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    Sunday, October 6th, 2019
    2:10 pm
    The Cure from Schizophrenia
    "Женщину лечат от шизофрении в Московском НИИ Психиатрии. Некоторые элементы стальной клетки пропускают электрические импульсы, что благотворно влияет на работу мозга пациента."

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    Sunday, September 29th, 2019
    10:18 pm
    Чо там в Эстонии...
    Vladimir Yarikov, having made his way to Europe, brutally robbed and killed a family literally for the "glass beads" jewelry:
    Volodya was given 20 years in jail, but he, like true Russian orc, pretended to have a mental disorder, and he was transferred to milder conditions of a psychiatric ward, where he, having got a smartphone, arranged a freak show out of harmless European patients, becoming a popular video blogger in Russia, in addition to lying about punitive psychiatry in Europe, regarding himself, and writing letters in the style of "PUTIN HELP! RUSSIAN PEOPLE ARE BEING BULLIED IN ESTONIA."

    It sounds crazy, but for a Russian orc - it is the norm. And to prevent this from happening, Russians should not be allowed into Europe.

    Thursday, September 19th, 2019
    7:04 pm
    Психиатрическая больница им. В.И. Яковенко
    Crazy people are dangerous - they sell illegal drugs.

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    Wednesday, September 11th, 2019
    9:06 am
    Finally a New Punitive Psychiatry Post!
    When trying to access LJR from Russia, people are instead recommended to consult a psychiatrist:

    Also, good news:
    >Жительница Вилючинска, которая в понедельник убила своих маленьких детей, утопив их в бухте
    >женщина с криками «Мы никому не нужны», уворачивалась от полицейских и продолжала свой путь.

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    Wednesday, July 10th, 2019
    9:22 pm
    Took Another Psychiatric Test
    It says I'm not normal (i.e. I'm on the edge of their bell curve):

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    Thursday, May 2nd, 2019
    4:40 pm
    Bald People are 1.78 Times as Likely to Have Schizophrenia, than non-Bald
    >the concordance rate of at least one psychiatric disorder in children and adolescents with AA is very high and it is up to 78%.

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