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Пишет sadkov ([info]sadkov)
@ 2019-09-06 23:21:00

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Настроение: amused
Entry tags:gamedev

Spell of Mastery
Returning to developing the actual game. Currently quest generator generates impossible quests. No way I can defeat all these dwarves at the start of the game. Still, experienced player could use some trick to avoid fighting them. So I should make some difficulty choice, when world is generated. Also, moving all the units inside fog of war takes significant time, and I can't really do it in a single cycle all at once, because of triggers. But I can move them a cell per cycle. That would still take a lot of time, because moving AI unit 24 cells would take 1 second, so I need to decouple world updates from real time.

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2019-09-07 08:58 (ссылка)
Everytime you has problem about optimization. Time to enhance programming skills!