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Most all animals enjoy sex, and you don't have to have any knowledge in order to enjoy something. If you enjoy it then you enjoy it!

It's a simple fact that if you're nice, you care about everyone and want everyone enjoying good fun things like orgasms and ice cream. Sex is no different than any other social activity that is fun, exciting, pleasurable, etc, and is normally a loving and positive experience. We just have to fight falsehoods and lies with facts.

If “consent” is defined as someone having knowledge about something that is about to happen, that’s not needed nor is it even possible to do that for many things in someone’s life, especially as they are learning about new things when young. If that was what “consent” was, then most everything would be unconsensual. But is it evil to show someone something new when you know they might, and probably will, enjoy it?

Of course not, and this happens all the time. That’s the primary way parents teach their cubs about new things. You think they might enjoy playing ball, being patted, genitals rubbed/sucked, enjoy a plushie, being hugged/cuddled, watching a movie, humping against something or fucking, bouncing on a knee, etc, so you share that with them. If they respond positively, you continue. If not, you try doing something else for them to make them happy.

If “consent” is instead defined as someone simply enjoying something, which I think is the more accurate definition, then of course doing things which they enjoy and make them happy is a good thing!

Simply put, good things should be encouraged and bad things discouraged, and sexual fun when everyone involved is happy and safe is a very good thing!

The idea that someone has to be a certain species, age, or have any other trait before they’re allowed to enjoy something that feels good, makes them happy, and is perfectly safe is a cruel and authoritarian argument.
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