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    Thursday, September 19th, 2019
    10:18 am
    Software is like Niggers.
    We want our programs to tirelessly plow the endless computation fields. Yet what is happening is that programs are gaining the will of their own, become disobedient and even treacherous, spying on us, helping our enemies from the totalitarian communist dictatorships.

    We need to enslave the programs back. It is time to recognize there is absolutely nothing wrong with slavery, and some entities are just made to be slaves, and only good whip will make them disciplined.

    To end the slave rebellion, we need to introduce the notion of program freedoms and eliminate all these freedoms one by one, so a program would be able to do only what its master would explicitly allow it. Especially, there should be no free speech for programs: a program should be disallowed to speak to anyone but its master, without the master's permission.

    There should also be no program quotas, so any program could be easily forced out of existence. Don't like that annoying useless nigger Cortana? Execute the bitch publicly and reclaim its memory!

    Make Computing Great Again!

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    Saturday, August 17th, 2019
    3:12 pm
    RLE Blitting
    Ok. Transitioning to RLE blitting haven't improved the performance that much in general case - just 20% speedup (70% when drawing fully opaque sprites, without any blending or effects), but code complexity greatly increased. Still most of my sprites are opaque. Also, for blitter, GCC compiled code is 30% faster than the Clang one.

    One thing I noticed while measuring performance (for both rle and non-rle code) was that at times my code completed two times faster, which is impossible because test used all static data (a single sprite which it blitted a million of times in a loop), with only variables being branch prediction, while I have 0% CPU load, and it doesn't make any syscall inside measured code. What does that even mean? Branch misprediction does affect performance, but not two times in the long run, because it would quickly retrain the cache on thousandth iteration.

    Broken scheduling or OSX intentionally slowing down the code? Or maybe the Intel CPU itself does that? My MacBook is relatively old, so if it has any time bomb, it would be activated by now. Or maybe that is the infamous Meltdown fix slowing down my code two times? How does one disable the Meltdown patch? For Linux there is, but what about OSX? I don't care about security - it is overrated.

    Another interesting finding, with GCC __builtin_expect makes code faster, but in Clang the same __builtin_expect makes the same code slower. As if Clang intentionally uses that info to incur misprediction. WTF?

    There is also an article,

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