This is the Camden book of the dead

November 16th, 2010

07:11 pm - have the balls to admit it

FACT magazine: A lot of your contemporaries were playing with certain fascist imagery, visual codes and reference points at this time. How did you navigate this yourself ? Did you have any run-ins with people who were taking that kind of imagery at face-value and not seeing it for the playful or aesthetic provocation that it was invariably intended as?

Brian Williams (Lustmord): “Well, first of all I think you’re being overly kind say that it was a playful or aesthetic thing when there were a lot of people who were playing with really dodgy stuff. They’d try it explain it off but it’s like, fuck off, it’s just neo-Nazi crap, that’s what it is. That’s why I have a huge problem with neo-folk, you know they’re all like ‘It’s the runes’ blah blah – no it’s not, it’s fucking neo-Nazi crap. At least have the balls to admit it. Don’t give me this shit about it’s the European tradition, fuck off. I always call people up on that stuff, and I don’t get on with those kind of people precisely because of all that bullshit.

“I remember in the early days of SPK, we were on tour in Hamburg, and there were a couple of skinheads in the audience doing sieg-heils because they thought we were a bunch of Nazis. I was doing metal percussion that night, so I had a pair of metal bars, and I proceeded to beat the shit out of them with those. Which felt good. Needless to say our tyres were slashed that night [laughs].
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