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Антиимпериализм Mar. 22nd, 2011|02:56 pm

А вот теперь я таки посмеюсь злорадным смехом.

Сын Каддафи призывает американцев

If you want to support the terrorists and the armed militia, OK, so go and support bin Laden and al Qaeda and the mafia in Sicily or in Boston and New York. They want safety and they want peace and order, law and order. We want to live in peace, so we want even Americans to help us get rid of the remnants of those people and to have a peaceful country, more democratic. If you want to help us, help us to, you know, to be democracy, more freedom, peaceful, not to threaten us with air strikes.

Похоже, повстанцы все-таки бОльшие антиимпериалисты, чем семейка Каддафи.
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