March, 2020 - syn_exchangewir

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Month View
Here are the subjects of all posts in the [info]syn_exchangewir journal in March, 2020.

9:00a[info]syn_exchangewirThe Era of Digital Integrity: From Data-Driven to Choice-First Advertising
9:00a[info]syn_exchangewirAudio, DOOH, VR and Gaming: Education a Bigger Challenge than Infrastructure
11:31a[info]syn_exchangewirSilverbullet Acquires Leading Italian Independent Trade Desk, Videobeet Italia S.R.L.
2:00p[info]syn_exchangewir404bot or No Bot at All?
4:42p[info]syn_exchangewirBDG Taps Rubicon Project As Preferred Partner for Private Marketplace Deals
9:00a[info]syn_exchangewirFundamental Shifts in Programmatic: Q&A with Luke Fenney, Index Exchange
9:00a[info]syn_exchangewirCreativity, Data and the Future of Agencies
4:45p[info]syn_exchangewirFreeWheel Releases ‘The Delicate Art of Balancing Ad Load’
10:00a[info]syn_exchangewirSilverbullet Acquires Videobeet Italia S.R.L.; Azerion Acquires Collective Media Europe
11:00a[info]syn_exchangewirInternational Women’s Day: The Long & Winding Road to Gender Diversity
3:29p[info]syn_exchangewirPublishers Let Randoms Stick Ads In Their Slots
9:00a[info]syn_exchangewirCrumbling Cookies will be Good for User Privacy. Next Task: Improving the Web Experience
3:56p[info]syn_exchangewirIntegral Ad Science Names Lisa Nadler as Chief Human Resources Officer
9:00a[info]syn_exchangewirDoes Programmatic Advertising Have a Targeting Problem? An Investigation
1:48p[info]syn_exchangewirCriteo Announces New Traffic Generation Solution
9:27a[info]syn_exchangewirM&C Saatchi Performance to Double Indonesia Team
12:28p[info]syn_exchangewirMG Motor UK Makes In-Game Advertising Play in DiRT Rally 2.0, with Bidstack
1:01p[info]syn_exchangewirPrimis Earns TAG Certified Against Fraud Seal for Third Year Running
2:33p[info]syn_exchangewirCOVID-19: Insights on Travel Impact
10:00a[info]syn_exchangewirChanging Attitudes Towards Walled Gardens vs. Open Web; Record TAG Recertifications
3:12p[info]syn_exchangewirAdColony Receives TAG Certified Against Fraud Recertification for Third Year Running
10:18a[info]syn_exchangewirWhen Digital Ads Go Rogue, and the Quest for Nuanced AI
9:00a[info]syn_exchangewirPicnic Media Continues Rapid Expansion With Two Senior Hires
11:00a[info]syn_exchangewirFatherly Gets Scooped Up by Some Spider Studios; Lee Enterprises Completes Acquisition of Berkshire Hathaway Newspaper Operations
6:00p[info]syn_exchangewirPubMatic Releases Audience Encore to Activate First-Party Data Programmatically
8:55a[info]syn_exchangewirAnyMind Group Acquires POKKT Mobile Ads
9:00a[info]syn_exchangewirPubNative Registers CMP in IAB Europe’s Transparency and Consent Framework
11:00a[info]syn_exchangewirFox to Buy Tubi TV; VideoAmp Acquires Conversion Login
9:00a[info]syn_exchangewirChannel Factory Launches Office in Munich to Drive Growth in DACH Region
10:00a[info]syn_exchangewirDentsu Data Labs & Adverty Reveal Mobile Users Prefer Non-Intrusive In-Game Ads
10:57a[info]syn_exchangewirBrand Suitability: Demystifying Blocking and the “DV Clouds”
11:00a[info]syn_exchangewirDisney Looks to Sell TrueX; S4 Capital Sees Strong Organic Growth in First Year
2:50p[info]syn_exchangewirbet365 Backs White Bullet for Renewed Ad Protection Partnership
10:25a[info]syn_exchangewirThe MadTech Webinar: Jay MacDonald on The Future of Ad Tech M&A
11:00a[info]syn_exchangewirDisney+ India Launch Postponed; eMarketer Lowers Global Ad Spend Forecast
1:00p[info]syn_exchangewirFox to Buy Tubi TV; S4 Capital Sees Strong Organic Growth
11:00a[info]syn_exchangewirGSG Acquires iGraal; ITV Cancels 2019 Dividend and Abandons Revenue Outlook
2:04p[info]syn_exchangewirSilverbullet Group Supports Save The Children with Pro Bono Campaign
2:58p[info]syn_exchangewirEMEA Travel Trends Around COVID-19
11:00a[info]syn_exchangewirTwitter Warns of Financial Struggles; Viu Partners with Singaporean and Thai Broadcasters
2:34p[info] Develops Brand Taxonomy
4:50p[info]syn_exchangewirHospitalityUnited.Club to Host Webinar to Discuss Covid-19 Business Strategies
11:40a[info]syn_exchangewirTokyo 2020 Postponement a Blow to Advertisers; Rivals Join Forces for OOH in Singapore
9:00a[info]syn_exchangewirAdvertising Vs Coronavirus: Part One – Ad Tech
1:00p[info]syn_exchangewirBlocking Third-Party Cookies Becomes Default on Safari; Roku Caught Up in New Ad Fraud Scandal
1:02p[info]syn_exchangewirDoubleVerify Partners with Ad Council to Address COVID-19 Crisis
1:17p[info]syn_exchangewirFormer Oracle Director Joins Silverbullet as SVP of Product
2:22p[info]syn_exchangewirStudy Finds Contextual Ads Are More Engaging & Memorable
3:15p[info]syn_exchangewirGlobal Marketing Executive Jamie Gutfreund Joins as Strategic Advisor
5:00p[info]syn_exchangewirPubMatic Infographic: Impact of Covid-19 on Global Ad Spend
11:24a[info]syn_exchangewirSafari Blocks Third-Party Cookies; Contextual Ads “More Engaging”
8:30a[info]syn_exchangewirAdvertising Vs Coronavirus: Part Two – The Service Layer
10:42a[info]syn_exchangewirCOVID-19 Sees Publisher Revenue Guarantees Falter; Google Unflinching in Cookie Termination Plan
8:00a[info]syn_exchangewirMaking Inclusive Advertising a Reality: Q&A with Carlos Santiago, AIMM
10:40a[info]syn_exchangewirGroupM Uncovers Consumers’ Digital Concerns; WeWork Sells Meetup
1:22p[info]syn_exchangewirAustralia Ranks First for Brand Safety in Mobile: IAS Media Quality Report