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People Of Earth, Rejoice! [Mar. 21st, 2017|12:58 pm]
Now we are happy to know that they did NOT invent immortality. They live long simply because they do not work.
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Australia makes satyre come true [Mar. 20th, 2017|09:32 pm]
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[Mar. 11th, 2017|02:45 pm]
OOP Design Patterns: The Ritualistic Programming.
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GREAT FUN!!!! [Mar. 8th, 2017|05:48 pm]
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with love to Ketmar [Mar. 4th, 2017|12:43 pm]
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WOW!!! [Mar. 4th, 2017|02:40 am]
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must see [Feb. 20th, 2017|09:00 pm]
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pro bab #20 [Feb. 12th, 2017|04:25 am]
Here is an illustration of a typical christian "thinking" (multiplied by the feminine nature of the test subject), this is so fucking RICH that I refrain from commenting it. Enjoy:
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although, I would like to hear your comments... and ideas how to proceed with this shit any further, what questions to ask? (do you have any particular hypothesis to test?).
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[Feb. 11th, 2017|07:18 pm]
it is incorrect to say that a woman is not entitled to her own opinion; a woman can not produce her own opinion to begin with.
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The Emotional Driver Of Feminism [Feb. 11th, 2017|01:48 am]
The ugly girls' demands are not any lesser than those of the pretty.
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Imbeciles Strike Back [Feb. 8th, 2017|05:29 pm]
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Hamlet Explained [Feb. 7th, 2017|03:33 pm]
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pro bab #19 [Feb. 6th, 2017|02:21 pm]
Maria: do u want to see ghost video

Ivan: no. i am not into ghost videos

Maria: hahah don't be scared come on.... one guy said that he lived in a historic house in NJ and they had a piano in their house and someone was playing it at night and nobody in the house knew how to play it

Ivan: good story. may earn him a dime eventuaally.

Maria: no its real story. the guy had them in his house. he sees them everywhere since he lived in a haunted house

Ivan: do you realize how many times this exact story recurred in popular literature?

Maria: listen, things happen that's why people write about it. otherwise they would not

Ivan: people write about reptiloids too.

Maria: ghosts exist. reptiloids - not. ghosts is real

Ivan: people WRITE about reptiloids

Maria: I wish you come with me. to prove to u. so u would realize. u would not joke then. no more!

Ivan: ok. you want to share your potent substance with me :) i hope it is not very toxic.

Maria: no u will see them without drinking or eating anything. so u cannot blame it on substances. u never had that experience so u don't know. there is a story of this guy john Ramirez what he was doing in NY - that's amazing

Ivan: keyword: story

Maria: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=j73YckEfo5w

Ivan: finally! reptiloids!

Maria: no he talks about angels. angels have nothing to do with that BS reptiloids. in the second video. in the first video he talks about aliens but I do not believe in aliens. other things he talks about is interesting. he talks about other things far more important than reptiloids

Ivan: so reptiloids are BS and angels aren't :) now you are funny again!

Maria: of course. but you do not get it since you are an atheist. I hope u change. and u will. when something happens to u. u will start believing

Ivan: yes. when i got brain dmage

Maria: but this guy I sent u a video is a professor. he is not damaged. so u cannot blame it on brain damage

Ivan: he is a professor of bullshit. he makes money on those poor imbeciles who believe in reptiloids from Andromeda Galaxy

Maria: he talks about reducing population and other things. I can give u other videos

Ivan: i am not going to watch them if there are angels

Maria: of course in America if you say you believe in God they do not like u to be in education field. or if you say things like that. they prefer atheists like yourself. and Marxists too. that is sad. I thought America was different but now hopefully things will change. even Trump showed Bible - the first president that did that in a long time. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KZwpTdARrC8

Ivan: Trump knows how to appeal to his voters

Maria: they tried to repress Christianity in the US but it is not going to work -- people are believers

Ivan: no. i must disappoint you. barely 1% of church-goers believe same nonsense you do.

Maria: yes they do! people that go to church believe things more than u do even if they dont that means they are just ignorant of things but they will find out

Ivan: it is likely that your close group share your wild beliefs (close groups always do) but i must disappoint you: there are 300 000 000 more people in USA

Maria: u are not from the US so what do u care about that?

pay extra attention to this last remark! this is a recurrent pattern with all females: total refusal to talk about OBJECTIVE things. females simply can not understand how is it possible to be interested in anything that is not subjective, not immediately related to profit of some sort. furthermore, female world is purely subjective, what appears a refusal or misunderstanding is simply AN ABSENCE of the entire concept of objectivity. "Non partisan opinion? What?! What is that?!" A female automatically dismisses a non-partisan opinion exactly because it is non-partisan! A female is not interested in a judgement if the judge has no interest in her case! remember that well!

Maria: close group? what group r u talking about? r u paranoid? I talk about my beliefs not groups since I do not care about groups - I am individualist got my own thoughts on things

Ivan: repeat after me: NOT ALL PEOPLE SHARE MY WILD BELIEFS, my beliefs are too wild for 99% church-goers

Maria: atheists in the US are not that popular group like it was in Soviet Union - thanks God

Ivan: 48 millions. it is like 48 times larger than the entire military

Maria: you know let me tell u god will punish u one day for your words or make you eat them

Ivan: no.

Maria: and u will beg for forgiveness but it is up to Him. if he will or not I do not know that

Ivan: your threats are not even laughable, they are BORING

Maria: it is how God works not me, he created this world and it is his rules

Ivan: which god?

Maria: this conversation is senseless since you are Bible illiterate. ask Stalin and Lenin maybe they know about it - lol

Ivan: actually i did read the bible and you did not :)

Maria: Lenin obviously brainwashed u. Marx also but his dad was a rabbi

Ivan: and i told you that insults do not help. my god is stronger than yours and it will make you pay for each insult and also for reading the false bible you revere as sacred

Maria: your God is stronger? you mean devil? hahahha!!!

Ivan: you will pay for calling my god "devil"

Maria: so what is your god since u don't believe? does not make sense

Ivan: seriously. you were deceived into a false belief, and i know the true Creator. he made your god up to deceive weak minds

Maria: God will reveal himself to u and u will know the truth - I cannot do it but He can

Ivan: your god is weak and laughable

Maria: why would a true creator make a god to deceive anyone? that is ridiculous. does not have any sense. your words that you use tell me so much about u.

Ivan: he created like 3000 other gods, and spread them across the Earth, because He, the creator, THE REAL GOD, he need TRUE DEVOTION, a devotion that goes AGAINST THE ODDS. do you understand?

Maria: you probably laugh at Jesus and make fun of him but since u use profanity I am not surprised

Ivan: Jesus is a false god, created by the creator to fool you

Maria: I do not use profanity to insult other people Gods such as Buddha ...etc. that is their believe

Ivan: Buddha is another false god

Maria: that is your thinking so u mush be jewish since they believe in original God but never accepted Jesus

Ivan: no way! jews are fools. their god is false

Maria: what do u mean?

Ivan: they all will perish with you

Maria: to u everyone is a fool. u will perish also. that is the law of nature

Ivan: nature is a tool of the creator, he bends it as he sees fit. your Jesus can not do that. my god saves me. your god has no capability at all

Maria: Jesus has much power but u don't know since u have been deprived of that blessing. why do u write god with little letters. u do not respect him

Ivan: my god does not care about mere words. he does not diminish himself to this level, unlike jesus, who does. your jesus even watches you masturbating -- what a pervert!

Maria: You need to go to church. I will stop this conversation and block u. u r sick!!! probably fake picture u put here.

Ivan: heed my words. you are in DANGER

Maria: I can report u to the web site! u r nobody! just crazy random chat person! u know nothing about Ukranian language! u live in ZZZ - what a lie - hahah!!! I will report u to the police in ZZZ!!! u don't live in ZZZ since u talk to prof who r afraid to lose a job cause of their political reasons. u probably live in Slovenia or America. since ZZZ prof wont lose a job if they like Trump. when u lie - learn how to lie.

stop laughing, and pay attention to the same recurrent pattern, yes, it is here hidden in the panic attack.
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[Feb. 2nd, 2017|04:55 pm]
Anarchy embodies will of random people. The state embodies will of carefully selected evil people.
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pro bab #18 [Jan. 27th, 2017|11:22 am]
sosedka sprashivajet:
-- when will your g/f visit you?
-- which one?
-- what?! you have more than one?
-- two.
-- I... I thought... You... You have VALUES...
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kto tam menja sprashival kak Schneier gavnom obmazyvajet sja [Jan. 10th, 2017|04:45 pm]
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Pro bab #17 [Jan. 2nd, 2017|10:22 pm]
tjolka ob'jasnjajet mne raznicu mezhdu dramoj i porno:
"...porno eto vsjo izmyshleno! da! nepravda! skazka! ...v porno aktjory igrajut za denjgi... porno smotrjat toljko podrostki... ty cho mne neverish?! gde ty videl chtoby ljudi v 30..40 let smotreli porno!"
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Humanology [Dec. 24th, 2016|09:57 pm]
Vot tak makajesh tupogo pidara v gavno, a on tebja za eto banit. Sovsem norot ozverel!

udaljonnyj kament glasit: "
toljko baran mozhet sravnivatj vydachu licenzij s razdachej kljuchej ot kvartiry.
dostup na rynok ne imejet nichego obchego s dostupom v kvartiru.
rynok jestj mesto ne toljko obchestvennoje no i ABSTRAKTNOJE -- eto iz drugovo prostranstva sovsem.
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All you need to know about Germany [Dec. 20th, 2016|01:40 am]
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must see [Dec. 19th, 2016|11:32 pm]
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