 19:01 (ссылка)
I don't understand why almost everyone hates you. You're like a red rag to a bull.


2019-07-08 20:15 (ссылка)
Write your blog to here https://golos.io/created

blogging without moderation on blockchain.

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2019-07-09 07:54 (ссылка)
What a bs site

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