This is the Camden book of the dead

December 17th, 2012

06:20 pm - the obscene superego divinity demanding sacrifices

Не думал, что буду Жижека цитировать, но вот хорошее -

In Europe, where modernisation took place over several centuries, there was time to adjust to this break, to soften its shattering impact, through Kulturarbeit, the work of culture. New social narratives and myths slowly came into being. Some other societies — notably the Muslim ones — were exposed to this impact directly, without a protective screen or temporal delay, so their symbolic universe was perturbed much more brutally. They lost their (symbolic) ground with no time left to establish a new (symbolic) balance. No wonder, then, that the only way for some of these societies to avoid total breakdown was to erect in panic the shield of "fundamentalism," that psychotic-delirious-incestuous reassertion of religion as direct insight into the divine real, with all the terrifying consequences that such a reassertion entails, and including the return with a vengeance of the obscene superego divinity demanding sacrifices.

Кажется, что справедливо не только для исламского фундаментализма.
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