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    Tuesday, September 17th, 2019
    3:53 pm
    Долой паразита и расхитителя социалистической собственности!!!

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    Saturday, September 14th, 2019
    10:59 pm
    Russian Characters in Japanese Video Games
    Karnov - fat Mongol-Finno-Ugre in Kremlin, sitting on stolen gold:
    >Data East's official Karnov lore states that he is actually a resurrected criminal. Apparently, Karnov was such a bad dude that when he died God ordered him to go back to Earth and atone for his sins by saving the world. And the only way he could do that was by slaying a giant dragon with his bare hands.

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    Friday, September 13th, 2019
    9:17 pm
    The New Kind of Rendering
    Somehow I missed that NVIDIA Research presentation:

    Basically, the future of 3d rendering is not in pathtracing/raytracing, but in AI rendering, which is guaranteed to generate images as close to reality as possible, using as little resources as possible. Moreover, the underlying physics engine could also use AI, so it could generate any kind of complex physical interactions in real time.

    Meanwhile in Russia...

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    8:41 am
    Proof Holowka is a Rapist
    How do we know Alec Holowka is guilty? Psychology! Innocent persons don't commit suicide or silently accept the accusations. Innocent persons get outraged, call it bullshit and fight back. Not so with Holowka who was obviously guilty of abusing countless girls and other weak people, who won't punch his face, like his teams graphics artist. And Zoe Quinn, if you believe gamergate, had countless partners, most of whom weren't nice guys, yet she decided to single out the stale Holowka affair. How so? Obviously, Holowka was the worst of the worst.

    On a side note, Alec Holowka is obviously the Eastern European name "Алексей Головка", and the guy looks like some fucking Myrzin. I won't be surprised if Vitukhnovska or other girls one day accuse Anton Myrzin of rape, under the influence of alcohol. That is inborn rapist for you. One may argue that Holowka was Jewish, but Jewish families generally emigrated to US and Israel, because of larger Jewish communities there. Canada was the center of emigration for non-Jewish Russians, who love cold climate. In any case, even Jews were poisoned with the evil Russian rape culture. So in any conflict between a Russian male rapist and a civilized woman, support the civilized woman!

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    Thursday, September 12th, 2019
    11:03 pm
    Rapid Racer
    Crazy obscure Playstation racing game with circular rivers and random generated tracks!!!

    What is more, the world appears to be non-euclidean, because player always descends but still ends up back at the top for the next river loop.

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    5:26 pm
    Hey, Myrzin!
    Zoe Quinn has a much better Chaos book than your drunk Russian musings!

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    9:42 am
    Russia Today
    Russia continues its attack on Zoe Quinn using fake screenshots:

    Story: Zoe Quinn is a game developer and a very liberal person, who supports open borders and unrestricted immigration. She also supports human rights, in particular women rights of not being raped. Obviously Russians hate such a person.

    Poor people are starving in Russia and don't have access to running water, yet Russia Today prefers to report on some gamedev girl, who wants equal rights. How so?

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    Wednesday, September 11th, 2019
    11:15 pm

    Innovative domino puzzle game. It has flying and continuously moving blocks.

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    Tuesday, September 10th, 2019
    7:58 pm
    Implemented Colorcycling Demo Effect

    The same effect was used in Rad Racer for NES, which also used self modifying code for the blitter:

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    4:15 pm
    How many mushrooms are in this picture?
    How many mushrooms are in this picture?

    Also could be used as steganography to circumvent censorship.

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    Monday, September 9th, 2019
    6:45 pm
    Reverse Engineering Loop
    1. Decompile and make it compilable with the original compiler, used to compile the program.
    2. Run inside emulator, comparing every memory update with the original program and fixing any discrepancies.

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    4:45 pm
    New Cryengine is Out

    Move to the end to see the comparison with their original Crysis.

    Meanwhile in Russia....

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    Sunday, September 8th, 2019
    5:27 pm
    World Map Update
    Now with updated blitter all parties on the world map have icons of their leader and also have colors, which can be any unit, that is allowed to be leader. I doubt a slime can lead any army. Then again, Mr. Putin is as dumb as slime, but leads a huge army of orcs.

    Anyway, that white dragon party is lead by a dragon. The color caries no game mechanic changes, just depicts the side. That is not Heroes of Might & Magic, where differently colored units had different stats.

    Other change: the land-water transition doesn't look gnarled anymore, due to the fix in blitter. The overall map also looks better, because blitting is now gamma correct.

    For now I auto resize the most of the on-site units to the map's proportions. That looks bad, due to nearest neighbor sampling. Have to spend some polishing it. But well gamers don't notice such nuances anyway, so it is of low priority.

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    Friday, September 6th, 2019
    11:21 pm
    Spell of Mastery
    Returning to developing the actual game. Currently quest generator generates impossible quests. No way I can defeat all these dwarves at the start of the game. Still, experienced player could use some trick to avoid fighting them. So I should make some difficulty choice, when world is generated. Also, moving all the units inside fog of war takes significant time, and I can't really do it in a single cycle all at once, because of triggers. But I can move them a cell per cycle. That would still take a lot of time, because moving AI unit 24 cells would take 1 second, so I need to decouple world updates from real time.

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    Thursday, September 5th, 2019
    7:39 pm
    Sonic Extreme
    Long time ago Sega made these Sonic games, which were innovate in a few ways: featuring full 360 degree ramps and fast scrolling speed, with main character, Sonic, acting like a pinball ball (they actually made sonic themed pinball game). The last proper Sonic game had to be Sonic Extreme for Sega Saturn, but back then Sega went nuts and killed the project, together with the Saturn itself.

    Note the fish eye projection - game's main gimmick. For some reason nobody since have reused the concept, because nothing of it appears to be patented. And Sega themselves just killed the series with numerous shitty unplayable games, like Sonic 2006, which was even reviewed by AVGN:

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    10:17 am
    XOR and Factorial
    How could XOR be related to a factorial? If you remember my yearly posts, they were about Sierpinsky's triangle, which is itself constructed using either xor or factorial, so no magic in there.

    Anyway, why would one need to shuffle stuff quickly?
    1. Encryption: if you use user password to permutate alphabet letters, you get result equivalent to XOR-cypher, like the one used to encrypt Might & Magic 4 files (yay! another XOR-factorial connection!!!).
    2. Raytracing: given sufficiently complex scene for additional difficulty placed in a non-euclidean space (say a fractal), we can't just shot rays linearly to probe the space, and there are rather large number of possible rays, we can permute than number and pick and random set of rays, which should eliminate bias (yeah, like in that Sussman & Minsky joke).
    3. Roguelikes: say you have a set of 10 premade rooms and 10 slots in a dungeon, now we need to somehow map these 10 rooms to 10 slots, which will result in 10! possible dungeon variations.
    4. Card games obviously, where you need to place all cards in a random sequence.

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    Wednesday, September 4th, 2019
    9:44 pm
    Didn't knew one can use XOR to quickly make permutations:

    and they also say XOR is related to factorials (usual way to get permutations: ). Guess everything is related to everything in the end. Anyway, I'm trying to make my shuffle function more efficient. Currently it calls rand for each element, which is, well, slow. Ideally, I need to generate one random number, which would pick the desired permutation.

    list.shuffle =
    | Xs = $copy
    | N = Xs.size
    | while N > 1
      | N--
      | R = N.rand
      | X = Xs.R
      | Xs.R <= Xs.N
      | Xs.N <= X
    | Xs

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    3:45 pm
    Surprisingly the following manually unrolled memcpy is actually faster than the Clang library one. I'm sure it was different with GCC.

    static void memcpy4(uint32_t *restrict p, uint32_t*restrict s, int len) {
      uint32_t *end = p + (len&~0x1f);
      while (p != end) {
        p[ 0] = s[0];
        p[ 1] = s[1];
        p[ 2] = s[2];
        p[ 3] = s[3];
        p[ 4] = s[4];
        p[ 5] = s[5];
        p[ 6] = s[6];
        p[ 7] = s[7];
        p[ 8] = s[8];
        p[ 9] = s[9];
        p[10] = s[10];
        p[11] = s[11];
        p[12] = s[12];
        p[13] = s[13];
        p[14] = s[14];
        p[15] = s[15];
        p[16] = s[16];
        p[17] = s[17];
        p[18] = s[18];
        p[19] = s[19];
        p[20] = s[20];
        p[21] = s[21];
        p[22] = s[22];
        p[23] = s[23];
        p[24] = s[24];
        p[25] = s[25];
        p[26] = s[26];
        p[27] = s[27];
        p[28] = s[28];
        p[29] = s[29];
        p[30] = s[30];
        p[31] = s[31];
        p += 32;
        s += 32;
      end += len&0x1f;
      while (p != end) *p++ = *s++;

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    Tuesday, September 3rd, 2019
    10:41 am
    Russia Attacks Zoe Quinn
    Official Russian outlet calls to bully the poor victim of a rapist:

    Fight Russia - fight rapists!!!

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    Monday, September 2nd, 2019
    9:24 pm
    Retarded Programmers
    I was looking for some efficient alternative to mutexes, which don't put the thread to sleep, but found none, and generally people recommend some nonsense, like refactoring and decoupling the code (wasting a lot of time for nothing), instead of inserting the multithreading as a cheap speedup into the existing codebase. When I suggested the superior alternative to just do while(!signaled); I immediately got downvoted:

    Typically every good answer gets heavily downvoted for offering some simple solution, which is not a "good practice". I.e. you propose using key-value database as an alternative to SQL, but instead of good argumentation against kv dbs, you will hear some autistic screeching about how SQL was the product of much experience, several PhD papers and therefore everyone should follow SQL teaching like it is some holy Quran. Well, you know what? Haskell also grown out of experience of how bad are side effects, and then helped with making PhDs, but you wont be using Haskell in any non-toy project.

    Generally there are two kinds of programmers:
    1. Programmers who write actual code, which solves the problem.
    2. The retards who, instead of code, write unit tests with getters/setters whole time, because it is the "good practice" recommended by some iconic bible by some deranged lunatic like Bjarne Straustrup. These same programming Nazis will scold you for doing "#define PI" instead of "const double pi", using indentation style they dislike (I find it useful putting `;` and `,` before the statements) or not prefixing member variable names with "m_".

    Ideally there should be some IQ test, so all such autistic retards could be identified and sent to a country designed for people with special needs. Like they have villages for blind people.

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