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pro bab #21 [Oct. 8th, 2017|01:34 pm]
Maria (public inquiry):
У кого осенью отпуск? Куда планируете поехать отдыхать?

Ivan (public response):
vopros xoroshij, no prezhde chem vas vozjmut v otpusk, sebja nado polozhiteljno zarekomendovatj.

твой ответ на второй вопрос просто зажигателен!!! что значит "ПРЕЖДЕ ЧЕМ ВАС ВОЗЬМУТ????"

eto znachit chto utrom stulj'ja vecherom denjgi

о чем речь? я интересуюсь кто куда ездит в отпуск! а не спрашиваю возьмете ли вы с собой бабу! какие стулья, дядя?

ne nado xamitj tem kto vas ne xochet bratj, eto sozdajot vam durnuju reputaciju i snizhajet vashi shansy na uspex.

ты тупорылый олень!!!! я не просила никого брать меня с собой!! и не прошу!! я просто интересуюсь кто куда обычно ездит в отпуск! иди нахуй со своей репутацией чмо! научись читать и не беси тут никого, урод!

за свои шансы переживай

заебали вы суки тупорылые, просто нахуй заебали олени!

This user blocked you from responding.
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Dear deists, [Sep. 29th, 2017|12:58 pm]
in order to make your god undeniable you are making it insignificant.
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Pure hilarity [Sep. 29th, 2017|02:00 am]
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[Sep. 28th, 2017|04:52 pm]

404 -- FUCKING WHY??????
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All you need to know about marriage [Sep. 28th, 2017|12:46 pm]
"Not All Chambers Are Loaded" is a very bad excuse for playing Russian Roulette.
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[Sep. 26th, 2017|03:58 pm]
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To Anger Local Commies [Sep. 26th, 2017|11:58 am]
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[Sep. 23rd, 2017|10:21 pm]
If you are isolated alone on a desert island, with only 5 songs in your player, what would be these 5 songs you can listen on repeat for the rest of your life?
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[Sep. 20th, 2017|10:09 am]
How often do you sin with Russel's conjugation?
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On The Cause Of Feminism [Sep. 17th, 2017|08:30 am]
Let's take for example a peacock tail.
There must be a gene that encodes the shape of the illustrious tail.
This gene has to be carried by both sexes (actually it is slightly more true for birds than for mammals (see ZW sex determination)).

If this gene does not manifest in female bodies it quickly loses the evolutionary "race" against a version of the gene that does manifest in female bodies as ADORATION OF THE TAIL.

If a gene that encodes a sex-specific feature also encodes a sexual selection preference for this feature in the opposite sex, it gets a positive feedback loop that wins like hell.

A rape gene that makes males rapie is, thus, destined to somehow promote self through sexual selection on the female part. And it is very easy to do: it is enough to make a female PROVOCATIVE + INDISCRIMINATELY DISMISSIVE -- a very simple behavioural pattern that 100% ensures that only rapie males would ever get any chance to copulate with this female.

Adoration of a very specific tail shape is a complex psychological phenomenon, you may doubt if it is even possible to encode in DNA, while adoration of rape is as trivial as hunger or disgust (provocative+dismissive is all it takes).

On the "feelings" level this gene will manifest as a feeling that all sex is violent, wrong, and there is not such thing as a consenting female. And it is getting simpler still for the gene: it be limited to doing IDENTICAL JOB in both sexes -- instill the strong psychological association between sex and violence, it will work to the same end in males and females alike (males will quit negotiating, and females will exclude negotiating males from reproduction) -- win-win.

And this is exactly what feminism does!!!
It promotes the idea that consensual sex is impossible!!!

And for the feminism to be genetically determined in the manner desribed above the feminism itself does not have to have any selection/survival value. (read this sentence again, there is no "group selection" involved, i am very careful about slapping evolution to groups of people or social phenomena)

Feminism is a byproduct of the rape gene. First there is a genuine feeling that sex is innately violent and then there is a rationalization of this feeling manifesting as a social movement. Those people (promoting slut walks and ridiculous "standards" of consent) they honestly believe that WOMEN CAN NOT CONSENT.

Their innate (genetically determined) attitude towards sexual relations is the reason why you are failing to argue with feminists -- because you are arguing colours with a colour blind person!

It is, however, a pure coincidence that this hypothetical (for now) gene does the same job in individuals and collectives alike. Individual feeling about sex relations predisposes an individual to a certain behaviour, and the same feeling accurately expressed by Feminism in words (ideas, laws, whatever) promotes the same behaviour, namely rape.

Feminism in effect NORMALIZES RAPE, whatever they do, they are making us to believe that rape is the only way a boy can get any piece of a pussy.

I conjecture that they do it because they feel exatcly this way, they say exactly what they think. Do you find it too much unrealistic to conjecture that feminists really believe what they preach?

With this conjecture there is no "malevolence" argument on my part -- these people are not required to understand what they are doing, they are not required to plan their movement to be destructive -- they simply express their feelings as accurately as they can and it happened to be very good for the gene they are carrying.
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An Open Letter To prof. Richard Dawkins [Sep. 5th, 2017|08:46 pm]
on the subject of elitism,
in response to the prof. Dawkins's statement:

Hear me, Exalted One.

You praised elitism while benefiting from the lack of it. Your present "elite" status is created by the public opinion -- in an elitist society this opinion is nil. Your present status is by far higher than your inherited status -- make no mistake -- You were exalted to the highest ranks of the living by the plebs, like myself, You were not born to these ranks.

In a society that values opinions of simple people you have to appease the mob and it frustrates you, but at the same time it gives you a unique opportunity to reason with the people. Since you can not force your educated opinion upon plebs, you have to reason with them, and you are allowed to reason with them. As soon as the reasoning is not required, your services are not needed -- You may fancy yourself to be an enforcer of the truth upon uneducated masses, but You are making a grave mistake -- there are way too many enforcers among your ranks, Exalted One, who are much better at enforcing than yourself.

Your current status is a direct result of anti-elitism. You can not be a champion of reason in a society that does not require reason.

Return to Earth, Exalted One, and take a look at the truly elitist societies, e.g. Saudi Arabia. How good are they at science? What do you think would be your job should you be born in the same status in Saudi Arabia?
At very best you would be writing flattering poetry for the 17th son of prince Saud. And you will be praising Allah 50 times a day for you don't have to take care of his highness physical pleasures.

Return to Earth, professor, we probably still need you.
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checkmate, atheists! [Aug. 31st, 2017|12:46 am]
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Vsjo chto nado znatj o politicheskom diskurse. [Aug. 30th, 2017|05:44 pm]
"levo/pravo" vsegda ochenj xorosho rabotalo prekrasnoj lozhnoj dixotomijej, sposobnoj odurachitj _VSEX_, vezde i po ljubomu voprosu, i verojatno ono zadumyvalosj specialjno kak lozhnaja dixotomoja s samogo nachala... i vot segodnja, kogda uzhe sovsem vse slova poterjali smysl (xotel privesti primery, no ponjal chto mozhno prosto pochitatj slovarj -- ljuboje slovo segodnja oznachajet to chto v 19m veke oznachal jego antonim), segodnja "levo/pravo" dostiglo vershiny absurda i surrealizma, i pochemu-to obrelo jasnyj i ochenj tochnyj smysl: Levo eto protiv lichnoj svobody za gosudarstvo, Pravo eto protiv gosudarstva i za lichnuju svobodu -- i eto vsjo chto vam nado znatj o politicheskom diskurse, sovsem vsjo, vse ostaljnyje "protivorechija" nadumannyje, ix vsegda mozhno obsuditj i kak-to reshitj, a vot "levo/pravo" eto dejstviteljno smerteljnaja borjba, i sho sovsem smeshno, nikakogo "middle ground" tut net i bytj ne mozhet ni v kakom smysle, eto verojatno jedinstvennaja istinnaja dixotomija na svete.
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BBC na Olbanskom!!! [Aug. 25th, 2017|11:16 pm]
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For Ketmar [Aug. 23rd, 2017|07:29 pm]
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[Aug. 22nd, 2017|11:19 am]
This awkward feeling when a dentist puts both his hands into your mouth and asks you questions... and demands ANSWERS!
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For Ketmar [Aug. 20th, 2017|03:59 am]
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[Aug. 20th, 2017|03:46 am]
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Fun facts [Aug. 6th, 2017|07:41 pm]
Isopropyl alcohol is metabolised to acetone in human bodies.
Then acetone is metabolised to glucose.
Therefore, in theory, you can genetically engineer humans who run on isopropyl alcohol.
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:) [Jul. 23rd, 2017|01:10 am]
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