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Пишет sadkov ([info]sadkov)
@ 2019-09-12 09:42:00

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Настроение: amused
Entry tags:gamedev, russia

Russia Today
Russia continues its attack on Zoe Quinn using fake screenshots:

Story: Zoe Quinn is a game developer and a very liberal person, who supports open borders and unrestricted immigration. She also supports human rights, in particular women rights of not being raped. Obviously Russians hate such a person.

Poor people are starving in Russia and don't have access to running water, yet Russia Today prefers to report on some gamedev girl, who wants equal rights. How so?

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2019-09-12 09:50 (ссылка)
Maybe became time pay attention to this fake russian media? When them ask to go out!


2019-09-12 10:33 (ссылка)
There are full of anti-usa and antiwest propaganda! Why RT shit still don't shutted down?

There also don't hide own total consripacy shit at all.


2019-09-12 13:06 (ссылка)
Russians are just orcs, they have no logic.