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Пишет sadkov ([info]sadkov)
@ 2019-09-13 08:41:00

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Настроение: amused
Entry tags:gamedev, paperdaemon, russia

Proof Holowka is a Rapist
How do we know Alec Holowka is guilty? Psychology! Innocent persons don't commit suicide or silently accept the accusations. Innocent persons get outraged, call it bullshit and fight back. Not so with Holowka who was obviously guilty of abusing countless girls and other weak people, who won't punch his face, like his teams graphics artist. And Zoe Quinn, if you believe gamergate, had countless partners, most of whom weren't nice guys, yet she decided to single out the stale Holowka affair. How so? Obviously, Holowka was the worst of the worst.

On a side note, Alec Holowka is obviously the Eastern European name "Алексей Головка", and the guy looks like some fucking Myrzin. I won't be surprised if Vitukhnovska or other girls one day accuse Anton Myrzin of rape, under the influence of alcohol. That is inborn rapist for you. One may argue that Holowka was Jewish, but Jewish families generally emigrated to US and Israel, because of larger Jewish communities there. Canada was the center of emigration for non-Jewish Russians, who love cold climate. In any case, even Jews were poisoned with the evil Russian rape culture. So in any conflict between a Russian male rapist and a civilized woman, support the civilized woman!

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2019-09-13 09:41 (ссылка)
It's good point. Eastern countries have learned rapist culture from russian sovoks.


2019-09-13 12:46 (ссылка)
>Innocent persons don't commit suicide or silently accept the accusations.

You have a point there.