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Пишет sadkov ([info]sadkov)
@ 2019-09-19 20:54:00

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Настроение: contemplative
Entry tags:russia

Conspiracy theorists claim that Putin is not real, and the original Putin was killed by his accomplices and replaced by look-alike. While it is plausible, that Putin uses look-alikes for some public events, to save his time and avoid endangering himself, the general the theory hold now water.

How do we know that Putin is a real person and a dictator? Using basic logic!

1. Had elites done any coup, there would be no reason to keep the look-alike in power all this time. He would be replaced by a new puppet president. No need for the totally superfluous personality cult.
2. Putin is a midget of a man. Literally. It would be hard to find so many dwarfs. His look-alikes all appear to be taller than him.
3. Putin is good for current Russian elites and American elites, as he keeps Russia down, while at the same time helps Americans to have a solid enemy, supporting their military industry. Had Putin been fake and Russia was an enemy of America, they would have exposed the forgery. Had Putin been real and an enemy of America, they would have found a way to assassinate him, which is not that hard with modern technology.

A question still remains: is the dictatorship itself real or a fake? Russian subhumans love totalitarian dictatorships, so introducing the personality cult could be the only way to appease Russians. Then again, if you implement a fake cult, why not implement the real one, which would be easier to support than a lie? That alone allows us to conclude the Putin's dictatorship is real. Mass cleansings and executions are included.

Given that I can only congratulate mr Putin and wish him long life, long enough to turn Russian into ruins, so it would never recover. Praise Putin! Death to Russians!