March, 2020 - syn_mapporn

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Month View
Here are the subjects of all posts in the [info]syn_mapporn journal in March, 2020.

12:19a[info]syn_mappornIndiana High Schools in the Three Rivers Conference
12:19a[info]syn_mappornNicaragua Elevations 1965
12:45a[info]syn_mappornMap on the wall at a bar in Gaylord, Michigan, USA
1:18a[info]syn_mappornHistorical OS Map Projected On JAXA Elevation Data
1:47a[info]syn_mappornMap of the South Loop of Chicago
2:15a[info]syn_mappornLife Expectancy by Subnational Division in 2018
2:15a[info]syn_mappornMap dividing the world into 2 regions with equal number of firearms in civillian possession.
2:49a[info]syn_mappornThe Ozarks, United States.
3:16a[info]syn_mappornCoronavirus COVID-19 Cases around the world
4:39a[info]syn_mappornRainfall in Australia over the past two months (Jan-Feb 2020)
6:01a[info]syn_mappornLast census (2010) of Argentina's distribution of foreign-born population
6:01a[info]syn_mappornSomewhat distorted map of Europe on a violin, found in a Chinese acupuncture establishment.
6:01a[info]syn_mappornGibraltar circa 1760
6:39a[info]syn_mappornMississippi River Valley circa 1743
6:39a[info]syn_mappornMercator's Map of Northern England
7:47a[info]syn_mappornSpent way too much effort on a daily grade
8:15a[info]syn_mappornGot a little tipsy during a picnic. Behold: the United Chips of America.
9:34a[info]syn_mapporn2020 Democratic primary map according to the FiveThirtyEight primary forecast model immediately following the South Carolina Caucus (2/29/20, 10:50pm EST)
10:03a[info]syn_mappornLGBT free zones of Poland
10:30a[info]syn_mappornNew Holland circa 1729
11:01a[info]syn_mappornNASA and European Space Agency (ESA) pollution monitoring satellites have detected significant decreases in nitrogen dioxide (NO2) over China. There is evidence that the change is at least partly related to the economic slowdown following the outbreak of
11:01a[info]syn_mappornChina's pollution levels have dropped amid coronavirus shutdown, NASA images show
11:34a[info]syn_mapporn1898 map of Dominica
12:00p[info]syn_mappornGermany is over 100 coronavirus cases.
12:00p[info]syn_mappornExtent of COVID-19 outbreak.
12:37p[info]syn_mappornNASA says the outbreak is 'partly related' to the decline in NO2 over China. Pic: NASA
12:37p[info]syn_mappornNumber of acts of sabotage committed in occupied Belgium (Jan 1943 - Sept 1944)
1:00p[info]syn_mappornLife Expectancy of Subnational Divisions
1:30p[info]syn_mappornSpread of the Coronavirus: February 1st - March 1st 2020
1:30p[info]syn_mappornEurope (Mediterranean - Detailed) - AD 745 - [6637x4983] [OC]
1:30p[info]syn_mappornA map of red-haired people in europe
1:30p[info]syn_mappornIn Germany, even the Coronavirus spread shows a west-east divide.
2:51p[info]syn_mappornThe best sport of each country
2:51p[info]syn_mapporn1817 map of Prussian Dominions
3:16p[info]syn_mappornThis map of Earth is the "most accurate ever produced"
3:16p[info]syn_mappornVote to Vox (far-right) in every municipality in the most recent general Spanish elections
3:45p[info]syn_mappornChurches, mosques and synagogues in Europe on maps
3:45p[info]syn_mappornWinning party in each district of Slovakia. Parliamentary elections, 29. feb 2020
4:19p[info]syn_mappornMap of Portuguese Goa during the 1500’s.
4:19p[info]syn_mappornTLDR: Dad posts daughters cartography "doodles". Twitter thread explodes into wide ranging debate and QandA.
4:19p[info]syn_mappornThe diversity of European phenotypes
5:33p[info]syn_mappornSeats Vox (far-right) got in the most recent (November 10th, 2019) Spanish general elections
6:01p[info]syn_mappornVisualization Of The Spread COVID19 Coronavirus Worldwide
6:33p[info]syn_mappornGeneral elections of spain in 28 of April of 2019 and 10 of November of 2019
6:33p[info]syn_mappornNet primary education enrollment rate of European countries [OC]
6:33p[info]syn_mappornWorld divided into 4 regions of equal population
7:45p[info]syn_mappornAustria vs. Germany vs. Switzerland Purchasing Power
7:45p[info]syn_mappornMap of Seljuk Sultanate, 1096 AD
8:15p[info]syn_mappornVisualization of metro opening in cities on a map
9:31p[info]syn_mappornTaiwan (Formosa) - 1905
10:02p[info]syn_mappornReligious objects in Poland [MAPS] >>> Obiekty kultu religijnego w Polsce [MAPY]
10:02p[info]syn_mappornEuropean unemployment benefits after 5 years of unemployment [OC]
10:31p[info]syn_mapporn3D wooden map of The Big Easy.
11:04p[info]syn_mappornProvinces in the Philippines with City or Municipality, that has similar name as the province they are in.
11:04p[info]syn_mappornMegacities by country.
11:04p[info]syn_mapporn2020 Democratic Party Primary Results, 3/1/20 (Contests Declared: 4/57)
11:04p[info]syn_mappornVeto powers of heads of state by country [OC]
11:04p[info]syn_mappornAftermatch of the First Balkan War
11:33p[info]syn_mappornExpansion of Revolutionary France 1792-1798
11:33p[info]syn_mappornSiberian tiger distribution present day in dark red compared to light red late 1800s.
11:33p[info]syn_mappornThe sponsored bike ride I'll be doing in 2 months! PM me for justgiving link!
11:33p[info]syn_mappornMy family world map (circa 1645)
12:01a[info]syn_mappornOriginal Ohio Counties
12:01a[info]syn_mappornAnticartogram of population density of Europe
12:35a[info]syn_mappornAll the current countries that Austria-Hungary owned land in (excluding China).
1:01a[info]syn_mappornThe Iberian peninsula at the times of Almoravid and Almohad rule
2:15a[info]syn_mappornPilot Chart of North Pacific Ocean for March (wind roses/pressure/visibility/currents)
2:15a[info]syn_mappornNorth Italy quarantine area
2:51a[info]syn_mappornPollution monitoring satellites have detected significant decreases in nitrogen dioxide over China. There is evidence that the change is at least partly related to the economic slowdown following the outbreak of coronavirus. [720×545] [NASA]
2:51a[info]syn_mappornAreas in europe compared to US states by population
3:18a[info]syn_mapporn[OC] Syrian War - Battle of Deraa [1300x1300]
3:47a[info]syn_mappornPrevalence and Legality of Cousin Marriage
4:34a[info]syn_mapporn[OC] OS Sheet 3, 1962 Projected on JAXA Elevation Data
5:02a[info]syn_mappornThe mexican (and more stylish) telegraph network (1884)
5:02a[info]syn_mapporn[OC] Color coded elevation of streets in San Francisco
5:02a[info]syn_mappornWahsington Post article titled "The radical plan to destroy time zones" appeared recently. Gets rid of a lot of good map porn, but what do you guys think?
5:37a[info]syn_mapporn[OC] Syrian War - Battle of Aleppo [2000x1012]
7:00a[info]syn_mappornOrigin of COVID-19 cases as of 01 March 2020
7:00a[info]syn_mapporn/r/mapporn hit 900k subscribers yesterday
8:15a[info]syn_mapporn‘March’ in European languages
8:15a[info]syn_mappornBig Tech Companies of Silicon Valley
8:15a[info]syn_mappornI Love This Map
8:15a[info]syn_mappornEthnological composition of Asia Minor, Eastern Thrace and Cyprus before 1910
9:36a[info]syn_mappornGod Defend New Zealand Tattoo
10:03a[info]syn_mappornTwilight Struggle game board. Considered by many to be the greatest board game in history.
10:03a[info]syn_mappornI recently found out that it's common for New Zealand to be left off world maps. I've had this map on my wall for years that has it twice.
12:00p[info]syn_mappornThis is my Jordanian world history textbook, it purposely zoomed in on Europe in this WWII map just enough to mask off Jordan and not assign it to a party of war ( allies, axis or neutral)
12:30p[info]syn_mappornA map showing the different emergency numbers we use around the world :)
2:33p[info]syn_mappornMap of Ukraine with regional coats of arms etc.
3:01p[info]syn_mappornUkraine Famine 1929 - 1933 (death toll, between 4 to 5 millions people)
3:31p[info]syn_mappornGreek Map of the World (1933)
4:45p[info]syn_mappornThe most densely populated part of Argentina vs the most densely populated part of Brazil
5:16p[info]syn_mappornGreat Turkey (Misaki Milli) according to Atatürk
5:16p[info]syn_mappornHeart shaped world map from 1690
5:50p[info]syn_mappornEurope with population in 1789 (French revolution)
7:05p[info]syn_mappornCreated a Map that tracks the spread of COVID-19 cases in Singapore
7:05p[info]syn_mapporn1917 map of the world fur trade
7:05p[info]syn_mappornMap of Soviet Russian gulags (1951)
7:05p[info]syn_mappornThe Historic Regions of Czechia [OC]
7:32p[info]syn_mappornbikeways (heat)map of Europe, according to
8:04p[info]syn_mappornDeportation and execution of 25 000 Polish officers by the soviets.
8:30p[info]syn_mappornConfirmed COVID-19 Cases as of March 2nd
8:30p[info]syn_mappornWestern Interior Seaway during the Campanian age of the Late Cretaceous ~80 Million years ago.
9:00p[info]syn_mappornOttoman Map of the World, 1803
9:32p[info]syn_mappornUSSR death / work camps (death toll 12 to 20 millions people during the life of the USSR)
9:32p[info]syn_mappornMap : Number of Coronavirus cases outside of China. (Updated 02/03/2020)
9:32p[info]syn_mappornMap showing where the most visitors come from for each country
10:02p[info]syn_mappornI was thinking what is the most developed nation to not get the coronavirus yet? There’s genuinely a case here for Poland, Slovenia, Argentina and South Africa. Thoughts?
10:02p[info]syn_mappornInternational Arms Sales: USA Vs. Russia (1950-2017)
10:31p[info]syn_mappornA map of over 150,000 identified WWII deaths in Serbia
11:05p[info]syn_mappornA global rail system map
11:33p[info]syn_mappornPopulation Density Map of Germany and Poland
11:33p[info]syn_mappornMonarchies in Europe in 1924
11:33p[info]syn_mappornMap of places with "Saint" in the name - Spanish Galicia is the holiest, Scandinavians confirmed hardcore pagans.
12:00a[info]syn_mappornThe History of Europe: Every Year
12:00a[info]syn_mappornSouthern Africa satellite imagery + 3D elevation - by Scott Reinhard
12:00a[info]syn_mappornMy professor used this sub today to help explain the Civil War. Noice.
12:36a[info]syn_mappornAn interactive, online representation of Indigenous languages, cultures and places of British Columbia
12:36a[info]syn_mappornMap of Harry Potter Wizarding schools and attending country’s.
12:36a[info]syn_mappornMap of the borders of the world by their age
1:02a[info]syn_mappornBoundaries of historical ethnic homelands in Africa and their partitioning during colonisation. Light grey represents traditional ethnic homelands kept intact as Africa was carved up and divided into nations by western powers. Dark grey are those who were
1:30a[info]syn_mappornAdmixture in Africa
2:06a[info]syn_mappornAutochthonous Muslim population in Europe by country (own work)
2:06a[info]syn_mapporn1980 Soil Map of Kenya
4:03a[info]syn_mappornMy 11 year old (hand drawn) loves maps/geography!
4:33a[info]syn_mappornOil and Gas Deposits of the Middle East
6:02a[info]syn_mappornTrue map porn. The sex toy world rankings.
6:34a[info]syn_mappornDetailed map of the German Empire with all states, including Prussia
6:34a[info]syn_mappornFlorida is the panhandle of the USA... except for its panhandle.
7:45a[info]syn_mappornTimelapse of human civilization since 200,000BCE
9:45a[info]syn_mapporn[OC] Russian-American Populations vs. Population Proportions in U.S. Counties
9:45a[info]syn_mappornRand McNally 1894 Map of Europe
10:17a[info]syn_mappornArgentina in the maritime hemisphere
10:17a[info]syn_mappornExaggerated Relief Map of southeastern Brazil and the surrounding region
12:16p[info]syn_mappornHow the South was won: Christian settlement laws in the Iberian peninsula
1:30p[info]syn_mappornThe Reformed Capital - Fantasy World's City Map
1:30p[info]syn_mappornEthnic composition of Poland before world war 2 and regions the Volhynia massacre took place in
1:30p[info]syn_mappornClosest detour Kununurra to Broome due to closure...
1:30p[info]syn_mappornMythical creatures in Europe
1:30p[info]syn_mappornThe stones of Ireland.
2:04p[info]syn_mapporn12 ways to divide Catalonia by @hyperboreann
3:17p[info]syn_mappornThe road between kununurra and broome is flooding so this is what google maps suggested
3:46p[info]syn_mappornPangaea with current national borders
4:17p[info]syn_mappornVintage style map of the present-day railway network in Spain and Portugal
4:45p[info]syn_mappornFrench made map of Europe during WW1 showing major offensives and approximate casualties suffered by combatants through 1916
5:15p[info]syn_mappornEuropean Productivity - GDP per hour worked (PPP) [OC]
5:15p[info]syn_mappornWorld map of social networks
5:48p[info]syn_mappornHinduism in Europe and Turkey
5:48p[info]syn_mappornPresent day Polish castle in Stobnica vs the most famous Polish castle [MAPS]
6:18p[info]syn_mappornEconomic Freedom in Europe
6:18p[info]syn_mappornAlternative map of Ireland. Repost from R/Ireland
6:18p[info]syn_mappornI found this absolute gem of an old globe at my in-laws. Help me date it. I think it’s late 50s.
6:45p[info]syn_mappornPossible Future High Speed Rail Train Lines of Unified Korea
6:45p[info]syn_mappornThe path of yesterday's tornado is reflected by the traffic in the Nashville area
7:18p[info]syn_mappornRocks of Ireland
7:49p[info]syn_mappornHand drawn attempt at a realistic South America
9:00p[info]syn_mappornMap of Africa I made.
9:00p[info]syn_mappornHow Well Is English Spoken Worldwide?
9:00p[info]syn_mappornThe price of a pint of beer around the world (2018)
9:00p[info]syn_mappornDurrës, Albania 1573 (16th Century Italian Map)
9:00p[info]syn_mappornThe Good Food Guide to Middle Earth
9:33p[info]syn_mappornPangaea with modern borders
9:33p[info]syn_mappornPangaea with modern day borderlines
10:03p[info]syn_mappornRegions of France affected by the coronavirus.
10:03p[info]syn_mappornMaratha Empire at its peak (1759 A.D)
10:31p[info]syn_mappornPolitical world map in the form of a node graph (nodes are countries, lines are land borders)
10:31p[info]syn_mappornMap of the countries (and states) that The Simpsons have visited in yellow.
11:07p[info]syn_mappornPangea but with modern borders
11:31p[info]syn_mappornFound this map, of Denmark and A bit of Sweden from 1585, this is just a copy of the original.
11:31p[info]syn_mappornAll Turkish cities razed by the Greek Army during the Turkish War of Independence in 1922
11:31p[info]syn_mappornLondon's Green Belt
11:31p[info]syn_mappornJust found this Danish map of the North sea, from 1986, with Oil markings and submarine training waters
11:31p[info]syn_mappornOffset of Solar Noon after DST, March 9, 2020. Uses NOAA Equation of Time Calculations for Solar Positioning. Note: Most of Arizona does not honor DST.
12:01a[info]syn_mappornrecommended California State Highway system (reproduction of 1896 map)
12:39a[info]syn_mappornInteractive map: 5015 years of world history (1931 as example, link in comments) [1816x742]
12:39a[info]syn_mappornMap of control of tri-laterally disputed Kashmir, the most militarized region in the World
12:39a[info]syn_mappornShipping routes, showing relative density of commercial shipping around the world [3600x1800]
1:03a[info]syn_mappornEurope with population in 1789 (French revolution)
1:03a[info]syn_mappornCambodia Ethnic Groups
2:16a[info]syn_mappornThe Berlin-Baghdad railway project 1903.
2:49a[info]syn_mappornAlamo Battlefield Map- 1938
4:04a[info]syn_mappornAll Byzantine Greek cities razed or sacked during the Turkish invasions of Anatolia
4:04a[info]syn_mappornSan Francisco Bay Area — rapid rail transit network [unofficial] [diagram] [OC] // updated and enhanced my interpretation of the system. Did it just for fun in my spare time. Hope you'll enjoy it! Constructive feedback is appreciated! :-)
4:31a[info]syn_mappornEurope daily mean temperature - March
5:02a[info]syn_mappornAdministrative districts of French Protectorate in Morocco, 1951
6:34a[info]syn_mappornNew Netherlands circa 1658
7:45a[info]syn_mappornCountries that are at least 15% Buddhist
7:45a[info]syn_mappornModernised Orbis Terrarum
8:15a[info]syn_mappornDutch map showing the nine independent kingdoms in Bali(circa 1900)
8:15a[info]syn_mappornOld Schoolroom pull-down map found at an estate sale. Seems like it probably went along with a middle-school or highschool class about colonial America.
8:15a[info]syn_mappornCountries in Professional Rugby Union Competitions
8:15a[info]syn_mappornPerhaps the most important map you’ll see today. Knowing this, chose your travel destinations wisely.
9:35a[info]syn_mappornI made a Wood Burnt Floating Map of Manhattan New York [OC] [1500 x 1500]
9:35a[info]syn_mappornWhere Milliennials are Buying the Most and Fewest Homes
11:32a[info]syn_mappornCannabis cultivation across the Rif - UNODC, 2003
11:32a[info]syn_mapporn1942 Japanese Map of Taiwan
11:32a[info]syn_mappornSimple, but gorgeous.
12:00p[info]syn_mappornLinguistic minorities in the Italian Alps
12:31p[info]syn_mappornManifest Destiny
1:02p[info]syn_mappornRiver basins of Western Australia
1:32p[info]syn_mappornI made a Wood Burnt Floating Map of Manhattan New York [OC] [1500 x 1500]
2:06p[info]syn_mappornGeological survey of the Spanish Protectorate territories in Morocco, 1952
2:06p[info]syn_mappornLight pollution map of the US
2:06p[info]syn_mappornAll major rivers of Australia. The brighter ones are perennial and others are seasonal (source: Geoscience Australia) [OC]
3:17p[info]syn_mappornAn Accurate Map of Utopia, 1730 (very large)
3:17p[info]syn_mappornThe St. Paul Minneapolis & Manitoba Railway (1880)
3:45p[info]syn_mappornWhich one is the best?
3:45p[info]syn_mappornUS State Borders Redrawn and Renamed for Countries with Similar GDPs (2015)
3:45p[info]syn_mappornIf the sea level dropped a minimum of 801m (~half a mile), you could walk from Europe to North America over several land bridges.
4:17p[info]syn_mappornCoronavirus cases and deaths in Europe [OC]
4:17p[info]syn_mappornMoscow Metro with literally translated station names
4:46p[info]syn_mappornFreedom in the World 2020 - Trends
4:46p[info]syn_mappornFreedom in the World 2020
4:46p[info]syn_mappornMost common last name
4:46p[info]syn_mappornMap of Soviet Russian "Gulags": Documented map of forced labor camps in soviet Russia [3000x2261]
5:15p[info]syn_mappornSame-sex marriage approval in Europe (2017)
5:15p[info]syn_mappornThe other guy made me want to share my globe that made mid-WW2. Check out Poland.
6:30p[info]syn_mappornRiver basins of the US
6:30p[info]syn_mappornWho Do Europeans Joke About Most...
6:30p[info]syn_mappornFirst Recorded Euro-American Settlement in Iowa's Current Counties
6:30p[info]syn_mappornHmm, this is interesting
7:03p[info]syn_mappornUSA State Demonyms by suffix
7:03p[info]syn_mappornAt the request of u/cormeals, here is how my mid-WW2 globe depicts East Asia.
7:03p[info]syn_mappornMy own hand-drawn map of Europe. Major rivers included.
7:30p[info]syn_mappornCoronavirus outbreak, but with circles
7:30p[info]syn_mappornWorld time zones Map from the + 40k € FP JOURNE Octa UTC
7:30p[info]syn_mappornThe Jagiellon dynasty at it's greatest extent (early 16th century)
8:07p[info]syn_mappornRail Baltica North Sea — Baltic Corridor by 2050
8:07p[info]syn_mappornI named 1000 cities in Europe without cheating! I challenge you to do the same!
8:30p[info]syn_mappornOrbital map of the Solar System
9:01p[info]syn_mappornCountries where Family Guy is banned
9:01p[info]syn_mappornCountries where Family Guy is banned
9:33p[info]syn_mappornEthnicity map of Caucasus 1800s
9:33p[info]syn_mappornProbably one of my favorites
10:48p[info]syn_mappornA couple of my maps, Appalachian trail and my state. These are the maps I put up in my kitchen.
10:48p[info]syn_mappornMexican Drug Cartels (2012)
11:18p[info]syn_mappornAlmost nobody lives here in The Netherlands
11:18p[info]syn_mappornMap of Armenian Genocide, 1915
11:18p[info]syn_mappornDemocracy Index results in Europe
11:49p[info]syn_mappornYou have a landline phone in Italy? Check each province area code - Map by Maximilian Dörrbecker (Chumwa)
12:18a[info]syn_mappornAverage yearly precipitation in the contiguous US
12:18a[info]syn_mapporn"Six nationalities oppressed by the Germans (Austrians) and the Hungarians" Italian propaganda map of Austria-Hungary published in 1915, WW1.
12:45a[info]syn_mapporn"Hemi-sphere Occidental Du Globe Terrestre...", Sanson, c. 1707 (Concave Western Hem.) (1400 x 1206)
1:18a[info]syn_mappornI made a Legend of Zelda map with coffee, gave it a nice old-timey look. Smells great but could maybe use some line art?
1:18a[info]syn_mappornAnother WWII globe, this one from Germany, circa 1938! More images in comments.
1:46a[info]syn_mappornIn response to others posting their WW2 globes, I realized I had one from a little after WW2. It depicts West and East Germany, Yugoslavia, The Soviet Union, and nearly present day Asia. I dont know exactly when it came out only that it was passed down th
1:46a[info]syn_mappornMost Common Language Spoken At Home Other Than English or Spanish
2:15a[info]syn_mappornThe Largest Companies in Italy and Where to Find Them [OC]
2:15a[info]syn_mappornMap I found of the different regions of APPALACHIA // (Proud Agrilachian!)
2:49a[info]syn_mappornWorld flag colour map, printed on fabric, in our break room
4:00a[info]syn_mappornMap of Where Executions Were Performed Last Year Or This Year [OC]
5:34a[info]syn_mappornHere’s my mid Cold War Spanish Globe
5:34a[info]syn_mappornA cross stitch map of AZ I finished today! Yes, I know it's not 100% accurate.
6:05a[info]syn_mappornLargest Minority Population by State (Source: US census bureau)
7:16a[info]syn_mappornWork in Progress fictional city map; the Myozaki district of Myokyo Metropolis
7:47a[info]syn_mappornIt's not a globe - but here is my 1942 Rand McNally atlas that refuses to make border changes during the war (with bonus explanation page in comments)
9:00a[info]syn_mappornJust got done finishing this up
9:00a[info]syn_mappornNationalist/Unionist divide in the House of Commons
10:18a[info]syn_mappornMe Trying to draw the world if it’s in a retrograde rotation
10:46a[info]syn_mappornCoronavirus crime the beginning to now
11:15a[info]syn_mappornMe trying to draw the world if it’s 250 million years from now
11:48a[info]syn_mappornCountries Mentioned In The Harry Potter Novels (lighter color indicates they were hinted/inferred)
11:48a[info]syn_mappornHow the US uses its land.
1:01p[info]syn_mappornHuman Development Index of Aegean
1:01p[info]syn_mappornDetailed map of Spanish Sahara, 1960
1:01p[info]syn_mappornMap of Andorra every day i will post a new map of a country in alphabetical order
1:31p[info]syn_mappornWestern Sahara: Africa's last colony
2:06p[info]syn_mapporn3D Map of Lesotho
2:30p[info]syn_mappornSex Education laws in the US
3:00p[info]syn_mappornArmenia and its vassals in 69 BC under Tigranes the Great.
3:33p[info]syn_mapporn[OC] The Democracy Index in Europe
3:33p[info]syn_mappornLate 18th Century Map of Ceylon / Sri Lanka
4:45p[info]syn_mappornTourism map of Turkey by international tourist arrivals in 2018
4:45p[info]syn_mappornCan someone explain the weird Libyan-Egyptian border feature on Google Maps (doesn't seem to exist on other maps)
4:45p[info]syn_mappornMap of the Uralic Languages
4:45p[info]syn_mappornOne of the decorative representations of Italy that I have at home. Each regional capital is represented by its symbol. [OC]
4:45p[info]syn_mappornThe Economic Power of California
5:15p[info]syn_mappornTop 15 US states by population since 1800
5:15p[info]syn_mappornHere's what really matters
5:45p[info]syn_mappornIDK if this has been posted yet but I found a map of the USA by river basins. (
6:16p[info]syn_mappornEnvironmental Issues in Eastern USA
6:16p[info]syn_mappornGeographic Distribution of National Champions for NCAA Men's Sports [OC]
6:16p[info]syn_mappornCreated this map of the Mekong River Basin last year for my Cartography class using ArcGIS Pro.
6:45p[info]syn_mappornDecorative representation of Sicily, Italy [OC]
7:18p[info]syn_mappornLiteracy in Estonia and Latvia and neighboring areas, 1897
7:18p[info]syn_mapporn2019 Homicide Rates in Latin America by capital city
7:18p[info]syn_mappornMap of the 2020 Democratic Primary as of March 5, 2020
8:32p[info]syn_mappornMap of Italy's Rail Network
8:32p[info]syn_mappornCountries where at least one episode of Family Guy is banned
9:45p[info]syn_mappornWorld Metro
10:20p[info]syn_mappornEmergency Numbers By Country
10:20p[info]syn_mappornRoses are red, I live in Cairo...
10:20p[info]syn_mappornVarieties and Dialects of the Arabic Language
10:45p[info]syn_mappornAzimuthal Projection
10:45p[info]syn_mappornOregon boundary dispute map
11:15p[info]syn_mappornFrom the cover of my favourite book series "The Story of Civilization" - if anyone knows how I could transcribe these maps over digitally I'd really appreciate the advice!
11:15p[info]syn_mappornThis large wooden work map and a cardboard 3-D USS Constitution I bulit
11:51p[info]syn_mapporn1943 Air Map of the World
11:51p[info]syn_mappornA Map of Revolutionary Boston
1:03a[info]syn_mappornA map presenting safety :)
1:03a[info]syn_mappornAll the dirt/gravel roads in Iowa.
1:03a[info]syn_mappornNumber of confirmed cases of COVID-19 in the Italians Provinces (updated to March 5th)
1:30a[info]syn_mappornNational map of non-rotating croplands during period 2015-2019. All croplands that haven't been rotated from 1-5 seasons during period. The darker the red means more years without rotation.
2:51a[info]syn_mappornMap of the Mayberry NC set located at the “Back 40” lot in Culver City CA. More info and current map of location in comments.
3:19a[info]syn_mappornEurope if Napoleon III got what he wanted
3:19a[info]syn_mappornAreas with a Kurdish majority
3:45a[info]syn_mappornThe full claims of Azerbaijan in 1918
6:32a[info]syn_mappornMain targets of Istanbul pogrom, 1955
6:32a[info]syn_mapporn[OC] Largest Latino/Hispanic Ethnicity by U.S. State (2010 Census)
7:01a[info]syn_mappornCharles Booth's 1891 poverty map of Victorian London, with the poorest suburbs shown in the darkest hues [646 x 480]
7:30a[info]syn_mappornPacific Electric Railway Map of Los Angeles (Circa 1920)
8:51a[info]syn_mappornGuide to dating an undated world map - posted on my professor's door
10:02a[info]syn_mappornSan Francisco Bay Area Rapid Rail System — retro style — [fantasy] [diagram] [unofficial] [OC] — did it for fun and hope you'll enjoy it too! Constructive feedback is highly welcome! :-)
11:45a[info]syn_mappornEurope, 1708 [3200x2000]
12:15p[info]syn_mappornFloridan Empire
12:15p[info]syn_mappornDay 2 of posting maps of countries every day
12:45p[info]syn_mapporn1886 map of Japan published in Kyōto, with illustrations of tourist places and other charts and tables
2:05p[info]syn_mappornMap of Zaire in Macedonian geography atlas
2:05p[info]syn_mappornCountries with subway restaurants
2:05p[info]syn_mappornTop 15 countries that produce the most wine
2:30p[info]syn_mappornHuman Worlds of the Anthropocene - showing build up areas and the light pollution
3:00p[info]syn_mappornJohn Snow's 1854 Broad Street London Cholera Epidemic Map
3:00p[info]syn_mappornHispanic Population by county, 1980 vs 2007
3:32p[info]syn_mappornAn map of the Netherlands, but every stripe has the same amount of inhabitants.
3:32p[info]syn_mappornPictorial Map of Attica, Greece
4:48p[info]syn_mappornDutch Railroad Map From 1934
4:48p[info]syn_mappornMy li'l map of the world.
4:48p[info]syn_mappornWhat are your thoughts on Terra Brasilis?
4:48p[info]syn_mappornOh the inaccuracies...
5:18p[info]syn_mappornGender Equality Across The EU
5:18p[info]syn_mappornEurope in 1939, on the verge of WW2
5:18p[info]syn_mappornEnglish cartographer John Senex's map of Europe
5:48p[info]syn_mappornBotswana - The Pacified South
6:18p[info]syn_mappornA map where every color represents an equal population in the Netherlands
6:18p[info]syn_mappornCountries of origin of the Portuguese soccer League players
6:18p[info]syn_mappornCulture composition of Iranian provinces
7:31p[info]syn_mappornPrecipitation map shows how incredibly dry it was in California in February
7:31p[info]syn_mappornCOVID-19 cases per capita.
7:31p[info]syn_mapporn[OC] Papercut Olympus Mons, Mars
8:49p[info]syn_mappornChicago Prostitution Arrests by Street
9:20p[info]syn_mapporn1939 map of UK and France. (land that was ruled from London/Paris) updated
9:20p[info]syn_mappornPre-Islamic Pakistan in 650 AD/CE
9:20p[info]syn_mappornLargest Non-Hispanic European Ancestry by State in the USA
9:46p[info]syn_mappornI've made a "Hangover" Mercator projection, still Mercator but different !
11:06p[info]syn_mappornWhere does the world's surface runoff go
11:06p[info]syn_mappornRussian world map from 2009-2010 shows independent Abkhazia and Taiwan as part of China
11:33p[info]syn_mappornCOVID-19 cases per 1 million inhabitants in the regions of Italy.
11:33p[info]syn_mapporn1974 Cyprus massacresof Turkish villages
11:33p[info]syn_mappornWelcome to the two new largest islands of the world!
12:00a[info]syn_mappornFlag Map of the states of the German Empire (oc, blank map from Wikipedia)
12:00a[info]syn_mappornThe National Old Trails Road, also known as the Ocean to Ocean Highway, established in 1912
12:00a[info]syn_mappornMap shows all confirmed Coronavirus cases represented by marker and circle depending on severity.
12:36a[info]syn_mappornI've coloured the provinces of turkey to make a flag map.
12:36a[info]syn_mappornThe eastern and western Iranian languages
1:04a[info]syn_mappornI inherited this map from my grandfather, but I cannot make out when it was made. I suppose pre-napoleon
1:30a[info]syn_mappornThis was posted here before, thought it was relevant again. Please just wash your hands it’s not that hard.
2:03a[info]syn_mappornMap of Greek Immigration to Turkey, Syria and Egypt during WW2
2:03a[info]syn_mappornMap of the colleges in and around Boston, the tertiary education capital of the world.
3:17a[info]syn_mappornHand-written early 19th century map of Ezo [Hokkaido], showing the northeastern tip of Honshu in green - by Shihei Hayashi. It is a copy of a map contained in the controversial Sangoku Tsūran Zusetsu, published in 1785
3:17a[info]syn_mappornNorth American Territories 1750-2000
3:17a[info]syn_mappornTaken from a CGP Grey video. DST in Arizona.
3:17a[info]syn_mappornMap of futuristic trans-european high-speed subway network
3:17a[info]syn_mappornComparing the latitude of Europe and America
3:48a[info]syn_mappornUS states that search Google for bongs the most, relative to total searches
3:48a[info]syn_mappornInteresting map of gulf oil
6:36a[info]syn_mappornThe 8 surviving subgroups of the Indo-European language family
6:36a[info]syn_mappornThe world's natural resources in trillions of US dollars
6:36a[info]syn_mappornTrain System Map of Singapore in 2040
6:36a[info]syn_mappornAnimated map of the situation in the sky over the United States on the day of the September 11 attacks
7:47a[info]syn_mappornPre-war Germany - traditional farmhouses, costumes and folk art.
7:47a[info]syn_mappornMunicipalities of Croatia
10:30a[info]syn_mappornPeatlands of Ireland
10:30a[info]syn_mappornWhere Europeans wash their hands after using the toilet
11:47a[info]syn_mappornCountries where Indo-European is a primary national or official language.
12:17p[info]syn_mappornPeatlands of Ireland
12:45p[info]syn_mappornCountries that use bidets or bidet showers in the toilet
12:45p[info]syn_mappornMap Depicting How Ottoman Turks Came to Turkey
2:04p[info]syn_mappornMap of colleges in the College capital of U.S, Boston.
2:04p[info]syn_mappornBurned villages in the Yalova peninsula during the Greek Turkish war 1919-1922
2:31p[info]syn_mappornWomen’s suffrage: When Women Got The Right to Vote By Country
3:00p[info]syn_mappornWHO WANTS TO BE SWISS?
3:34p[info]syn_mapporn[OC] Sloth Species Distribution Map
3:34p[info]syn_mappornPeatlands of Ireland
3:34p[info]syn_mappornSituation in northwest Syria following the March 6 ceasefire
3:34p[info]syn_mappornPronunciation of "r" in Europe
3:34p[info]syn_mappornCoronavirus fatality rate per country. (According only to confirmed cases and deaths)
3:34p[info]syn_mappornBaltic Tribes. 1200 C.E.
4:02p[info]syn_mappornHungarian revisionist poster. What if the treary of Trianon would had happen to the Entente!
4:30p[info]syn_mappornSex ratio in Europe
4:30p[info]syn_mappornModern Europe map in LOTR style
4:30p[info]syn_mappornIf Sea Levels Rose a Couple Hundred Metres in Europe
5:47p[info]syn_mapporn1944 English Channel Lighthouse Recognition Chart
5:47p[info]syn_mappornMost studied language in EU after English
6:18p[info]syn_mappornCoronavirus - the situation in Italy as of March 7th
6:45p[info]syn_mappornHow globes were made in 1955.
6:45p[info]syn_mappornMap of every concentration camp in WWII
8:01p[info]syn_mappornPeatlands of Ireland
8:01p[info]syn_mappornMap of a fictional city i drew
8:30p[info]syn_mappornPeaks that are named Olympus
8:30p[info]syn_mappornNumber of cigarettes smoked per person per year by country (2016)
8:30p[info]syn_mappornSapmi, the cultural homeland of the Sami people
8:30p[info]syn_mappornMap of the Finnic languages
9:00p[info]syn_mappornPopulation of the Dakota's vs Manhattan
9:00p[info]syn_mappornThe moon (United States for scale)
9:00p[info]syn_mappornCountries Which Have "Democratic Republic" in Their Official Name
9:35p[info]syn_mappornThe first map of Silesia with North oriented towards the bottom, by Martin Helwig, 1561
9:35p[info]syn_mappornPopulation Change Since 2010 (By County)
10:02p[info]syn_mappornAdministrative counties of England 1965-1974
10:02p[info]syn_mapporn1984 United States presidential election results by county (more in comments)
11:18p[info]syn_mappornItalian map of Turkey, Syria and Palestine, 1929
11:18p[info]syn_mappornWorld Map before Europeans knew America connected to the Pacific Ocean. Costa Rica National Museum
11:18p[info]syn_mappornFound this old globe at my grandparents house from early WW2. Here's what Africa looked like back then
11:45p[info]syn_mappornHeadwaters of the Yellowstone River, Wyoming [OC] (ArcMap, Blender)
12:18a[info]syn_mappornA 16th century map of the Mozambique Channel. 30% of the Portuguese India Armada ships would capsize or run aground here, more than any other place, during their Carreira da Índia (Indian Run) on a route first opened by Portuguese explorer Vasco da Gama.
12:45a[info]syn_mappornCounties with Interstate Highways (Had to delete last one cuz I forgot WV, If there are any problems please let me know)
12:45a[info]syn_mappornMapPorn discussion thread for March 07, 2020
1:16a[info]syn_mappornA map of the planned university and town of Cambridge
2:36a[info]syn_mappornPredominant livestock in every Spanish province
3:01a[info]syn_mappornHow globes were made in 1955
3:33a[info]syn_mappornA map I got from Barnes and Noble for my birthday about two weeks ago. Thought it was cool, so I hung it up on my wall. Sorry if the picture isn’t the highest quality.
4:03a[info]syn_mappornTwo Percent of Contiguous USA Doesn’t Participate in Daylight Savings
4:03a[info]syn_mappornI think you guys are gonna like this folder case my Grandma uses
4:32a[info]syn_mappornSafavid Iran at its territorial peak under Shah Ismail [2256 x 1269]
4:32a[info]syn_mappornWords for apricot in Europe, with arrows showing inheritance through languages
5:04a[info]syn_mappornWhat European Countries Mean.
5:04a[info]syn_mappornIndo-European Migration Map
5:31a[info]syn_mapporn5% of the worlds population lives in the blue shaded area, 5% also lives in the red shaded area. Photo source: @Amazing_Maps/twitter
7:03a[info]syn_mappornTop 10 nationalities and total foreigner population in the Czech Republic by county.
7:30a[info]syn_mapporn2020 Democratic Primary Results, 3/7/20 (Contests Declared: 19/57)
8:01a[info]syn_mappornCoronavirus in the United States (2020/03/07)
9:17a[info]syn_mappornPopulation Map of Europe 1914
10:30a[info]syn_mappornUS States With Similar Climates to Other Regions of the World
11:04a[info]syn_mappornCalifornia has the most Colleges/Universities of any US State. How Are They Spread Out?
11:30a[info]syn_mappornToday (Sunday) is International Womens Day, let's remember that they still don't have equal rights everywhere
12:00p[info]syn_mappornAverage Elevation of U.S. Zip Codes
12:00p[info]syn_mappornThe italian provinces put under quarantine due to the Coronavirus outbreak.
1:19p[info]syn_mappornCountries that are at least 50% Muslim
1:19p[info]syn_mappornI work third shift and it's a really slow night so I made a terrible map to pass the time. I hope you hate it
1:49p[info]syn_mappornCountries that were part of the Mongol Empire in 1279
2:15p[info]syn_mappornEurope (Mediterranean - Detailed) - AD 710 - [6637x4983] [OC]
2:15p[info]syn_mappornPopulation per Spanish province
3:30p[info]syn_mappornInteresting Infographic
3:30p[info]syn_mappornCountries that are WAY bigger than you expected
4:04p[info]syn_mappornWorld Economic Forum Gender Gap Index - Happy International Women's Day!
4:04p[info]syn_mappornItalian provinces under quarantine as of 2020-03-08 (adapted from an Italian newspaper)
5:15p[info]syn_mappornGerman population in the early 20th century in today 's borders
5:15p[info]syn_mappornVolga German Autonomous Soviet Socialist Republic
5:49p[info]syn_mappornGrowth of the British Empire
6:16p[info]syn_mappornDenver's Hidden Etymologies
6:45p[info]syn_mappornAt first it looks like a normal world map
7:19p[info]syn_mappornMap of recent west slavic settlements in parts of central and eastern europe
7:19p[info]syn_mappornWomen's suffrage in Europe
7:47p[info]syn_mappornA series of maps/infographics about immigration in France
7:47p[info]syn_mappornLength of each country's constitution [OC]
8:15p[info]syn_mappornI was at a friend house when I saw their grandma classroom globe from when she used to teach frith grade.
8:49p[info]syn_mapporn16th century Miller Atlas.
9:19p[info]syn_mappornPersia, Afghanistan and Baluchistan, 1904
10:30p[info]syn_mappornHand drawn by memory language map of europe
10:30p[info]syn_mappornResults of Colorado Amendment 69 (which would create single payer healthcare in Colorado) by county
10:30p[info]syn_mappornCoronavirus cases and deaths in Europe [OC]
10:30p[info]syn_mapporn3D plan of Shinjuku Station by Tomoyuki Tanaka, colorized [6766×4682]
11:04p[info]syn_mappornWorld map from Ticket to Ride: Rails and Sails. Ticket to Ride games always have nice maps IMO
11:04p[info]syn_mappornDiscoveries of new areas in the world by Europeans
11:04p[info]syn_mappornGermany, the beautiful travel country - coloured pictorial map of Nazi Germany, promoting tourism (1935)
11:31p[info]syn_mappornHow The Climates of US States Compare to the World (REUPLOAD)
11:31p[info]syn_mappornMap of every pub in the UK!
12:00a[info]syn_mappornCountry of origin of the first confirmed case of SARS-CoV-2 in Europe (as of 8th of March, 2020).
12:31a[info]syn_mappornMap of Armenian Empire under Tigranes the Great
1:48a[info]syn_mappornAll roads lead to Rome
1:48a[info]syn_mappornStatus of the Nagorno-Karabakh conflict
1:48a[info]syn_mappornThe relation of all the countries around the EU
1:48a[info]syn_mappornPre.1940 globes are so hot right now, check out my ~'38
1:48a[info]syn_mappornCountries that have played Test Cricket
2:15a[info]syn_mappornMap of Europe May 20 1941
2:15a[info]syn_mappornMy version of the map from the BBC TV series "Noughts and Crosses" - included screenshots from the show and some cities that would likely be financial centres in this alternate history. Also added African empires and kingdoms that could have formed an Apr
2:15a[info]syn_mappornInteractive Map of Domestic Terrorism Incidents 2008-2016; click a map pin to get details. Which is more dangerous, Islamic, left-wing or right-wing extremists?
2:47a[info]syn_mappornAmerican bombs dropped on Laos, from 1964 to 1973
5:08a[info]syn_mappornAllied gains in Europe, December 1944 - May 1945
5:08a[info]syn_mappornPaul the apostles 1-4th journeys
5:08a[info]syn_mappornNS Germany's existence summed up in a minute
5:39a[info]syn_mappornI made a map of Middle Earth with Wood, Fire and Light. Created from 1/4" Maple, Offset with mounts on the wall which gives it the appearance of Floating.
7:01a[info]syn_mappornConflicts in Africa that France is currently fighting. The reason for these wars is to protect French interests in Africa. (Sorry for it being only in French)
7:30a[info]syn_mappornWWII map of western Europe showing ranges of Allied fighters from bases in England
8:50a[info]syn_mappornThe Paintable Map of The Modern World
8:50a[info]syn_mappornCountries and territories in which the most popular sport is not Association Football [OC]
10:03a[info]syn_mappornUpdate on Pandemic
10:30a[info]syn_mappornReceding sea level
11:02a[info]syn_mappornChina Divisions
11:33a[info]syn_mappornDay 4 of maps maps of Algeria
11:33a[info]syn_mapporn2020 World fertility rate according to the CIA World Factbook. [1732 x 888]
12:45p[info]syn_mappornDay 5 of postin maps maps of angola
1:21p[info]syn_mappornMap of the different zones for when you should sow and harvest your crops in France.
1:21p[info]syn_mappornI got a vintage globe from the 1950s
1:47p[info]syn_mappornDay 3 (i know im 3 days late) albania
2:15p[info]syn_mappornUS Megaregions map
2:15p[info]syn_mappornCoats of arms of Romania's counties
2:45p[info]syn_mappornOttoman empire? Turkey? call it whatever you want but it's still "Greece under invasion"
2:45p[info]syn_mappornNeolithic Barcelona, 7000 years ago
2:45p[info]syn_mappornCoats of arms of Europe
3:15p[info]syn_mappornCoronavirus outbreak in Europe. Spread awareness and be safe!
3:45p[info]syn_mappornSpring slowly creeps across the United States in a map of the National Phenology Network's Spring Anomaly Index
3:45p[info]syn_mappornWorld map according to reddit
4:17p[info]syn_mappornThe Dogs of Scandinavia (1899)
4:17p[info]syn_mappornFrench Empire before the Russian campaign
4:49p[info]syn_mappornCountries by average yearly temperature (1961-1990) [OC]
4:49p[info]syn_mappornTrees per person [OC]
4:49p[info]syn_mappornEast Asia
5:15p[info]syn_mappornIndian Divisions (I'm from the white part)
5:45p[info]syn_mappornGeographical map (1700) of the Great River and the Empire of the American Amazon [ 4800x4000] / 1: 13,700,000 approx. ) by Joseph de Mendoza Sandoval, Sebastian Fernandez de Medrano and Jacques Harrewyn
5:45p[info]syn_mappornHand drawn map of Czecho-Slovakia (1957). Notice the high number of factories represented on the map
5:45p[info]syn_mappornNot really high quality but yeah. I tried to draw a map of Europe by memory
6:19p[info]syn_mappornRussian Divisions (The grey part is the Jewish Autonomous Oblast, sorry)
6:19p[info]syn_mappornHappy Commonwealth Day to its 2.5 Billion citizens (1/3 the population of the planet)!
6:19p[info]syn_mappornMadrids subway over Europe
6:45p[info]syn_mappornThe true size of Africa
6:45p[info]syn_mappornMake [European country] ... Again
6:45p[info]syn_mappornParis price of the square meter
7:21p[info]syn_mappornCoronavirus in London at 9am on 8 March, numbers from Public Health England. Map shading normalised against 2011 census population.
7:21p[info]syn_mappornThis map tells us a different story now with the coronavirus outbreak..
7:46p[info]syn_mappornOil price per barrel required by country to have a balanced budget.
7:46p[info]syn_mappornCOVID-19 cases off CDC website - apparently Alaska is its own country now
8:15p[info]syn_mappornMap of Projected Change in Urban Population 2015-2030 (prediction from 2016)
8:15p[info]syn_mappornDifferensen in education degree between males and females in Euorope
8:15p[info]syn_mappornrail gauge by country
8:15p[info]syn_mapporn1884 map of Iceland in the shape of a Codfish
8:15p[info]syn_mappornDutch highway system in a subway map.
8:45p[info]syn_mappornThe City of Nemausus, modern day Nimes France, one of the largest cities in the Western Roman Empire with a population of around 50,000 people
9:18p[info]syn_mappornMap that shows in which countries people drive on the left side of the road
9:18p[info]syn_mapporn9 ways to divide Switzerland.
9:45p[info]syn_mappornCoronavirus cases geographical distribution, updated 9-March-2020
9:45p[info]syn_mappornEurope. Soviet atlas in 1941. Before the German attack on the Soviet Union
9:45p[info]syn_mappornPrime Ministers of the world eye color. (If the position of PM doesnt exist then it is replaced by the president or the chancelor.)
9:45p[info]syn_mappornGreat grandmother gave me her globe from the great depression.
11:01p[info]syn_mappornJapanese map of Oceania from 1938
11:01p[info]syn_mappornJ.R.R. Tolkien's Warning Beacons of Gondor, was heavily influenced from the Byzantine Beacon System that warned Constantinople from incoming Arab armies 500 miles away.
11:32p[info]syn_mappornNapoleon's France before the Russian campaign vs Hitler's Germany before operation Barbarossa.
12:00a[info]syn_mappornPolitical map of europe from my grandma's atlas from 1962 (yugoslavia)
1:17a[info]syn_mappornOld map showing where the Brazilian Expeditionary Force fought against the axis in ww2
1:17a[info]syn_mappornBrazilian old map of USA
1:46a[info]syn_mappornMap of Lisbon from the 15 century
1:46a[info]syn_mappornMaking the most of a bad situation
2:15a[info]syn_mappornI got a tattoo of a redesign of the Minneapolis streetcar system ca. 1948
2:49a[info]syn_mappornThe size of Africa
2:49a[info]syn_mappornDaily Latitude and Longitude from ship logs of Great Britain (left) 1750-1810 and The Netherlands (right) 1750-1799
3:15a[info]syn_mappornKon-Tiki expedition’s map. Thor heyerdahl, with his balsa wood raft, for 4,300 miles to show that Polynesia could have been colonised from South America rather than Asia as commonly thought.
3:46a[info]syn_mappornMap of Cultures in the Southern Region of Brazil.
4:32a[info]syn_mappornNew Belgium and New England, also Pennsylvania and part of Virginia (c1600s)[2379 x 2050]
4:32a[info]syn_mappornThe Year Women Were Allowed to Vote by Country
6:00a[info]syn_mappornCoronavirus Map: Tracking the Spread of the Outbreak
6:31a[info]syn_mappornTurns out you can just about squeeze the UK into Canada's Hudson Bay
6:31a[info]syn_mappornEurope in 1444 Done in the style of Google Maps
7:01a[info]syn_mapporn(1925) My favorite map, despite the rough condition. Got it for 50 cents!
9:00a[info]syn_mappornMy personal world map.
10:17a[info]syn_mappornThe "Peanut Hole" in the Sea of Okhotsk" - former disputed neutral sea territory. Read info below post.
10:45a[info]syn_mapporn1979 Physical Map of California
12:00p[info]syn_mappornCanadian Divisons
12:34p[info]syn_mappornMap of Saigon 1968, then the capital of South Vietnam
1:03p[info]syn_mappornWomen's Rights Around the World.
1:30p[info]syn_mappornThe Giraffe Map
2:00p[info]syn_mappornI put Paris and Moscow side by side.
2:00p[info]syn_mappornI put the White House inside Apple HQ.
3:15p[info]syn_mappornCoronaVirus Deathtoll.
3:15p[info]syn_mappornThe minimum age of criminal responsibility around the World
5:16p[info]syn_mappornNunavut Land Claims Agreement
5:16p[info]syn_mapporn1937 Geologic Map of the Soviet Union
5:16p[info]syn_mappornMap of U.S. states transposed onto similar European countries to give a sense of size
5:16p[info]syn_mappornHomicide rate in Europe
5:16p[info]syn_mappornDiscoverers of the Pacific.
5:46p[info]syn_mappornUrban Rural Classification of English Parliamentary Constituencies
5:46p[info]syn_mappornEconomy of the Pacific [1940]
5:46p[info]syn_mappornMoscow Metro with literally translated station names
6:19p[info]syn_mappornVote on secession in the south by county April-4-1861
6:19p[info]syn_mappornAntiqued Map of Palestine
6:46p[info]syn_mappornPanoramic raised relief map of Armenia (1990) In red is the epicenter of the 1988 Spitak Earthquake
6:46p[info]syn_mappornHRE Pixel Art [OC]
7:17p[info]syn_mappornJust noticed this globe I’ve had sitting on my desk for 2 years, has a section that’s upside down....
7:45p[info]syn_mappornMap of the Ottoman Empire divided by provinces in 1900
8:15p[info]syn_mappornA "tourist" style map of a fictional town from occult/mystery wild west setting
8:15p[info]syn_mappornI don't know where else to post this but this is how I would divide up China if it were up to me
8:49p[info]syn_mappornKingdom of Hungary Ethnic map 1910
8:49p[info]syn_mappornChicago's Illegal Gambling Map
8:49p[info]syn_mappornThe Bahamas fits surprisingly well inside Paraguay...!
9:17p[info]syn_mapporn1920 Geologic Map of Anatolia
9:46p[info]syn_mappornMap of cheeses in Europe
9:46p[info]syn_mappornPainting of Africa (My first post, hope everyone like it)
9:46p[info]syn_mappornSnow cover of Europe on the 8th of March
10:16p[info]syn_mappornHistoric languages and dialects of France
10:16p[info]syn_mappornHepatitis mortality rate by county
10:46p[info]syn_mappornBeginning of the National anthems in Europe
11:18p[info]syn_mappornMap I made of Canada's travel advisories as of today (note Italy)
11:18p[info]syn_mapporn1862 map shows the US and CSA, including the much better developed railroads in the North [10057x6216]
11:49p[info]syn_mapporn[6,997 × 5,836] Europe in 1677
12:17a[info]syn_mappornThe first ever printed European roadmap — by Erhard Etzlaub, Nuremberg, ~1500
12:17a[info]syn_mappornFlag-map of 21 counties in Croatia and 4 counties in Bosnia&Herzegovina in which Croatians are a majority
12:46a[info]syn_mappornA map of Europe I drew based off of Maurice Gomberg's "Post-War Map of the World"
1:21a[info]syn_mappornHeight of the Tallest Points per State
1:47a[info]syn_mappornConfirmed coronavirus cases in Canada and U.S.
1:47a[info]syn_mappornMiddle East River Basins
2:16a[info]syn_mappornHand-drawn by memory language map of Europe
3:30a[info]syn_mappornIndonesia over United States - the size comparison map by Joseph Pisenti, showing how some countries are much larger than have been portrayed on maps due to the outdated perspective. Same goes for Brazil, D.R.C., Somalia, and China. (full video in comment
5:04a[info]syn_mappornSilesia ethnic map
5:04a[info]syn_mappornAn original map I made for our game, Mirthwood.
5:39a[info]syn_mappornMilan, Italy -- 1878 map
6:07a[info]syn_mappornNew England River Basins
8:03a[info]syn_mappornSouth Africa (Subdivision+Capital cities)
9:16a[info]syn_mappornAverage Breast Cup Size
9:45a[info]syn_mappornI took a world map and tried to label all major/notable regions. Did I miss any?
10:20a[info]syn_mappornAfrica, 1936 [1740x2500]
12:15p[info]syn_mappornChihuahua map (cheese)
1:31p[info]syn_mappornUnited Kingdom
2:02p[info]syn_mappornMost of Netherlands was never reclaimed from the sea. The extensive peatlands were originally above sealevel due to draining and excavation the ground subsided the newly formed lakes were reclaimed.
2:02p[info]syn_mappornMing dynasty
2:31p[info]syn_mappornPondicherry circa 1705
2:31p[info]syn_mappornÎle de la Cité, Paris 1754
3:00p[info]syn_mappornMap of the world based on travel advice from the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade in Ireland (11/03/20)
3:00p[info]syn_mappornArea covered by my local supermarket's delivery service
3:00p[info]syn_mappornYear of National Anthem adoption of each modern day country.
3:35p[info]syn_mappornNight and day circles. [Xpost from r/cosmicporn]
4:02p[info]syn_mappornHand drawn map. Finally did it!
5:15p[info]syn_mappornOfficial survey of India map-sanskrit 1/2
5:15p[info]syn_mappornOfficial survey of India map-English 2/2
5:15p[info]syn_mappornNorth Sea Countries if All Glaciers were to Melt (sea level rise of 70 m)[OC][7015x4950]
5:15p[info]syn_mappornExpansion of Slavs in Europe
5:50p[info]syn_mappornUK Local authority areas by area classification
5:50p[info]syn_mappornThe Economic Power of California
6:15p[info]syn_mappornManhattan Building Age | 1719-2019 [OC]
6:45p[info]syn_mappornMade this to get ready for the f1 season, originally had it in /formula 1
7:18p[info]syn_mappornThis is my ~100 year old map of Dallas I bought from the defunct spaghetti warehouse when they auctioned off the contents. MIC
7:18p[info]syn_mappornRurality of Scotland (High resolution image linked in comments)
7:18p[info]syn_mappornRiver Basin Map Of Mainland USA
7:18p[info]syn_mappornHand drawn map of Colorado! Let me know what you guys think
8:31p[info]syn_mappornNorthern America climate closest analogues in Europe and Siberia
8:31p[info]syn_mappornTraffic light sequences in Europe
9:00p[info]syn_mappornMy minecraft japan flagmap
9:00p[info]syn_mappornIncidence of coronavirus in Poland one week after detection of the first incidence
9:33p[info]syn_mappornU.S. States that are affected by the Coronavirus.
9:33p[info]syn_mappornNorth America 1795
9:33p[info]syn_mappornShare of European employees working 40+ hours per week [OC]
10:01p[info]syn_mappornManhattan Building Age | 1719-2019 [OC]
10:30p[info]syn_mappornFYI, if you’re in the red zone, you’re about 20 counties away from the coast of the United States. That’s an unusually terrible form of measurement, we know. But if you look realllyyyy closely at the shaded white that outlines the purple, it looks like a
11:05p[info]syn_mappornDental hygiene in 12-year-olds worldwide
11:05p[info]syn_mappornPerfect example of a weird Chinese rule that insists that all maps of China are wrong
12:17a[info]syn_mappornCombined results for all classes of US Senate seats (2014-2018)
12:45a[info]syn_mappornAll roads lead to Rome
1:19a[info]syn_mappornCoronavirus COVID-19 Spread Map
1:45a[info]syn_mappornMap showing Ranges of British Strike Aircraft based on Malta, 1941
1:45a[info]syn_mappornDecade of development as South Riding VA eats up the surrounding farms and countryside.
1:45a[info]syn_mappornA colorful map with all of F1's current circuits (made by u/thubbsmn)
2:15a[info]syn_mappornHence why I don’t go caving
2:50a[info]syn_mappornFull RDR2 map including town names and out of border data. (Do game maps belong here?)
2:50a[info]syn_mappornThe crosses of Europe. Which are your favourites?
3:18a[info]syn_mappornAustralian Civil War and Aborigine Revolution
3:18a[info]syn_mappornThe Greater Nazi Reich and the Empire of Japan from the show “The Man in the High Castle” [10159x5980]
3:46a[info]syn_mappornIndex of Remoteness, Canada (Statistics Canada).
3:46a[info]syn_mappornMap of South Africa (Improve version)
4:31a[info]syn_mappornMap of the Mexican Empire (Provinces)
5:05a[info]syn_mappornTime zone map of Canada (Dark coloured zones have DST, while light coloured zones are year round standard time)
5:05a[info]syn_mappornSan Francisco : the City by the Golden Gate. by Smith News. 1953
6:32a[info]syn_mappornAfrica out here just chillin’
7:03a[info]syn_mappornMarvel's Manhattan
7:30a[info]syn_mappornpluto vs Australia
8:52a[info]syn_mappornWHO map of COVID-19 cases (Updated till March 12)
9:17a[info]syn_mappornCountries H&M operates in
9:17a[info]syn_mappornEurope in 1444 in the style of Google maps
9:45a[info]syn_mappornChance of white christmas in Europe
10:18a[info]syn_mappornAn old map of Denmark we got from my grandma
11:30a[info]syn_mappornU.S. Joy Division style
12:45p[info]syn_mappornnCoV-19 cases in Manila. I live in Mandaluyong, the city in the middle that is ironically not infected.
12:45p[info]syn_mappornThe Worlds trees, mapped
12:45p[info]syn_mappornSmoking in Europe
12:45p[info]syn_mappornBeen Done To Death, But These Are My Results When Asking Fellow Americans About Europe
1:19p[info]syn_mappornMaking hand drawn maps until Drew Durnil sees them. Day 2.
1:19p[info]syn_mappornMost spoken languages by country (languages names in french)
1:47p[info]syn_mappornA map comparing 100th biggest US city - Spokane, Washington with 100th biggest Czech city - Český Krumlov. Both were taken from 38,75km heigh view (Google Earth). Now I can see how small my country is :)
1:47p[info]syn_mappornNational Subdivisions with more then 10,000,000 Inhabitants (2020)
2:15p[info]syn_mappornA visual representation on how rural Scotland is. Alba Gu bràth!
2:15p[info]syn_mappornNorth Borneo (1881)
2:15p[info]syn_mappornStraits of Malacca (1755)
5:51p[info]syn_mappornMy map wall so far (close ups in album)
5:51p[info]syn_mappornThis shop specializes in maps and floor plans.
5:51p[info]syn_mappornPollution level in China before and after the coronavirus outbreak
5:51p[info]syn_mappornpluto vs Australia
6:17p[info]syn_mappornCountries that reported at least 1 case of the COVID-19 virus as of March 12th 2020
6:17p[info]syn_mappornFound on the internet: Small American Town Map
6:17p[info]syn_mappornNorth America, except spain
6:17p[info]syn_mappornI'm no health policy wonk, but as best I could tell, hospital beds per 1000 was the best way to measure hospital capacity. Here's what that looks like by state according to 2018 data from the Kaiser Family Foundation.
7:30p[info]syn_mappornBrazil: A view from the southeast (1941), by Richard Edes Harisson.
8:05p[info]syn_mappornThought this was fairly relevant right about now.
8:30p[info]syn_mappornTVP, Polish public TV channel, has shown a map of France without Alsace while reporting on the corona virus [800x450]
9:01p[info]syn_mappornCoronavirus in the world from January 12 to March 11
9:01p[info]syn_mappornHand-Washing Habits of Europeans
10:18p[info]syn_mapporn3D city map of New York
10:18p[info]syn_mappornKg of pasta consumed procapite in Europe.
11:31p[info]syn_mappornCoronavirus cases in each Brazilian state ( last updated on March 12 )
11:31p[info]syn_mappornAnnual number of kg of pasta consumed per capita
12:00a[info]syn_mappornFarthest View in the World
12:00a[info]syn_mappornLife expectancy of Texas counties
12:38a[info]syn_mappornChinese map of the world with China in the center
12:38a[info]syn_mapporn[OC] World Elevation as Animated Tanaka Maps
12:38a[info]syn_mappornDoes anyone know where one could find this map in super high quality?
1:46a[info]syn_mappornEthnic homelands and national borders in Africa
2:15a[info]syn_mappornReally cool interactive map of airway beacons. Imagine being a pilot in the 1920's, lost in the dark, and finally spotting the beacon and giant arrow pointing to a safe landing spot. The concrete arrows still exist after 90 years; I used the map to hike t
2:15a[info]syn_mappornReactions of top-flight European leagues due to the coronavirus pandemic (as of March 12)
2:15a[info]syn_mappornMap of the German Peasants's War at its peack in 1525
2:46a[info]syn_mappornDemographics of Maryland
3:16a[info]syn_mappornMap of US from 1806. What it says in the top right corner is “Map of the Missouri; of the higher parts of the Mississipi; and of the elevated Plain, where the Waters divide, which run, Eastward into the River St. Laurence; North East into Hudson's Bay; No
3:47a[info]syn_mappornMap 1000 AD showing the largest city in the world, Córdoba, Spain, the muslim Caliphate of Córdoba with 450,000.population.
3:47a[info]syn_mappornHand drawn map of Russian empire before ww1 in 1914
3:47a[info]syn_mappornLos Angeles located in Sicily
3:47a[info]syn_mappornA map I made to visualize all the cases of Coronavirus I the state of Georgia. (Case location data was gathered from WSB-2 Atlanta News)
3:47a[info]syn_mappornFinally, Moscow metro map. I tried like 5 times to do it and now it’s almost done. Some minor issues are to be resolved (bus and railway terminals, etc.)
4:35a[info]syn_mappornAD 1000 map showing the world's largest city by population is? Answer is in the original posts comment section.
4:35a[info]syn_mappornSouth America if ALL (continental and alpine) Glaciers Melted - a sea level increase of 70 meters (230 feet) [OC][4690x7015]
4:35a[info]syn_mappornThe glorious motherland
4:35a[info]syn_mappornMuslim Population (1976)
5:05a[info]syn_mappornI drew this map of Hawaii cuz I was bored and I downloaded a drawing app
5:40a[info]syn_mapporn2 years old but pretty insightful!
5:40a[info]syn_mappornWhy isn't there as much streetview in Germany or Austria compared to their neighbours?
5:40a[info]syn_mappornCentral American countries compared to Europe
5:40a[info]syn_mappornObesity rate in the USA and Canada
7:47a[info]syn_mappornGreater London Urban Area / Cyprus
7:47a[info]syn_mappornGlobal market drop due to COVID
7:47a[info]syn_mappornSameboat's Wikipedia Page. Incredible stuff
9:00a[info]syn_mappornCountries "colonized" by or "influenced" by European Great Powers. Sorry i drew this on Ms paint
9:00a[info]syn_mappornCountries with shared most spoken languages
9:31a[info]syn_mappornThe Human Freedom Index - 2019 - CATO Institute
10:48a[info]syn_mappornOpening Formula 1 race got cancelled and now I’m sad. Need some love for the rendition of the circuit I made :)
12:00p[info]syn_mappornWW2 Army Mobilization by Country (in true scale)
12:32p[info]syn_mappornI have been saving this one for a long time
12:32p[info]syn_mappornRivers of Iceland
1:02p[info]syn_mappornCritical Care beds per 10,000 people for hospital regions in the USA. 2010 JAMA 303 (14)
1:02p[info]syn_mappornMap of best and worst country prepared for an epidemic
1:31p[info]syn_mappornCountries where the currency is named Rupee or its derivatives (Rupiah, Rufiyaa)
1:31p[info]syn_mappornIceland You can see the glaciers
2:02p[info]syn_mappornCoronavirus cases per capita in Europe
2:32p[info]syn_mappornCovid-19 affected region distribution vs temperature
3:45p[info]syn_mappornDetailed map of the Turkic languages
3:45p[info]syn_mapporn1980 United States presidential election results by county (more in comments)
3:45p[info]syn_mappornAverage age at First Sex
4:15p[info]syn_mappornLiteracy map of Europe (1930)
4:46p[info]syn_mappornLiteracy map of Europe (1900)
4:46p[info]syn_mappornAbsolute and relative number of cases and deaths by covid-19
5:16p[info]syn_mappornEvery single territory that was occupied, vassalized autonomously owned or directly controlled by Ottoman Empire from any point of time.
5:46p[info]syn_mappornSunrise and Clouds Floating Across a 116 Year Old Map - USGS Topo - 1904 Bar Harbor, ME and 1904 Mount Desert, ME - Composite
5:46p[info]syn_mappornThe red countries have underwent "official" civil wars since their independence
6:16p[info]syn_mappornGreater Toronto Area over Cyprus
6:46p[info]syn_mapporn[OC] Developed a portal to map the spread of the Covid-19 Pandemic to help researchers and organizations fight against it
6:46p[info]syn_mappornReactions of top-flight European football leagues due to the coronavirus pandemic as of March 13
7:20p[info]syn_mapporn2019 Diversity Index by County in the United States
7:20p[info]syn_mappornJohns Hopkins Coronavirus Resource Center Map
7:20p[info]syn_mappornComparison of two maps of the Coronavirus captured at the same time
7:20p[info]syn_mappornMy Hand-drawn Map of Japan
7:46p[info]syn_mappornThe oldest company in every country
7:46p[info]syn_mappornA Map of the German States(Bundesländer), that shows, if the Capital is the largest city or not
8:15p[info]syn_mappornEvery single territory that was occupied, vassalized autonomously owned or directly controlled by Ottoman Empire from any point of time.
8:15p[info]syn_mappornRemastered Version of 1935 Ethnic Map of French Mandate of Syria
8:48p[info]syn_mappornJapan’s prefectures map
8:48p[info]syn_mappornMap of Italy before unification
9:16p[info]syn_mappornExploring COVID-19's Impact on Global Flights
9:16p[info]syn_mappornMap in spanish that explains Japan's territorial expansion
9:16p[info]syn_mappornMap projection with the least distortion near the poles - Ginzburg VI
9:45p[info]syn_mappornHow many metro has per country?
10:18p[info]syn_mappornMap of the bad moderation includes removing content that obeys the rules, not giving reasons for removals and ignoring mod mails also deleting my repost after I sent the mod mail
10:18p[info]syn_mappornTexas Panhandle 1890 Birdseye View
10:46p[info]syn_mappornInternal political map of Austro-Hungarian Empire showing pyramid structure of government, from Penguin Atlas of World History
10:46p[info]syn_mappornPronunciation of "ask" in the traditional dialects of England - the "aks" pronunciation, once covering much of England, now survives in many African American speakers
11:15p[info]syn_mappornEurope & Middle East in early August 1916, at the height of Verdun, Somme and Brusilov offensive
11:47p[info]syn_mappornMap of the regions in the U.S.
1:02a[info]syn_mappornMontevideo 1807
1:02a[info]syn_mappornRoman Empire's 400.000 kilometres of roads in transit map form, by Sasha Trubetskoy
1:02a[info]syn_mappornTourist Map of San Sebastian, Spain
1:02a[info]syn_mappornStraits of Gibraltar circa 1756
1:31a[info]syn_mappornMap of Indochina peninsula (Not including Myanmar/Burma)
2:49a[info]syn_mappornMap of Finland (Interwar Era)
2:49a[info]syn_mappornDetailed map of Canada
3:18a[info]syn_mappornThe Americas with Fewer Borders
4:30a[info]syn_mappornThe Russian Federation.
4:30a[info]syn_mappornJust a general map of Great Britain
4:30a[info]syn_mappornNatural Vegetation of Communist China (1967)[4158 x 3486]
4:30a[info]syn_mappornJet Navigation Chart of the Antarctica Peninsula (1976)[9122 x 6653]
5:03a[info]syn_mappornEurope according to the U.S
6:33a[info]syn_mappornJerusalem Ancient and Modern (1865)
7:48a[info]syn_mappornJust a general map of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland
12:00p[info]syn_mappornUS Army Topo map (partial) Mt St Helens from 1970
12:31p[info]syn_mappornAn old dutch map from the world(1700). Found this in a very old bible my grandma still keeps
1:00p[info]syn_mappornCurrent state of Covid-19 in S. Korea (03/14/2020)
1:31p[info]syn_mappornA fictional underground railway system map I just made for a city that I had built long back in SimCity 2000
2:48p[info]syn_mappornVegetation analogues map of New South Wales, Australia (or how other regions in the world would fit there)
3:18p[info]syn_mappornThe Ottoman Empire and the Mongol Empire at their greatest extent
3:46p[info]syn_mappornNot mine, but interesting!
3:46p[info]syn_mappornWorld 1630
4:17p[info]syn_mappornGlobal circulation of earths atmosphere
4:17p[info]syn_mappornSince we're posting old maps now, here is my 1626 map of Denmark.
4:17p[info]syn_mappornHistory of Tunisia summarized.
4:17p[info]syn_mappornClosure of schools across Europe due to COVID-19 (universities not included)
4:49p[info]syn_mappornMap of Locations Where You Can Still Buy Toilet Paper
5:15p[info]syn_mappornCoronavirus cases in Italy normalized by local population
5:47p[info]syn_mappornSatellite Data Visualization Shows Decline In Italy's Air Pollution Due To Coronavirus Lockdown
5:47p[info]syn_mappornExternal supporters and enemies of the Congolese government during the 2nd Congo War
5:47p[info]syn_mapporn1925 Map of railways in Palestine and surrounding area
6:15p[info]syn_mapporn1912 National Geographic Map of China [6980×5326]
6:15p[info]syn_mappornBudapests cycling habits
6:15p[info]syn_mappornBudapest - cycling habits
6:15p[info]syn_mappornMap of The Baltic with coat of arms
6:46p[info]syn_mappornSouth and North Korea after the division
7:19p[info]syn_mappornLocust plague evolution in East Africa and Asia
7:46p[info]syn_mappornMap of Italy
7:46p[info]syn_mappornCounty Level Map of the 2020 Democratic Primary (So Far) V6.2
7:46p[info]syn_mappornAn 18th century British map of the West Indies, depicting the war of Jenkins’ Ear in 1739. This is one example of the gradual decline of Spanish hegemony in the region, and the corresponding rise and eventual dominance of British power at sea.
7:46p[info]syn_mappornCovid-19 fatality rate per country according to confirmed cases and deaths. (Only countries with 50+ cases are counted)
8:16p[info]syn_mappornStates with no Reported Corona Virus cases 3/14 highlighted in red. You won West Virginia.
8:49p[info]syn_mappornOut furniture shopping and I found this!
8:49p[info]syn_mappornGenetic map of the North Atlantic Archipelago with t-SNE (source in comments).
11:31p[info]syn_mapporn[OC] Coronavirus Cases per Million Population March 13
11:31p[info]syn_mapporn1918 German U-boat sinkings map by location and number, based on official material - Carl Flemming cartographer [4079x3176]
11:31p[info]syn_mappornThis is how you map porn. That 4-eyes is me.
12:00a[info]syn_mappornBudapest - the Buda hills with 3d map
12:00a[info]syn_mappornAfrikaans - Every conversation in the world on a popular messaging service, over 24 hours
1:19a[info]syn_mappornMap of the Fourteen Eyes
1:48a[info]syn_mappornInternational tourist arrivals per capita in Europe
1:48a[info]syn_mappornBorneo under Axis occupation (alternate)
2:15a[info]syn_mappornWorld of rivers: a new mapping of every river system, by Natgeo
2:15a[info]syn_mappornMedieval map design shrouding Bernard of Clairvaux as he proclaims the Holy Wars.
3:33a[info]syn_mappornThat’s why Italy is so bad right now
4:02a[info]syn_mappornDegree of the EU’s heads of governement
4:02a[info]syn_mappornwho made this map?
5:32a[info]syn_mappornCensus South; True South; Deep South
6:04a[info]syn_mappornThe countries that no longer exist game. You post a country then I do. Last person who can't name a country that no longer exists.... loses. I'll start. Rhodesia
6:35a[info]syn_mappornMap of the world's billionaires and how they made their money
7:49a[info]syn_mappornMap of my hometown, New Hampshire (NH)
7:49a[info]syn_mappornEurope and The Near East — May 1940
8:51a[info]syn_mappornMap of current locust infestation in Africa and Asia
10:48a[info]syn_mappornWhich African countries have had a White head of state?
10:48a[info]syn_mappornMap of the Bauenkrieg in 1525!
12:00p[info]syn_mappornHere's a little something for you to love/hate
12:31p[info]syn_mappornDetailed map of the First Balkan War (in Serbian, legend translated into English)
12:31p[info]syn_mappornsize each country in the UK should be based of population
12:31p[info]syn_mappornfound this quite interesting
1:02p[info]syn_mappornReported cases of coronavirus in Italy by province (see more maps @
2:15p[info]syn_mappornCoronavirus Italy map time lapse (According to world health organization)
2:15p[info]syn_mappornEurope (Mediterranean - Detailed) - AD 633 - [6637x4983] [OC]
3:32p[info]syn_mappornBattle of Culloden April 16, 1746
3:32p[info]syn_mappornMerida, Mexico in 1864-1865
3:32p[info]syn_mappornCaucasus in 1927
3:32p[info]syn_mappornCity and Port of Havana circa 1777
4:00p[info]syn_mapporn[OC] Central Asian, European and West Asian Admixture in Turks
4:30p[info]syn_mappornAn alternative scenario where the kingdom of Sicily becomes a vassal of the Teutonic order and survives until 1967
4:30p[info]syn_mappornThe territorial map of the post Soviet and pre American phase of the Afghan Civil War
5:05p[info]syn_mapporn[OC] Tramway de Caen - Bright edition [Diagram]
6:15p[info]syn_mappornThe Danubian Civil War in Fraternité en Rébellion! [Part 1 - Map]
6:15p[info]syn_mappornCalifornia's water callenge, by NatGeo
6:45p[info]syn_mappornThe territorial control map of Afghanistan as of last year
7:15p[info]syn_mappornLiteral map porn in Finland
7:45p[info]syn_mappornSoviet map of Uzbek SSR in 1940
7:45p[info]syn_mappornPhysical map of India and adjacent countries (1917)
7:45p[info]syn_mappornThe original Germanic Tribes/Language families
8:16p[info]syn_mappornEurope against Napoleon 1814, campaign that led to his first abdication and exile to island of Elba
10:03p[info]syn_mappornOttoman Map of America, 1803.
10:03p[info]syn_mappornCoronavirus Statewide School Closures as ordered by Executive Authority
10:03p[info]syn_mappornThis is fun to zoom in and look at.
10:31p[info]syn_mappornPassports of Europe
11:06p[info]syn_mappornAlternate History: Europe 1946 (My first map)
11:06p[info]syn_mappornMap of the U.S has almost every feature you can think of
11:06p[info]syn_mappornFrankfurt on the Main and surrounding environs (1730)[9490 x 8118]
1:02a[info]syn_mappornAccessibility to Hospitals in Germany [1023 × 1921]
1:02a[info]syn_mappornmost detailed map of US
1:31a[info]syn_mappornMedical doctors per 1000 inhabitants
1:31a[info]syn_mappornCities at the same Latitude as European Capitals (german names)
2:02a[info]syn_mappornUS school closures due to COVID-19 by state as of 17:00 Sunday, March 15. [2328x982] [OC]
2:33a[info]syn_mappornSeismic hazards near populated areas - a view from the western Pacific
2:33a[info]syn_mappornEach Country's Top Import Partner
3:00a[info]syn_mappornWorld Map
3:00a[info]syn_mappornPhones of the world: Android vs IOS
3:33a[info]syn_mappornFor all the Austrians out here
4:03a[info]syn_mappornChicago & Grand Trunk
4:30a[info]syn_mapporn[OC] COVID-19 spread from January 23 through March 14th. (Multiple people independently told me to post this here)
5:01a[info]syn_mappornGoogle news trend - Global Disasters.
5:01a[info]syn_mappornThe Cenote Ring, every red dot is a cenote in the vecinity of the Chicxulub crater.
5:31a[info]syn_mappornCraigslist Rental Listings in US
5:31a[info]syn_mappornWorld by Healthcare systems (Green = Free & Universal, Light Green = Not Free & Universal, Blue = Free, Not Universal, Red = Not Free, Not Universal)
6:00a[info]syn_mappornUSA Google search trends - Disasters
6:00a[info]syn_mappornCool looking US map
8:47a[info]syn_mappornAncient scripts of the Philippines
12:18p[info]syn_mappornCoronavirus Outbreak in Chinese Provinces by Comparable Countries (2020-03-16)
12:46p[info]syn_mappornMontenegro Joy Division style
1:17p[info]syn_mappornThe British Islands; UK + Channel Islands + Isle of Man. (With France and the Irish Republic removed/sunk)
1:48p[info]syn_mappornWhich countries are the public in key NATO countries willing to defend if they were attacked by Russia
2:16p[info]syn_mappornCenotes in the Yucatan Peninsula
2:49p[info]syn_mappornPrincipal Towns, Forts and Harbors of Ireland (circa 1760s)
2:49p[info]syn_mappornTourist Map of Málaga, Spain (circa 1950s)
4:02p[info]syn_mappornArea in Switzerland that is higher than 500 meters above sea level
4:30p[info]syn_mappornTerritorial control in the 1st Liberian Civil War (1995)
5:02p[info]syn_mappornMap of the Georgian Civil War (1992-93)
5:02p[info]syn_mappornCOVID-19's effect on truck border crossing times
5:30p[info]syn_mappornThis 1646 map of Scotland I found at a scrapyard
6:01p[info]syn_mappornThe first time I have seen every country with travel advisories in place
7:20p[info]syn_mappornHow to use a semicolon
7:20p[info]syn_mappornCountries which ever had a ski jumper win a FIS World Cup season [1170x960]
7:46p[info]syn_mappornThe countries best and worst prepared for an epidemic
7:46p[info]syn_mappornLast Christmas, I got the best present a map lover could ever get. Those maps come from "Le Grand Atlas Géographique Le Monde" or in english the Great geographic Atlas. I’ve always been a fan of atlas and now I’ve got one with nearly every city on this wo
7:46p[info]syn_mapporntopographic satellite image with landslides, Guantanamo Province, Cuba
8:16p[info]syn_mappornDutch map of Southern India by Johan Nieuhof, 1682. Presently at Kalakriti Archives, Hyderabad.
8:16p[info]syn_mappornTerritories promised to Italy by Britain/France in return for Italy joining WW1 on their side
8:16p[info]syn_mapporn1732 map of Northern India, Mughal Empire. It's the first map of India to be printed in Islamic World. From Istanbul by Kâtib Çelebi. At Kalakriti Archives, Hyderabad.
8:45p[info]syn_mappornCountries that openly support India having a permanent seat on the United Nations Security Council
8:45p[info]syn_mappornWith Rinks all Closed (no playing, no coaching, no practice), I made a map of all the hockey rinks in Metro Toronto (250 sheets)
9:15p[info]syn_mappornFood (In)Security
9:15p[info]syn_mappornA National Geographic map and overview of the USSR and it's individual SSR's. As well as the history of Russia's territorial expansion. Published in March of 1990
9:45p[info]syn_mapporn/r/CovidMapping is creating this crowd-sourced map of updates on coronavirus spread.
9:45p[info]syn_mappornThe provinces and diocese of the Roman Empire after the death of Theodosius l ca 400 AD right before the western part of the empire crumbled. Pretty mind-blowing.
11:01p[info]syn_mappornCity of Austin Map from 1938 recently found behind a cabinet when we did a remodel.
11:01p[info]syn_mapporn1976 United States presidential election results by county (more in comments)
11:33p[info]syn_mappornA map of 20th century Europe as predicted by French writer Henri Dron in 1863
11:33p[info]syn_mappornSo I was playing Geoguessr and uh
12:00a[info]syn_mappornRecycled globes:
12:34a[info]syn_mapporn5G Partners Worldwide
12:34a[info]syn_mappornUS Counties that have at least one confirmed case of COVID-19 as of 3/16/20
1:03a[info]syn_mappornClosed Skies: Travel restrictions made by countries in response to the COVID-19 pandemic as of March 16th 2020.
3:00a[info]syn_mappornThe size of Japan compared to the east coast
4:31a[info]syn_mappornThe UK over Greenland
4:31a[info]syn_mappornGrand Duchy of Lithuania--In the 15 th century it was the largest state in Europe
4:31a[info]syn_mappornHow many times each state and territory's name appears in its own Wikipedia article
4:31a[info]syn_mappornGulf of Mexico: a geography of offshore oil, by Natgeo (2010)
6:06a[info]syn_mappornA territorial map of the 1st Liberian Civil War in 1995
6:06a[info]syn_mappornPolitical trend of counties 2000-2016
8:03a[info]syn_mappornMap of state colors of the United States
8:03a[info]syn_mappornAncient rome compared to the u.s
8:30a[info]syn_mappornThe 26 Largest Islands in the World, Fuller projection. (Australia is classified as a continent rather than an island)
9:45a[info]syn_mappornWien/Vienna — route diagram inspired by old 1980s design actually used in trams [unofficial][diagram][OC] — tram line 1 in 1984. Did it for fun — hope you have fun too!
11:06a[info]syn_mappornPercentage of Population affected by the Coronavirus as of March 17, 2020
11:33a[info]syn_mappornInhabitants per all available beds in hospital (2017) - Europe
12:46p[info]syn_mappornPreviously Ruling German Royal House.
1:17p[info]syn_mappornA visual guide to current school closures in Europe due to Coronavirus.
1:17p[info]syn_mapporn1915 map of The Gambia
1:17p[info]syn_mappornCoronavirus world map including stranded ships. March 16, 2020. Self made (I am an expat locked in my Beijing apartment since Jan 23).
1:47p[info]syn_mappornInundation of Populated Areas surrounding Melbourne, Australia with a sea level rise of 70m
3:00p[info]syn_mappornSpain: coronavirus cases by autonomous communities, updated 17/03 at 12:00pm
3:34p[info]syn_mappornCan anyone tell what this map is showing, I can't seem to figure it out... Sorry for bad quality
3:34p[info]syn_mappornPersonal Freedom in Countries Year 2019
4:00p[info]syn_mappornPercentage of Syrians in Turkish cities
4:00p[info]syn_mappornAzurin - City of Knowledge - A fantasy city inspired by London, Edinburgh, Xian, and others
4:30p[info]syn_mappornMap of Mali During the Late Nineteenth Century
4:30p[info]syn_mappornFrench Empire and its enemies in 1809
4:30p[info]syn_mappornRegional distribution of Coronavirus cases in Germany - 11th March 2020 [OC]
5:06p[info]syn_mappornProjected GDP Declines from Coronavirus
5:31p[info]syn_mappornUnited Kingdom & Ireland regions as countries with similar GDP
6:01p[info]syn_mappornUpdated. These are the changes: 1) El Salvador is back on the map, somehow its layer just got deleted, so that's fixed. 2) Includes Brazil first death. 3) Data up to date as of March 17, 2020, 14:06 GMT, according to WorldOMeter. Thank you all!
6:36p[info]syn_mappornEurope has no borders
6:36p[info]syn_mapporn1952 Detailed physical map of Thailand, Indochina, and Malaya
7:07p[info]syn_mapporn[OC] Population density of Europe!
7:07p[info]syn_mappornItalian areas / American States with similar GDP
8:15p[info]syn_mappornJohn Hopkins University created an up-to-date, interactive, and informative map following the COVID-19 situation. Thought you all might find this interesting.
8:15p[info]syn_mappornMiddle East: Primary Cultural and Historical Zones
8:15p[info]syn_mapporn% of people who wash their hands with soap and water after going to the toilet (World)
8:51p[info]syn_mappornCountries with universal healthcare
8:51p[info]syn_mappornCountries with universal/free healthcare [6300x3320]
9:17p[info]syn_mappornObesity Trends Among U.S. Adults
9:45p[info]syn_mappornRegional distribution of Coronavirus cases in Germany - 11th March 2020 [OC]
9:45p[info]syn_mappornWay to go Ethiopia, just think you were starving so hard in the mid 1980's it was a actual famine.
10:22p[info]syn_mappornWhen Same-Sex Marriage became legal in Canadian provinces/territories
10:22p[info]syn_mappornTotal Cases per 1 Million by countries |
11:30p[info]syn_mappornGlobal Wind and Solar Potential
11:30p[info]syn_mappornWeighted Map of Christianity 1910 and 2010 [1,206 × 802]
12:00a[info]syn_mappornAverage Male Height World Map [1024x640]
12:33a[info]syn_mappornSubway plan for Stockholm (Sweden) 1965
1:01a[info]syn_mappornEuropean countries war plans and alliances on the eve of WW1, July 1914
1:01a[info]syn_mappornDelta and Pan Am "Welcome to Our World" map, 1991
1:01a[info]syn_mappornMap of the belgian congo, circa 1896
1:01a[info]syn_mapporn“Geological map of Ireland” by John Emslie (1849)
1:01a[info]syn_mapporn[crosspost] Population density of Europe!
1:01a[info]syn_mappornGarbage patches of the oceans
1:01a[info]syn_mappornShapes of all subdivisions of western countries with multiple cities with populations over 500.000
1:01a[info]syn_mappornAlliances in Europe 1740
2:16a[info]syn_mappornMaps Are Weapons!
2:16a[info]syn_mappornMap of the World by Denomonym
2:49a[info]syn_mappornMap of Nations & Towns in North America on the Mappercraft Minecraft Server
2:49a[info]syn_mappornI just discovered that you can see the line of equal latitude and longtitude on Google Maps, probably because of people mistakenly inputting coordinates
4:00a[info]syn_mappornThe Australian Government's international travel advisory - do not tavel anywhere
4:00a[info]syn_mappornMap of the U.S. State's Denomonyms
4:36a[info]syn_mappornRace and Hispanic origin by county
4:36a[info]syn_mappornMap of Google Street View Availability Around the World
4:36a[info]syn_mappornForeign population share in the Czech Republic by municipality
5:00a[info]syn_mappornNot even Covid can reach Greenland or Madagascar
5:00a[info]syn_mappornBelgium gridded population
6:33a[info]syn_mappornHow Austria is shown using different projections
6:33a[info]syn_mappornAustralian travel warning map as of 3/17/2020
6:33a[info]syn_mappornWorld Population
7:02a[info]syn_mappornTerm for resident of each of Canada's provinces/territories
9:00a[info]syn_mappornYou can see daily confirmed coronavirus cases on the maps.
9:00a[info]syn_mappornComposite map of the game Africa Trail - this took me 3 hours to put together
9:33a[info]syn_mappornThere might be one more version of March 18, tonight. Here are the changes: Australia and Canada got into the 500+ color. The US got into the 5000+ color, Russia got 100+ and Montenegro now has reported cases, which means no territory in Europe is free of
11:30a[info]syn_mappornWorld Population Density Zoomable Map
11:30a[info]syn_mappornThe Equal Earth projection
1:30p[info]syn_mappornI made a Europe map on World Box Game on iPhone so I added Cities in Place and I used countries as an island but I’m not able to add some these countries (The Netherlands, Corsica, Kosovo, Albania, and Kaliningrad) because Humans wants to leave these plac
2:06p[info]syn_mappornEthnic Map of Serbia
3:18p[info]syn_mappornTurkey is closer to China than it is to Portugal by 220 km
3:18p[info]syn_mapporn(OC) I made a wood burnt map of Texas using OSM data. Included Major Rivers, Cities, Peaks, Lakes and Parks. 1/4" Maple ply. Offset 1/3" from the wall. Approx. 24" x 24". Projection: Texas State Mapping System
3:46p[info]syn_mappornPossessions of Ottoman and Habsburg Empires in Europe, Middle East and North Africa until 1575
5:04p[info]syn_mappornTourist Map of Lisbon (date unknown)
5:04p[info]syn_mappornBrazil (Regions and states)
5:31p[info]syn_mappornhistorical and contemporary social economic division of Paris , visible through the recent elections
5:31p[info]syn_mappornChile over Europe
6:00p[info]syn_mappornThe Northern Indies in 1840: What if Britain lost the Carnatic wars?
6:00p[info]syn_mappornCoronavirus Cases as % of Population (World + US States) - March 18, 8:30 ET.
6:35p[info]syn_mappornAirbnb price map of Paris (2019)
6:35p[info]syn_mappornAll Live 5G Networks
7:01p[info]syn_mappornAnyone Remember that Atrocious ISIS Map of Their Plan For an Islamic Empire?
7:01p[info]syn_mappornI'm not sure if this is allowed here but does anyone know what kind of map this is?
8:15p[info]syn_mappornImprove version (Brazil)
8:15p[info]syn_mappornGoogle Maps labelled every coronavirus case and its location in my country
8:15p[info]syn_mappornCountries and territories that have no confirmed cases of COVID-19 as of 2020-03-18
8:15p[info]syn_mappornTurkey is closer to China than it is to Portugal by 220 km
8:50p[info]syn_mappornGlad to see that the country of Caspian hasn’t got coronavirus yet...
9:19p[info]syn_mappornMap of European countries, according to different definitions
9:45p[info]syn_mappornWCW vs WWF PPV Locations [OC] (explanation in comment)
9:45p[info]syn_mappornItalian regions with a similar GDP (PPP) per capita of subnational entities of Spain, Germany, France and United Kingdom.
10:20p[info]syn_mappornPtolemaic Egypt, circa 270 BC.
10:20p[info]syn_mappornDifferent ways of saying "popcorn" in Valencian (Catalan)
10:20p[info]syn_mappornIndigenous place names in Quebec
10:46p[info]syn_mappornThis is Wuhan... This was the Highest amount of SO2 on Planet Earth 12hrs back.... Something is Burning in Humongous Amount... any guesses????
11:16p[info]syn_mappornMy wood and brass pipe stand globe. Northern hemisphere is hinged and opens to hold pipes and supplies.
12:38a[info]syn_mappornA world map of BIDET usage around the globe, data from Wikipedia (1995)
12:38a[info]syn_mappornThe Legendary Kingdom of Prester John in Abyssinia by Abraham Ortellius (published 1603)
12:38a[info]syn_mappornCool map from 1651 that I found I recently found in my house
1:01a[info]syn_mappornChinese nationals in Italy, by province (as of January 2019)
1:30a[info]syn_mappornSheffield — my [unofficial] tram network [diagram] [OC] — did it for fun. Enjoy it! Constructive feedback and corrections are welcome! :-)
2:49a[info]syn_mappornMap of where in Europe climate change will hit hardest
2:49a[info]syn_mappornMap of Denmark 1828. This beauty hangs in my living room
2:49a[info]syn_mappornAre workers guaranteed paid sick leave? [OC] [Global]
3:16a[info]syn_mapporn1909 Ottoman Map of Beirut Vilayet and Mount Lebanon Mutasarrifate
3:46a[info]syn_mappornUS State stereotypes according to an Askreddit thread. [5400x3586]
4:30a[info]syn_mappornAir quality in Southern California is afternoon (March 18)
7:04a[info]syn_mappornOfficial adoption of the metric system by country
7:30a[info]syn_mappornMuslim Majority Regions in Europe
8:48a[info]syn_mappornJust the Americas.
9:17a[info]syn_mappornCaspian and Aral Sea after Noahs Flood
10:30a[info]syn_mappornThe Afsharid Iranian Empire at its greatest extent in 1741-1743 under Nader Shah
12:30p[info]syn_mappornImmigrant population percentage by province in Italy (2019)
1:02p[info]syn_mapporn(1898) Broadsheet promoting the Hansa Colonization Society's newly created "Kolonie Hansa," consisting of Joinville, Kolonie Hansa, Kolonie Dona Francisca and Kolonie Blumeau in Southern Brazil.
1:02p[info]syn_mappornWealth per adult in Europe, 2019
1:02p[info]syn_mappornCoronavirus time lapse part 1
1:32p[info]syn_mappornMAP - Silicon Valley : Tech Me To The moon!
1:32p[info]syn_mappornGo have fun, my cohort!
1:32p[info]syn_mappornAncient Middle East - 565 BC - [6615x4961] [OC]
2:00p[info]syn_mappornI made this. Detailed pics in the comments.
2:00p[info]syn_mappornFrench Railroads - 1878
2:00p[info]syn_mappornNumber of billionaires ($) in Europe by country
2:00p[info]syn_mappornOfficial adoption of the metric system by country
2:32p[info]syn_mappornChina's Energy Gauntlet (addiction to middle eastern oil supplies)
3:01p[info]syn_mapporn“The Ambassadors’ Globe” from Hans Holbein’s painting “The Ambassadors” from 1533 CE
3:01p[info]syn_mappornMap of the Italian States in 1789 before the rise of Napoleon
3:34p[info]syn_mappornSpice route on tiles.
3:34p[info]syn_mappornI’m not a professional artist. But I can make maps. Here’s a flag map of Europe (and Turkey)
4:45p[info]syn_mappornThis shows the percentage of tipping expected in certain countries (Sorry if bad english im spanish lol)
4:45p[info]syn_mappornCOVID-19 Pandemic Map: Confirmed Cases
4:45p[info]syn_mappornUpdate. March 19, 2020. Fiji, El Salvador, Nicaragua, Djibouti, and a bunch of other countries joined. China has no local cases in 24 hours for the first time. And the US is nearing 10k. 225+ reported cases worldwide. Again, thank you all! PS: My 7-year-o
4:45p[info]syn_mappornCOVID-19 Pandemic Map: Aid from China
5:15p[info]syn_mappornUS Mileages and Driving Times Map from 1995
5:15p[info]syn_mappornWorld map if all the countries were islands
5:48p[info]syn_mappornCovid 19 strains on an interactive map. Trace which strain is causing your lockdown.
5:48p[info]syn_mappornSize of Subreddits of each US states
6:15p[info]syn_mappornA map of Cuba annotated by former U.S. President John F. Kennedy
6:45p[info]syn_mappornMy Nan has been bored self isolating so she sewed me a pillow.
6:45p[info]syn_mappornI didn't know this was until he compared it to the world
6:45p[info]syn_mappornEuropean regions compared to American States with similar GDP (PPP) per capita
8:05p[info]syn_mappornCoronavirus Deaths per Capita by Country
8:33p[info]syn_mappornRatio of largest county to smallest county in each US state
9:00p[info]syn_mappornMap of the armies assembled by the 7th coalition in May from a book
10:18p[info]syn_mappornRise and Fall of Mexico: Every Year
10:18p[info]syn_mappornAll current governments in exile and where they're stationed, as of 2018
10:47p[info]syn_mappornLaser cut a map of Greece and Anatolia before society collapsed. Open your doing well.
11:16p[info]syn_mappornMap of American State HDIs with Most Comparable European Countries
11:16p[info]syn_mappornNew border wall construction blocking known jaguar movement corridors into the US [OC]
11:50p[info]syn_mappornCentral Portugal in May 2017 vs Central Portugal in October 2017, after devastating wildfires.
11:50p[info]syn_mappornCan anyone tell me why this block in Levallois-Perret, France is blurry in Google maps and Apple Maps?
11:50p[info]syn_mappornI drew a Europe 1936 by memory on the beach (sorry for bad photo angle/quality)
12:18a[info]syn_mapporn[OC] 1929 Air Corps Air Navigation Map - Medford, OR to Vancouver, WA - 3D Render
12:18a[info]syn_mappornHistoric map of Vienna
12:46a[info]syn_mappornHarz Mining Area (circa 1735)
12:46a[info]syn_mappornA world map from Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt
12:46a[info]syn_mappornProduction Map of China 1911
1:15a[info]syn_mapporn2 world maps, one showing distribution of rodents, the other showing distribution of ruminants (1848)[10399 x 8511]
1:15a[info]syn_mappornMoral & statistical chart showing the geographical distribution of man according to religious belief (1854)[10077 x 8422]
1:48a[info]syn_mappornRichest people of Europe by country [2100x1416]
2:16a[info]syn_mappornCOVID-19 Exposure Risk Estimation Based on Population Density and Number of Confirmed Cases in London Boroughs
2:45a[info]syn_mappornPer Capita Income in the Roman Provinces
2:45a[info]syn_mappornMap of all 1.4 million lakes in the world (10 ha or larger)
3:17a[info]syn_mappornState of origin of Democratic & Republican presidential nominees [OC] [2550x3300]
3:17a[info]syn_mappornNugget map
3:45a[info]syn_mappornI made a map of the Territorial Acquisitions of the Grand Duchy of Baden during the late Napoleonic Wars.
4:32a[info]syn_mappornResults of the most recent election in every Canadian province/territory
4:32a[info]syn_mapporn1946 pictorial map of New Jersey
6:01a[info]syn_mappornCosmographical Map or Universal Description of the World with the Actual Path of the Winds (France, 1570)
6:01a[info]syn_mappornNative Spanish speakers in Spain
6:35a[info]syn_mappornThe size of the Reddit communities for each province & territory of Canada
8:31a[info]syn_mappornHow Bubonic(black deaths), Pandemic plagues and sars spread from China
9:45a[info]syn_mappornMaintain distance (measure against covid-19)
10:20a[info]syn_mappornUPDATE, March 20, 2020. Italy has now more reported Coronavirus-related deaths than China (according to China, of course, which I find dubious at best). Added Chad and Niger, Cape Verde Islands and the Isle of Man. Also, Monaco has now 10 cases and we all
10:48a[info]syn_mappornSweden fits exactly within the borders of chad Chad
12:00p[info]syn_mapporn(OC) Brazil's HDI 1990-2018
12:39p[info]syn_mappornI'm drawing an overhead/map style view of Madison Wisconsin for someone.
12:39p[info]syn_mappornThe Austrian Empire in 1850
2:33p[info]syn_mappornHow the "Middle East" actually looks like
2:33p[info]syn_mappornRaised Relief Map of Palestine - 1893
3:02p[info]syn_mappornIf Indian states were renamed after countries with similar population.
3:32p[info]syn_mappornUsing Google Earth for mapping active faults
3:32p[info]syn_mappornA detailed map of all Indian languages & dialects
3:32p[info]syn_mappornIf Indian states were renamed after countries with similar population
4:01p[info]syn_mappornHERE u/TDIsideHustle HAPPY NOW?
4:01p[info]syn_mappornInternational Arms Transfer Exported By The United States (1950-2017)
4:30p[info]syn_mappornHandmade map of Europe in 1870
4:30p[info]syn_mappornWe really need population control law here.
5:46p[info]syn_mappornTop 10 Nations by CO2 emissions in Tonnes - 1860-2019
5:46p[info]syn_mappornIndian states replaced by countries with similar populations.
6:16p[info]syn_mappornMap of Italy and southeastern - Europe, dated 30th of October 1943. Allied advances hand drawn.
6:16p[info]syn_mappornWeimar Republic.
6:16p[info]syn_mappornEurope during the equinox and solstices
6:45p[info]syn_mappornSatellite Data Visualization Shows Decline Then Rise In China's Air Pollution Before & After Coronavirus Lockdown
7:21p[info]syn_mappornA Modern and Quite Precise Depiction of America (or the Fourth Part of the World) - Diego Gutiérrez, 1554
7:21p[info]syn_mappornHuman Development Index (life expectancy, education, income per capita) comparison between American States and European Countries
8:33p[info]syn_mappornCOVID-19 Pandemic Map: Trade Restrictions on Medical Supplies
8:33p[info]syn_mappornConstituency-wise geographical distribution of ethnicities of the MPs of the Parliament of the Turkish Empire following the third general election in the empire, 2nd Constitutional Era, 1908
9:00p[info]syn_mappornThe Man of Commerce - 1889 - A.F. McKay [15373x9506]
9:00p[info]syn_mappornMap of all territories of the Portuguese Empire 1419-1999
9:37p[info]syn_mappornAmerica's richest universities vs. GDP of select countries
9:37p[info]syn_mappornStates Compared to Countries with the Same Population
10:03p[info]syn_mappornU.S. States' GDP Growth Rate in the first semester of 2019 (Seasonally Adjusted at Annual Rates
10:03p[info]syn_mappornAir pollution in China clearing during the coronavirus outbreak.
11:16p[info]syn_mappornDecline of the Liberal Democrats in the South West of England
11:16p[info]syn_mappornMap of Christian Europe and the Crusades I made a few years back. Felt like sharing again. (repost)
11:49p[info]syn_mappornMotorway Deaths and Speed Limits [OC]
11:49p[info]syn_mapporn[OC] GDP per capita by EU NUTS-2 region
11:49p[info]syn_mappornWorld's rivers and lakes (from OpenStreetMap)
12:16a[info]syn_mappornEurope during the Black Plague (1346-1353)
12:45a[info]syn_mappornSouthern Spain circa 1710
12:45a[info]syn_mappornAlso made a nighttime satellite view
12:45a[info]syn_mappornBiome map of midatlantica
12:45a[info]syn_mappornLos Algodones, Mexico is unique in that if you travel due north, east, south or west from there, you will reach the United States
1:17a[info]syn_mappornThe Influence of Greek on country names in Egnlish (an updated map from 2018)
1:17a[info]syn_mappornWorking on a new map!
1:49a[info]syn_mappornEstimation of the Location of Confirmed COVID-19 Outbreaks Locations in England (19th of March)
1:49a[info]syn_mappornBrazilian States by demonyns
3:01a[info]syn_mappornMy "what if Bulgaria won the second balkan war" scenery
3:01a[info]syn_mappornPlaces *without* coronavirus - 04/20/2020
3:30a[info]syn_mappornMap of most popular MLB team in every U.S. county
3:30a[info]syn_mappornDepending on your location in Panama, you can watch the sun rise over the Pacific and set over the Atlantic
5:04a[info]syn_mappornWatercolor Gambia for no particular reason, with some of its symbols.
6:35a[info]syn_mappornOC | WORLD MAP COVID19 OVER 1K
6:35a[info]syn_mappornVehicles per 1000 people in the world. [1425 × 625]
7:02a[info]syn_mappornExaggerated relief satellite image map - flat print on photo paper
9:01a[info]syn_mappornMarseille - my interpretation of the tramway and metro system [unofficial] [diagram] [OC] did it for fun - hope you enjoy it too - constructive feedback and corrections are highly welcome! :-)
9:33a[info]syn_mappornWhen capital punishment was last used and abolished in Australian states and territories
10:02a[info]syn_mapporn1946 pictorial map of the Carolinas
10:02a[info]syn_mapporn1759 La Rouge Map of Eastern India or Coromandel (Madras and Pondicherry)
12:01p[info]syn_mappornDutch cities by their first written name
12:32p[info]syn_mappornUpdate. Coronavirus map, March 21, 2020. Madagascar infected. US almost hitting 20k (will happen while I upload this, I think). Australia and Canada over 1k. Pakistan surpasses India. Dow Jones keep sliding. Italy is the big news: over 50k by tonight.
1:48p[info]syn_mappornLEGO map of Europe my son and I did during the time of social distancing
2:15p[info]syn_mappornCoronavirus Iran map time lapse (According to world health organization)
2:15p[info]syn_mappornAnother update on the coronavirus map, today, March 21, 2020. Main reason are a few typos, and the graph pies. Also, Timor-Leste joined the list of countries infected. That was a new one for my daughter! Worldwide cases now at 283k. This still counts as t
2:51p[info]syn_mappornTerrestrial globe close-up at the Vatican Museum.
3:19p[info]syn_mappornThe Great war - every day
3:19p[info]syn_mappornRelief Map of Africa circa 1912
3:47p[info]syn_mappornA 16th century map of Portuguese captaincies of the Governorate of Brazil by Luís Teixeira.
3:47p[info]syn_mappornThe continents of the world, based on a few different definitions (very large image)
4:16p[info]syn_mappornAfrica before the great scramble
4:16p[info]syn_mappornNumber of scientific and technical journal articles per 1 million people in 2018 [OC]
4:48p[info]syn_mappornSelf-Reported Teutonic Ancestries As A Percentage Of Each County In The USA
5:15p[info]syn_mapporn“I love you” in European languages
5:50p[info]syn_mappornItalian Regions compared to American States, European Countries and Non-European Countries with similar population
5:50p[info]syn_mappornHere's a hand-drawn map of Rio de Janeiro I made!
5:50p[info]syn_mappornUnemployment Rate in January 2020 by U.S. States
5:50p[info]syn_mappornCountries with active Covid19 cases and NO deaths so far
5:50p[info]syn_mappornMap of Earth 252 million years ago during the late Paleozoic era right before the Great Dying, the greatest extinction event in Earth's history
5:50p[info]syn_mappornSwitzerland inside of of Russia (inspired by the post with Switzerland inside Brazil)
6:18p[info]syn_mappornItalian Billionaires per Region (place of birth)
6:18p[info]syn_mappornU.S. coronavirus cases (March 21, 10:30 a.m. EDT)
6:47p[info]syn_mappornMap of every territory controlled by former Roman countries
6:47p[info]syn_mappornr/pics removed this. I thought it might fit here as it is a map of sorts.
7:22p[info]syn_mappornWhich country is the largest producer of tea in the world?
7:22p[info]syn_mappornJapanese map of Turanian Peoples
7:22p[info]syn_mappornHeat map of Italian castles(Data from OpenStreetMap/OpenTripMap)
7:22p[info]syn_mappornPerth, Australia is closer to Jakarta, Indonesia than it is to its own country’s capital, Canberra
7:49p[info]syn_mappornA blast from the past. And old subway map for NYC.
8:15p[info]syn_mappornWhere classic greek culture was born. Source:Arzamas
8:15p[info]syn_mappornUpdated Canada to change what people want in Canada.
8:15p[info]syn_mappornPercentage of population on unemployment benefits by state during the Great Depression (1934)
9:30p[info]syn_mappornI'm someone who likes marking sights on Google maps in case I ever get to visit - particularly ancient history stuff. Looking at my map of the Mid East the markers clearly outline the ancient Fertile Crescent. Just thought it was neat.
9:30p[info]syn_mapporn[OC] Ordnance Survey circa 1965 projected on JAXA elevation data
9:30p[info]syn_mappornSyrian War and the end of ISIS, 2017 to 2020 [1450 × 2397]
9:30p[info]syn_mappornI made wooden puzzle of Europe!
10:01p[info]syn_mappornSelf Reported "Germanic" Ethnicity based on the 2010 USA Census and 2015 Selective Study.
10:01p[info]syn_mappornMap of Niue from 1946
10:01p[info]syn_mappornGDP per capita in Europe
11:15p[info]syn_mappornFriday's total Texas COVID-19 cases normalized per county population
11:15p[info]syn_mapporn"Mouse" in local languages of Northern Italy and Ticino
11:50p[info]syn_mapporn"Mouse" in local languages of Central Italy
1:03a[info]syn_mappornAlliances in Austro-Prussian war (Third Italian war of Independence), 1866
1:03a[info]syn_mapporn1946 Map of Tokyo, Japan - with areas destroyed by the bombardment of 1944-1945 shaded green
1:03a[info]syn_mappornOriginal map for the battle of Waterloo
1:03a[info]syn_mappornMapPorn discussion thread for March 21, 2020
2:15a[info]syn_mapporn1937 Sunoco road map of DE, MD, VA, WV, and surrounding states.
2:47a[info]syn_mapporn2005 NY Times Map Presaging 2007-2008 Financial Crisis
2:47a[info]syn_mappornDay six into social distancing, I have drawn an entire city
3:18a[info]syn_mappornOcean floor map detail - large print on canvas
3:18a[info]syn_mappornThe current state of Europe
4:36a[info]syn_mappornNew York during the American war of independence. Found in the Royal Engineer museum
5:04a[info]syn_mappornMap of situation in Europe.
5:34a[info]syn_mappornCOVID-19 Map Showing Rapid U.S. Spread [Interactive]
7:04a[info]syn_mapporncorona virus map with current stats
7:04a[info]syn_mappornminecraft server transportation map
7:30a[info]syn_mappornHermann Meyer's (outdated and defunct) Ethnograph Map 1885
7:30a[info]syn_mappornMap of Mongolia's natural resources, written in Mongolian Script, from the ~1920s-1950s
7:30a[info]syn_mappornAnnotated map of the cherry blossoms at the tidal basin in Washington DC
8:04a[info]syn_mappornA map I drew of the Los Angeles and San Diego area.
9:18a[info]syn_mappornWarsaw before and after WWII... The sheer scale of damage is unbelievable. Entire blocks, gone.
10:30a[info]syn_mappornThe Story Map of the West Indies (1936) [1920x1510]
10:30a[info]syn_mappornA map I drew for a school project last year.
11:05a[info]syn_mappornMy dads old school atlas
1:49p[info]syn_mappornImaginary train map I made for a Minecraft city
1:49p[info]syn_mappornRegional Stereotypes of Turkey (repost)
1:49p[info]syn_mappornEurope (Mediterranean - Detailed) - AD 520 - [6637x4983] [OC]
3:00p[info]syn_mappornSome islands I drew when I was a child
3:30p[info]syn_mappornSouth Korea frontline defense against wild boar's carrying African Swine Fever Virus (15MAR20)
3:30p[info]syn_mappornUnified Deep Water System of European Russia
4:03p[info]syn_mappornRelief Map of the Bavarian Highlands (circa 1920)
4:30p[info]syn_mappornI've started a map wall! World map (Korean), a Seoul map, and a Stockholm map
5:08p[info]syn_mappornA 1919 map promoting Belgian irredentist claims towards Germany, Luxembourg and the Netherlands in the aftermath of WW1
5:08p[info]syn_mappornRichest people of Europe by country [2100x1416]
6:16p[info]syn_mappornMap of the German Empire in 1914 with major cities
7:30p[info]syn_mappornDe Bry and de Veer Map of Nova Zembla and the Northeast Passage (1601)[2958 x 2141]
7:30p[info]syn_mappornI made a map of Coronavirus tests per capita
7:30p[info]syn_mappornA *cleaned* map of the NYC subway lines. Not much has changed since the 50s for the lines, but each color is a different company which operated portions of the tracks.
7:30p[info]syn_mapporn13 yr old makes heatmap of documented bullying hotspots
7:30p[info]syn_mappornRailroad and county map of Texas by G.F. Cram (1888)[9189 x 6734]
7:30p[info]syn_mappornState of Maine with highways and contours (1973)[5000 x 7175]
8:53p[info]syn_mappornCatalan Atlas - a marvelous Middeval Map of Eurasia and North Africa
8:53p[info]syn_mappornEurope but flags are replaced with non european nations with similar population. [OC]
9:21p[info]syn_mappornMaps of Europe (2020-1960-1933-1914) I made while in quarantine, sorry for the shadow of my hand
9:21p[info]syn_mappornWhere the ICU Beds Are
9:46p[info]syn_mappornI asked people on Omegle which country they were from and made a map with the data.
11:05p[info]syn_mappornThe Extreme Relief Classroom Globe
11:31p[info]syn_mappornConfirmed cases of COVID-19 per million inhabitants in Italy per 22 March 2020.
11:31p[info]syn_mappornLife Expectancy by county 2020 update
11:31p[info]syn_mappornA table map that my sister brought for her room
12:01a[info]syn_mappornMap of all of Brazil's current, former and proposed States and Territories.
12:32a[info]syn_mappornUnderground in Poland
12:32a[info]syn_mappornMap showing the States that the most US Presidents were born in
1:01a[info]syn_mappornSaw an amazing drawing of a map here today and decided to draw my city, not perfect, some small streets are missing, but hey, it's pure cul-de-sac. The scale is 1:200 approx.
2:15a[info]syn_mappornTopographic map of Guam.
2:15a[info]syn_mappornWhich Hunger Games district do you live in? I’m in District 1, born in district 2.
2:45a[info]syn_mapporn(OC) COVID19 Two largest global cases
2:45a[info]syn_mappornHighway map of Alaska
3:18a[info]syn_mappornThis is how big Antarctica really is
3:18a[info]syn_mappornArgentine map of South Georgia (1946)
3:18a[info]syn_mappornActive Flights over Europe vs. the US during the COVID-19 Quarantines. March 22-2020
3:18a[info]syn_mappornLanguages of Central Europe 1880
3:46a[info]syn_mapporn16th century map of the Portuguese governance of Brazil.
3:46a[info]syn_mappornPacific Crest Trail, California
4:32a[info]syn_mappornWW2: The Atlantic Wall - June 5, 1944
4:32a[info]syn_mappornIs your home here? Defend it! (1915) - WWI poster showing regimental recruiting areas
5:04a[info]syn_mappornDoes this count as map porn?
5:04a[info]syn_mappornColonial heritage of Florida
5:38a[info]syn_mappornA map of Germany with flags. Yes the letters are a bit too dark, couldnt see it when making.
5:38a[info]syn_mappornA map of most of Downtown Chicago inside of Engine 98’s Firestation, complete with little extra inputs from the firefighters who created it.
5:38a[info]syn_mapporn[OC] Interstates and other Major Roads of the Great State of Wyoming
9:21a[info]syn_mappornMy version of the Bahrain GP circuit in honor of the cancelled Formula 1 race this weekend. Enjoy:)
9:21a[info]syn_mappornAn antique 1924 Germany map I got for my birthday!
9:21a[info]syn_mappornAlmost finished with this drawing of California. It's not 100% accurate, but I'm proud of it. Cheers!
10:30a[info]syn_mappornReceiver Party Pays - Where you will billed for answering phone call
11:50a[info]syn_mappornBad Map: Netflix Series Map of German Territorial Losses in World War 1
11:50a[info]syn_mappornUpdate, March 23, 2020. Nepal has its second case after staying in the green for a long while. Mozambique and Syria are now listed. I added the oil price, another variable to be watching as this event unfolds. Might soon add some rising unemployment figur
11:50a[info]syn_mappornSatellite map of Andorra
1:00p[info]syn_mappornCOVID-19 active cases (as 23/03/2020) vs. Population median age
1:00p[info]syn_mappornEurope In 1550
1:31p[info]syn_mappornBattle of France in 44 seconds - Eastory
2:49p[info]syn_mapporn[OC] Americans Affected by Restaurant and Hotel Closures
2:49p[info]syn_mappornCOVID-19 Global Cases map won't even need contours soon
2:49p[info]syn_mappornRutlandshire circa 1610
2:49p[info]syn_mappornThe Hungarian minority in Transylvania (2002)
2:49p[info]syn_mappornTourist Map of Santiago de Compostela (1960)
3:19p[info]syn_mappornControl in Syria by Population Centres [5062 × 4290]
3:19p[info]syn_mappornWhat proportion of national populations have confirmed COVID-19 infections? [OC]
4:31p[info]syn_mappornThis is a graphic from NASA GEOS-5 model analysis data, which shows the global CO₂ atmospheric mass as of 03/22/2020. The current CO₂ concentrations are higher over the Northern Hemisphere, as the Earth’s northern half is still in the cold season, with hi
5:04p[info]syn_mappornSo this is what I've been doing whilst off college on quarantine...
5:33p[info]syn_mappornOutdated Photo on Passport Site. Who can date it more specifically than pre-1914?
6:00p[info]syn_mapporn1946 map of The Crusades
6:00p[info]syn_mappornGermany Intercity Rail Network (2020)
6:33p[info]syn_mapporn11th century map by Moroccan cartographer Mohammad Al-Idrisi.
6:33p[info]syn_mappornThe most effective camo for each region in the US.
7:01p[info]syn_mappornThe ''United States of Greater Austria'' proposed by Aurel Popovici, 1906
1:31a[info]syn_mappornForeign relations with the holy see
1:31a[info]syn_mappornOaxaca, Monterrey, Zacatecas, Toluca, Puebla, Saltillo (1919)
1:31a[info]syn_mappornCherished childhood artifact: antique globe showing flight path of Mercury-Atlas 6, Feb 20, 1962
1:31a[info]syn_mappornSpelling of the SI unit "metre"/"meter" by official languages [OC][2753×1397][Details in comments]
1:31a[info]syn_mappornVery detailed topographic map of Russia (and surrounding areas)
1:31a[info]syn_mappornHow I'm spending my isolation. I drew my city, inspired by another post here.
1:31a[info]syn_mappornThe electrification of the swiss rail network in 1927-1928
1:31a[info]syn_mappornJupiter like a boss
1:31a[info]syn_mappornThe most detailed European cheese map ever!
1:31a[info]syn_mapporn[OC] Visited all 50 states - lower 48 twice - with over 40 friends. My wife and I plotted every day on a map and color coded it by year. Amazing memories and locations are memorialized with gold pins.
2:00a[info]syn_mappornMap of places wetter or drier than Seattle
2:31a[info]syn_mappornMy island from Animal Crossing New Horizons, the lighter green indicates higher elevation
2:31a[info]syn_mappornPeople's Republic of Bangladesh
7:03a[info]syn_mappornJames River watershed [OC]
7:03a[info]syn_mappornMap of Tovaangar, the Tongva Country, what is now Los Angeles. These are the historical locations/villages and neighbouring Nations
7:03a[info]syn_mappornMap of ATLANTIC OR WESTERN OCEAN from 1817.
7:03a[info]syn_mappornMap of the Wabanaki Confederacy, featuring the still-existing countries of Mi'kma'ki, Wolastokuk and other Dawnland territories
7:03a[info]syn_mappornCoronavirus positives in Argentina (as of 22 March)
8:18a[info]syn_mappornPlease someone explain this to me xD
8:18a[info]syn_mappornOverlay of US population density and confirmed covid-19 cases as of Mar 23 8pm
8:47a[info]syn_mappornMy little brother drew these and wanted me to post them here
10:00a[info]syn_mappornCyrillic alphabet vs. Latin alphabet vs. Greek alphabet
10:00a[info]syn_mappornMap of most common education level among 30-34 year olds in Europe
9:52p[info]syn_mapporn1878 'La Rana' Allegorical Map of the World as a Sick Man. Seems apt
9:52p[info]syn_mappornIntensive care units per 100.000 inhabitants
9:52p[info]syn_mappornA map of all the native languages in South America
9:52p[info]syn_mappornAustralia under quarantine, as of 25 March, 2020 [OC]
9:52p[info]syn_mappornThe Northern European Enclosure Dam, proposed by Groeskamp and Kjellson (2020), would protect 15 countries against 15 metre sea level rise (full source in comments) [1794x1320]
9:52p[info]syn_mappornWestern Hemisphere 1829. My Papa (grandfather) had this in his basement antique shop forever. When he passed my Nana gave it to me because she knew I love it. Sorry if the orientation is wrong again.
9:52p[info]syn_mappornThis how the largest national park in Europe would look like if the bill before the Icelandic parliament passes. the park would cover 35% of Iceland
9:52p[info]syn_mappornQuebec: Now the Most Hit Province of Canada With 1013 COVID-19 Cases [OC]
9:52p[info]syn_mappornThe Sea of Marmara by Edward Stanford (1879) [4516 x 3366]
9:52p[info]syn_mappornChannel Islands (California) compared with Cyclades Islands (Greece)
9:52p[info]syn_mappornSlang names of Dutch cities (found on /r/thenetherlands)
9:52p[info]syn_mapporntypology of the seas
9:52p[info]syn_mappornAll this time indoors made me curious
9:52p[info]syn_mappornPopulation density of people aged 60+ in Italy
9:52p[info]syn_mappornAfrica, 1935
9:52p[info]syn_mapporn1911 Geologic Map of North America (With Realistic Hillshade Render)
9:52p[info]syn_mappornSif Island- A hidden island the size of Windsor Castle recently uncovered in Antarctica
9:52p[info]syn_mappornInteractive real-time map with coronavirus data and travel restrictions for each country
9:52p[info]syn_mappornA map of all the forests in the Russian Federation
9:52p[info]syn_mappornJewish Languages
9:52p[info]syn_mappornShifting place names in Africa
10:15p[info]syn_mappornCool Czech Republic Map describing the different regions
10:48p[info]syn_mapporn1899 Map of New Zealand [2043 × 2553]
11:17p[info]syn_mappornA 1979 National Geographic World Map!
11:17p[info]syn_mappornParks and Trails of my County in New York
11:17p[info]syn_mappornEurope in 1848 with population, map from Penguin Atlas of Recent History
11:45p[info]syn_mappornWe made this custom 10' wide map of the USA for a teacher a while back
12:19a[info]syn_mappornSchool closures caused by COVID-19. From Unesco.
12:19a[info]syn_mappornReal Country Sizes on World Map
12:45a[info]syn_mappornFantasy map of a potential underground system I designed for Leeds (West Yorkshire, UK). Now we only need a few £100bn to make it happen. Thoughts?
1:15a[info]syn_mappornCommote boundaries of Medieval Wales
1:15a[info]syn_mappornHow popular is Old School RuneScape in each country?
2:30a[info]syn_mappornI just finished drawing my Middle Earth inspired state map of Utah, with a bonus bald eagle drawing. Hope you guys enjoy, stay safe out there!
3:04a[info]syn_mappornThe Rulers Of Europe In 1512
3:04a[info]syn_mappornGreat Britain is just about the size of the state of Idaho
5:35a[info]syn_mappornSaskatchewan: Disposition of Lands (1918)
5:35a[info]syn_mappornThe world map according to fishes
6:01a[info]syn_mappornA map I made showing the gender of all the heads of state in Europe
6:01a[info]syn_mappornA panoramic map of the observable universe.
6:37a[info]syn_mappornFormer Monarchies of the Middle East; Half Have Been Overthrown Since 1920
6:37a[info]syn_mappornA map showing that scotland's favourite drink isn't made by the Coca-Cola company, unlike the rest of the world. *Note: Cuba and the DPRK also fit into this category
6:37a[info]syn_mappornProvinces of Algeria by population density (sorry i couldnt type the actual exponent)
7:30a[info]syn_mappornBecause this year just doesn't know how to let up, here's the tsunami evacuation map for my community.
11:02a[info]syn_mappornStates where more social distancing is being practiced - green - or not at all - orange
11:02a[info]syn_mappornMadras(now Chennai), India in 1843.
12:15p[info]syn_mappornOf course there must be a reasonable explanation to it but it's just really interesting to see how wealthy countries are the ones to be severely impacted by coronavirus.
12:15p[info]syn_mappornThe sociodemographic development of Germany after reunification: - Population development - Employees subject to social insurance - Unemployment rate
12:15p[info]syn_mappornMap of Caucasus in a Map Book published in the USSR (1979)
12:15p[info]syn_mappornA map, showing the length of the greek coastline.
12:15p[info]syn_mappornCountries with confirmed COVID19 cases that haven’t closed schools
12:45p[info]syn_mapporn[OC] Airports of Europe map
2:02p[info]syn_mappornDetroit in 1919
2:02p[info]syn_mappornTourist Map of Sevilla, Spain (1950)
2:34p[info]syn_mappornShaded-relief aeromagnetic anomaly maps of Minnesota
3:00p[info]syn_mapporn1972 United States presidential election results by county (more in comments)
3:35p[info]syn_mappornClimatic map of the world, 19th century [1200x823]
3:35p[info]syn_mappornWhere asylum seekers come from and where they go
4:46p[info]syn_mapporn[OC] Civilian Deaths due to terrorism in Pakistan throughout the 2010s
5:15p[info]syn_mappornInteresting to see that, although most countries have shut down and don’t allow any travel into or out of their borders, there are still a load of planes flying over.
5:48p[info]syn_mappornLeech Lake and surrounding area. Mod-podged together a wall. Old maps from Chippewa National Forrest Office and Minnesota Geological society collected over the years. 1968-1996
6:20p[info]syn_mappornIncome Inequality Around the World: How Much do You Need to Earn to Join the Top 1%?
6:20p[info]syn_mappornRailway map of Romania
6:45p[info]syn_mapporn25th of March,1821 Greece broke free from the Ottoman Empire. Map showing how many years each region of the country was enslaved. [credits to ArcGreek, from twiiter]
6:45p[info]syn_mappornAlternate history: A map of Greater Greece
8:05p[info]syn_mappornCountries without an official language.
8:35p[info]syn_mappornInfections Diseases with Geographic Eponyms (not pictured: “Chinese virus” because the WHO established guidelines in 2015 to prevent this very stigmatization of certain groups)
9:00p[info]syn_mappornConfirmed Coronavirus Infections Per Capita [25/Mar]
9:00p[info]syn_mapporn[OC] I made high resolution print maps of the Green Mountains. 9x better resolution than USGS using LiDAR.
9:00p[info]syn_mappornPeople who wash their hands. Coronavirus gives a legit reason to repost this for the 312th time.
11:05p[info]syn_mappornI made a wood burnt County Map of Texas using OSM data. Made From 1/4" Maple ply. Offset 1/3" from the wall. Approx. 24" x 24"
11:05p[info]syn_mappornEurope at the height of German expansion 1941 -1942
11:05p[info]syn_mappornI drew a map of Miami's light rail system in 1926.
12:15a[info]syn_mappornQuebec: Now the Most Hit Province of Canada With 1339 COVID-19 Cases [OC]
12:15a[info]syn_mappornCairo at night
12:15a[info]syn_mappornMap of hippie trail.
12:15a[info]syn_mappornResource Map of the African Continent (source: AI Jazeera)
12:45a[info]syn_mappornAttacks of Fort Washington by His Majesty's forces under the command of General Sir William Howe, 16 November 1776 (1861)[9297 x 6896]
12:45a[info]syn_mappornGreece at the time of the Achæan and Ætolian League drawn by Dr. Charles Müller (1873)[4618 x 7213]
12:45a[info]syn_mappornMade this map of Burlington, VT for my boyfriend for his birthday
12:45a[info]syn_mappornNumber of Grammatical Cases in Serbo-Croatian Dialects
2:01a[info]syn_mappornDécouvertes maritimes et possessions coloniales des Espagnols et des Portugais dans leur plus grande étendue et découvertes géographiques aux XVI, XVII et XVIIIe siècles
2:01a[info]syn_mapporn4G Availability in Germany by operator
2:01a[info]syn_mappornTelia's mobile data usage in Estonia on 10th and 17th of March
2:34a[info]syn_mappornHow accurate is the map of the empire of Attila the Hun’s son, Ernak?
3:00a[info]syn_mappornAgriculture of Communist China (1967)[4163 x 3486]
3:30a[info]syn_mappornThe location of every single Olympic Games
4:00a[info]syn_mapporn[OC] Countries currenyly under obligatory nationwide lockdown
5:34a[info]syn_mappornBurned narnia and middle earth together
5:34a[info]syn_mappornCarthaginian Admiral Hanno journey of exploration of the west african coast during the 6th century B.C.
7:00a[info]syn_mappornOcean centered map of the world
7:30a[info]syn_mappornOcean centered map of the world
7:30a[info]syn_mappornJerry Brown's (former governor of California) four elections for governor
7:30a[info]syn_mappornLewis and Clark's track across the western portion of North America from the Mississippi to the Pacific Ocean; by order of the Executive of the United States in 1804, 1805 and 1806. Copied by Samuel Lewis from the original drawing of W. Clark
8:01a[info]syn_mappornCultures of Europe during the Copper Age
8:30a[info]syn_mappornOfficial public transportation map of the Faroe Islands. Blue lines denote ferries. Other lines are for buses.
9:00a[info]syn_mappornCountries with nonstop flights to the United States
9:00a[info]syn_mappornCountries with nonstop flights to Turkey
9:30a[info]syn_mappornCountries with nonstop flights to Iran
10:47a[info]syn_mappornGreek and Phoenician colonies
10:47a[info]syn_mappornFirst world map in which North and South America were labeled as 'America'
10:47a[info]syn_mappornA map of bird migratory routes
11:15a[info]syn_mappornAsterix & Obelix: the NATO campaign, 1999
11:49a[info]syn_mappornMap of the Baltic States in 2020 - [OC - 3116 x 2732]
1:03p[info]syn_mappornA map of the world by type of monarchy. Red is absolute, orange is constitutional.
2:15p[info]syn_mappornEuropean COVID-19 restrictions as of 2020-03-24, by Frontex [1462×1234]
2:47p[info]syn_mappornInternational hypocrisy, as determined by me.
3:20p[info]syn_mappornIn honor of Greece's Independence Day, here is the influence of the Greek language on country names in English
3:20p[info]syn_mappornMap of every country's Exclusive Economic Zone
3:20p[info]syn_mappornThe true size of... the Wadden Sea? [OC]
3:45p[info]syn_mappornNot sure if this is Map Porn...but here is a map of a 7.5 week United States road trip I went on, back in 2012.
3:45p[info]syn_mapporn11th century map by Moroccan cartographer Mohammad Al-Idrisi.
4:15p[info]syn_mappornPopulation Density and High Probability if Coronavirus Cases [OC]
4:47p[info]syn_mappornCIA Map of Israel and Neighboring States (1990)
5:15p[info]syn_mappornAl-Sharafi world map, Tunis, 1579
5:47p[info]syn_mappornStreetview Map of central Europe with Germany and Austria (partly) avoiding Google espionage
5:47p[info]syn_mappornBoston Land Reclamation
6:18p[info]syn_mappornMap of the Byzantine Empire and the surrounding regions, circa 1045 AD
9:00p[info]syn_mappornEurope at the height of German expansion
9:32p[info]syn_mappornTerritory of Crazy Horse and the Thunder Cult Society (1841-1877)
9:32p[info]syn_mappornHow to say thank you across Europe
11:30p[info]syn_mappornWhere and when local travel decreased from COVID-19 around the world
12:00a[info]syn_mapporncoronavirus vs first-level administrative divisions i made myself,90% accurate,info source:wikipedia
12:00a[info]syn_mappornLinguistic Map of NYC with English & Spanish Removed
12:33a[info]syn_mappornRomania in the interwar period, all states and administrative regions.
12:33a[info]syn_mappornForeign Affairs of Japan 1939-1945
1:02a[info]syn_mappornLive map of lockdown implementation of each country (updated 26th of March)
1:30a[info]syn_mappornFirst Anniversary British Victory June 1982
2:52a[info]syn_mappornBirthplaces of the Roman Popes 1-2000 AD (seperate ones in the comments)
2:52a[info]syn_mappornNew 2019 data released yesterday night.
3:19a[info]syn_mappornThe distribution of every extant species of crocodilian
3:19a[info]syn_mappornDominion of Canada, by James Monteith. 1885
4:32a[info]syn_mappornA comparison: Air traffic over the United States and Europe
4:32a[info]syn_mappornPhysiographic diagram of Africa, 1946
4:32a[info]syn_mappornAir quality changes from January to March
4:32a[info]syn_mapporn2020 Democratic Presidential Primary in Seattle by precinct
6:01a[info]syn_mappornBergen County, New Jersey: COVID-19 Cases by Municipality (26 March 2020)
6:01a[info]syn_mappornThe red areas contain half the population of Australia
6:33a[info]syn_mappornUpdated map of capital punishment in the US. Colorado became the latest state to abolish capital punishment after the state legislature voted to abolish it in late March, 2020
6:33a[info]syn_mappornMinneapolis Skyway Map
7:45a[info]syn_mappornWorld Map of Continents Without any Confirmed Cases of Covid-19
7:45a[info]syn_mapporn(OC) THE USA IS NOW THE NEW CORONAVIRUS EPICENTER (March, 27)
8:15a[info]syn_mappornPercentage of population under age 65 without health insurance.
8:50a[info]syn_mappornbuckwheat production faostat
8:50a[info]syn_mappornI drew a map of 19th century europe and someone said I should post it here.
9:16a[info]syn_mappornLuigiana purchase
11:15a[info]syn_mappornWien/Vienna — Route diagram inspired by old 1970/80s design actually used in trams [unofficial] [diagram][OC] — tram line T in 1977. Line T was discontinued in 1984 due the construction of the U-Bahn line U3.
11:15a[info]syn_mappornIndo-Aryan language family
1:17p[info]syn_mappornA map of South America drawn in the 18th century
1:17p[info]syn_mappornFood map of Greece
1:45p[info]syn_mappornWhaling ratio (current population per whales killed 1900-2015)
2:15p[info]syn_mappornCeredigion, Wales (circa 1630s)
2:15p[info]syn_mappornCountries where rapists cannot marry the victim to avoid charges.
2:50p[info]syn_mapporn[OC] The Lost Ski Areas of Alaska (detailed)
2:50p[info]syn_mappornUnique land neighbors for each country
2:50p[info]syn_mappornSatellite observations of nighttime lighting in Wuhan, before and after the Chinese lockdown (Video of Hubei Province in comments) [OC]
3:15p[info]syn_mappornCIA Map on the Ethnic groups seen in Afghanistan
3:15p[info]syn_mapporn4 Ethnic Groups of Pakistan (CIA Map 1980)
3:45p[info]syn_mappornPrimary languages of the Islamic world - Michael Izady -
4:19p[info]syn_mapporn[OC] Largest cities in South Asia in 1950 vs in 2020 — Source: U.N. Urbanization Prospects 2018
4:19p[info]syn_mapporn[OC] 17 map projections and how they distort the shape and size of countries (video, 1:54)
4:49p[info]syn_mappornI made a topographic map of the world as known in 1279AD, All the cities of that time are engraved in the native tongue. Six layers of birch wood.
5:15p[info]syn_mappornMLB fan base ranges in the US
5:48p[info]syn_mappornThomas Jefferson's proposed states for the Northwest Territory, circa 1784. Modern borders in gray.
5:48p[info]syn_mappornThis is my first flag map, ho-e you like it
6:15p[info]syn_mappornCounty results for the 2020 primaries as of March, 27th
6:45p[info]syn_mappornEarliest hand-drawn Map of Harrisburg, Pennsylvania from 1796. Platted by William Maclay, one of Pennsylvania's first US Senators.
6:45p[info]syn_mappornThe Great Loop! A Year-long North American Boating Tour
6:45p[info]syn_mappornIreland, according to the Act of Settlement.
7:15p[info]syn_mappornPennsylvania by G.F. Cram (1888)[9318 x 6752]
7:15p[info]syn_mappornMap of Languages spoken in South America
7:47p[info]syn_mappornThe province of Mounster (c1600)[9040 x 7352]
9:00p[info]syn_mappornRail Network of Croatia, Bosnia & Herzegovina
9:00p[info]syn_mappornProvinces of Armenia and Artsakh/Nagorno Karabakh
10:19p[info]syn_mappornThe results of Dr. Kane's Arctic expedition, by favour of the Royal Geographical Society (1856)[5079 x 7376]
10:47p[info]syn_mappornUS Population Map Overlaid with Current (03/27/2020) Coronavirus Confirmed Cases Map.
10:47p[info]syn_mapporn"Ballon d'Or" awards by biogeographical region of winners' birthplace
10:47p[info]syn_mappornMap of the Near East in ancient times (1783)
11:15p[info]syn_mappornBrazilian Cofee Origins. Brazil is the largest coffee producer in the world since the 1850s.
11:45p[info]syn_mappornMap of my homeland, Friuli Venezia Giulia, IT
11:45p[info]syn_mapporn2017 Catalan Parliament election results
12:18a[info]syn_mappornWatercolor food map of Turkey
12:18a[info]syn_mappornHealthcare expenditure relative to GDP (In EU)
1:20a[info]syn_mappornExaggerated relief map of Canada
1:47a[info]syn_mappornGross debt of EU members
1:47a[info]syn_mappornWorld Median Ages
2:15a[info]syn_mappornWorld Map of Domain Names
2:15a[info]syn_mappornArmours food source map
3:31a[info]syn_mappornThe Crusaders Map of Jerusalem depicts the north wall with a Templars Cross marking the point where in 1099 the crusaders breached the walls of the Holy City.
3:31a[info]syn_mappornHunting in the USSR (1939)
4:01a[info]syn_mappornReligious Map of Northern Ireland
4:01a[info]syn_mappornAreas that will be underwater at 400 meters
4:32a[info]syn_mappornFlooding Risk in the Middle East
4:32a[info]syn_mappornMap of NATO Members in Europe after the Entry of the Republic of Northern Macedonia Today
4:32a[info]syn_mappornGermans like to play with language too, as evidenced in place names
5:04a[info]syn_mappornProvinces of Canada based off their population compared to other countries.
7:18a[info]syn_mapporn3 Hour Delivery Shift during Coronavirus Panic. Darker blue lines represent roads I frequently drove on. This is done in a small town of about 5,000 people.
7:18a[info]syn_mapporn[OC] Continental United States Made out of Stock Imagery
9:19a[info]syn_mappornTerritorial Evolution of Poland [1000-1945]
10:30a[info]syn_mappornMy little brother drew this and wanted me to post it here (2.0) - CANADA
11:08a[info]syn_mappornAshfall Fossil Beds map [paleontology], Nebraska, US
11:31a[info]syn_mappornIllustrated Tourist Map of California, c. 1927
11:31a[info]syn_mappornThe Unique Map of California ca. 1885
12:00p[info]syn_mappornIndians of the United States of America
12:34p[info]syn_mapporncopy of Hand painted map of Swedish County Jämtland dated 1756
12:34p[info]syn_mappornEarth if it was on a Halo Ring
1:48p[info]syn_mapporn"Map of the first ages of the world", 1762
1:48p[info]syn_mappornMap of the reduction of the Aral sea (1960-2015)
1:48p[info]syn_mappornIn 2001 the North American Vexillological Association conducted a survey to determine the best and worst flags in the United States and Canada. This map shows the results of that survey!
3:00p[info]syn_mappornFinal version of Moscow metro map. If there's something needs to be changes, feel free to write. Anyway, hope you'll like it :)
3:33p[info]syn_mappornStates with the most dinosaur sightings
4:04p[info]syn_mappornCorona high risk regions according to the German Robert Koch Institute
4:04p[info]syn_mappornCut-out of London's Piccadilly tube station (1928)
4:30p[info]syn_mappornSpread of the Black Death in Europe
4:30p[info]syn_mappornEurope in the 760s
4:30p[info]syn_mappornGrowth of the Paris region, 1876-2016
5:46p[info]syn_mapporn1901 Map of Japan with Rendered 3D Relief
7:47p[info]syn_mappornCoronavirus cases per capita in Russia
7:47p[info]syn_mappornHandrawn map of europe(2020),drawn from memory. (I am aware of some minor mistakes,ex.:Kosovos flag)
7:47p[info]syn_mappornThe Balkans c.1360
8:15p[info]syn_mappornImaginary map of Europe I drew when I was 13
8:15p[info]syn_mappornQuarantine vs NO2 Output
8:45p[info]syn_mappornUS : 100,000~ Western Europe : 270,000~
9:18p[info]syn_mappornThe Seaborne Public Transit System of Stockholm Archipelago (2020) [Official] [Map]
9:18p[info]syn_mapporn[OC] England split into 48 population-equal counties
9:18p[info]syn_mappornWhere do tourists who come to France come from (by départements)
9:45p[info]syn_mapporn(Worlds) "Cultural Regions and Migrations", Wenschow, 1967 (3036 x 2148)
11:02p[info]syn_mappornongoing armed conflicts in January 2020
11:02p[info]syn_mappornPopulation density of Sweden
11:32p[info]syn_mappornDuring my "social-distancing", I converted an Aviation Map into a live weather map! Figured this might be up your guys' alley!
11:32p[info]syn_mappornI hope I can keep posting these here. I just finished my third map, this time it's Washington, which proved to be more challenging than I thought. I'm happy with how it turned out, just 47 more states to go!
12:00a[info]syn_mappornLanguages of the Pacific Northwest prior to colonization, colored by language family [OC]
12:33a[info]syn_mappornCountries in Africa and when they were decolinized
12:33a[info]syn_mappornThe Kingdoms of King Louis the Great (Red) and his Vassal Territories (Light Red)
1:03a[info]syn_mappornLeast Urbanised Countries
1:03a[info]syn_mappornUS states by number of hospital beds per 1,000 people
2:15a[info]syn_mappornFirst Printed Map of The World
2:15a[info]syn_mapporn"The Lands of the Crown of King Zvonimir" in Trialist Austria Hungary
2:15a[info]syn_mappornVideo shows cell phones on Florida beach during spring break, and where they've travelled during coronavirus outbreak
3:33a[info]syn_mappornMariner's map of Juan de Fuca Straight
4:01a[info]syn_mappornThe Republic of Texas and the United States circa 1841, Paris
4:37a[info]syn_mappornSadows of windmils inn norway on googel maps
4:37a[info]syn_mappornRealized I’ve never looked New Orleans before
5:05a[info]syn_mappornLocation of 100 Best Public High Schools in the United States by County
5:05a[info]syn_mappornTerritorial waters of the Pacific
8:46a[info]syn_mappornDetail from the Trudaine Atlas, c. 1770
8:46a[info]syn_mappornA nearly 900 years old map of the old World by the Aadrisi in the Arabian-Islamic golden age(it is upside down compared to the new maps today)
9:16a[info]syn_mappornThe successor states of the Byzantine Empire following the Fourth Crusade, 1236 AD
9:16a[info]syn_mapporn1920s Geological map of Tasmania [8173 × 9919]
9:46a[info]syn_mappornCountries with Multiple Independent Reentry Vehicles (MIRV)
11:06a[info]syn_mappornA map of Papuan language families I found (over 800 languages)
12:16p[info]syn_mappornAnimated Map of Crete
12:16p[info]syn_mappornEurope (Detailed) - AD 1521 - [6637x4983] [OC]
12:16p[info]syn_mappornEthnical Map of Europe, 1918 by a Lithuanian Politician.
12:45p[info]syn_mappornRegistered Covid-19 deaths by US county (visit for more maps)[OC]
12:45p[info]syn_mappornEmployment specialisation of European regions
1:20p[info]syn_mappornEqual Earth projection
1:20p[info]syn_mappornI made flag map took me 30 hours to draw by my phone from ibis paint x app
3:15p[info]syn_mappornExtremely detailed 2016 presidential election map
3:15p[info]syn_mappornEvolution of the railway system in Romania (1850-2013)
3:45p[info]syn_mappornMap of Trans-African Highways
4:19p[info]syn_mappornGlobal temperature oscillation 1961-2019
4:19p[info]syn_mappornOPEC+ Countries’ Compliance With Oil-Cuts Agreement in January [755x928]
4:19p[info]syn_mappornResearch bases in Antarctica
4:46p[info]syn_mappornEither Hawaiians are idiots, or they know something we don't
4:46p[info]syn_mappornSwiss situation room map
5:15p[info]syn_mappornFirst map of Paris - Around 50 B.C.
5:45p[info]syn_mappornMap of all subnational entities with Very High human development (HDI > 800)
6:18p[info]syn_mappornColors of Asian Passports
6:45p[info]syn_mappornMap of Islands near Stockholm, Sweden. The country has around 221,800 islands!
7:19p[info]syn_mappornBiggest Game Maps in History
7:46p[info]syn_mapporn% change in population by county between 2010 and 2019
7:46p[info]syn_mappornAlternate history - United Republics of Visegrád in 2020
8:15p[info]syn_mappornWashington State Rail System, 2007
8:15p[info]syn_mappornThe disappearance of Irelands rail network..
8:46p[info]syn_mappornLOT Polish Airlines repatriation flight destinations during COVID-19 pandemic [OC]
8:46p[info]syn_mappornMap of 1984 Summer Olympics in Los Angeles
9:45p[info]syn_mappornMap of the Republic of China,from Taiwan Legislative Yuan
9:45p[info]syn_mappornWorld's longest commercial (and domestic) flight, Air Tahiti Nui from Tahiti to Paris, March 2020.
10:18p[info]syn_mappornAttila's Hunnic empire vs the Roman empire [450 AD].
10:53p[info]syn_mappornA map of the shires of the Netherlands in the 10th Century.
10:53p[info]syn_mappornSlope map of the contiguous United States; the brighter the color, the steeper the terrain there is
12:45a[info]syn_mappornMost commonly spoken language other than English or Spanish
1:15a[info]syn_mappornUSSR in 1940
1:15a[info]syn_mappornMy grandfather used all of his hotel/motel keys he received from his job as a traveling salesman and made them into a map of the US
4:04a[info]syn_mappornCoronavirus in New Jersey by County, 3/29/20
4:04a[info]syn_mappornShelter in place actives
5:30a[info]syn_mappornThe nationwide lockdown leads to significant decline in nitrogen dioxide (NO₂) emission in Italy.
5:30a[info]syn_mapporn[OC] Africa Made out of Stock Imagery
7:04a[info]syn_mappornIranian Manifest Destiny Propaganda Map (Circa 1932)
7:04a[info]syn_mappornA really interesting map of the world circa 1994 sung by Yakko
7:04a[info]syn_mapporn[OC] Canada Made out of Stock Imagery
8:15a[info]syn_mappornArmours food source map 1922
8:15a[info]syn_mappornA New Yorkers idea of the USA 1939
10:16a[info]syn_mapporn[OC] Australia Made out of Stock Imagery
10:47a[info]syn_mappornUS Greyhound Bus Lines 1937 [2536x1700]
10:47a[info]syn_mappornEver notice how the NYC subway map looks like a giant penis? (Literal Map Porn)
11:15a[info]syn_mappornItalien food map
11:45a[info]syn_mappornDiversity in the USA - From 1940 by the Council Against Intolerance in America.
12:17p[info]syn_mappornHunting Map of USSR, 1939
2:15p[info]syn_mappornLA highway system map (work in progress)
2:47p[info]syn_mappornHistoric vs Present Geographical Distribution of Lions
2:47p[info]syn_mappornTo whoever Said that Guyana and Suriname are small
3:20p[info]syn_mappornRepublic of Texas in 1844, on the eve of US-Mexican war
3:20p[info]syn_mappornCountries richer & poorer than Turkey
4:30p[info]syn_mappornSumatra to New Guinea actually stretches from Lisbon to northern Siberia!
4:30p[info]syn_mappornI made a hypothetical Bike Race through Japan! (plus a Dark-Mode version!)
5:04p[info]syn_mappornSenior citizens (people ages 60 and up) per available hospital bed [OC]
5:04p[info]syn_mappornDensity of shipping traffic around the world
5:04p[info]syn_mappornThe True Size post to end them all
5:04p[info]syn_mappornA Quarantine Contribution: my emoji map of Pennsylvania
5:32p[info]syn_mappornWeather forecast from home in Spain during quarantine
5:32p[info]syn_mappornIndonesia goes from Iceland to Iraq
6:00p[info]syn_mappornNeat old T map with illustrations of each station
6:34p[info]syn_mappornIron Curtain effective barrier against Coronavirus
7:00p[info]syn_mappornBattle of Messines explosion during WWI
8:15p[info]syn_mappornA comparison of some big countries to Europe (TIL Alaska is huge)
8:15p[info]syn_mappornMap of the world by wine production
8:49p[info]syn_mappornPayment Processing Data Shows Severe Impact on Hotels and Restaurants
8:49p[info]syn_mappornHighest paid public employee in each state
9:18p[info]syn_mappornMap of land usage in France
9:18p[info]syn_mappornA map of Paris by Braun and Hogenberg like it was around 1530.
9:46p[info]syn_mappornEthno-linguistic map of Europe from 1938.
10:19p[info]syn_mappornCountries with higher or lower GDP per capita than Portugal
10:19p[info]syn_mappornThe Mediterranean without border by Sabine Rétoré (2011)
10:47p[info]syn_mappornI thought Cuba was smaller before I compared it to the UK
11:15p[info]syn_mappornEurope on Google Street view
11:15p[info]syn_mappornALL shipwrecks in England
11:47p[info]syn_mappornTopography maps from the 60s. Thought you guys might get a kick out of them. Left one is in German I think
1:08a[info]syn_mappornAnimated GIF of WWII, From the invasion of Poland in 1939 to 1945, When Germany surrendered to the Allies. (in German)
1:08a[info]syn_mappornEmoji map of Florida
2:15a[info]syn_mappornPolicies regarding stay-at-home measures overlayed with 2016 election results
2:15a[info]syn_mappornMap of where Mexican liquors can be grown
2:15a[info]syn_mappornWatercolor map of the Mexican Empire, 1821
2:46a[info]syn_mappornThe Basis of US State Abbreviations (OC)
3:15a[info]syn_mapporn[GIF] Native American Land (Blue & Red) 1776 - Present Day
3:15a[info]syn_mappornMap of most popular sports by country
3:45a[info]syn_mappornUnited States at beginning of Mexican War 1846
4:39a[info]syn_mappornEmoji Map of Connecticut
5:04a[info]syn_mappornAuthoritarian Regimes around the world
5:30a[info]syn_mappornEmoji Map of Washington state
6:03a[info]syn_mappornMap of Argentina made of Stock(-ish) Imagery
6:03a[info]syn_mappornBird's eye view of Medieval Tunis, one of the largest and cosmopolitan cities of the middle ages, with Andalusian Muslims and Jews making their homes there, and the successor of Carthage
6:32a[info]syn_mappornParty Affiliation of the Governors of each US state and territory (and the mayor of DC)
6:32a[info]syn_mappornEmoji Map of Colorado
7:02a[info]syn_mappornEmoji map of Nebraska. We have corn.
8:15a[info]syn_mappornEmoji Map of Washington State (fixed)
8:49a[info]syn_mappornEmoji Minnesota
10:01a[info]syn_mappornEmoji Map of Illinois [OC]
10:01a[info]syn_mappornEmoji map of Massachusetts (idea shamefully stolen!)
10:01a[info]syn_mappornFrance nitrogen dioxide (NO₂) emission levels, March 2019 vs 2020
10:30a[info]syn_mappornEmoji Oregon
11:02a[info]syn_mappornWhat if Turkey was vertical
11:34a[info]syn_mappornComparison of Belgium & European Turkey
11:34a[info]syn_mappornRecognition of the Republic of China (Taiwan) over time
12:00p[info]syn_mappornNumber of senior citizens (ages 60 and up) per available hospital bed in 2017 [1951x2048]
12:31p[info]syn_mappornThis map I found while cleaning up!
12:31p[info]syn_mappornCountries with higher or lower GDP (PPP) per capita than Portugal
1:45p[info]syn_mappornMap of Ghosoh Vilayeti, a former province of the Ottoman Empire that included parts of Albania, Kosovo, North Macedonia, and Serbia; Written in beautiful Turkish calligraphy, wish they still made maps like this
1:45p[info]syn_mappornMaps of TABULA GEOGRAPHICA IMPERII TURCICI from 1759.
1:45p[info]syn_mappornold_physical_map_of_Russian_Empire_1915 [8397 x 6048]
1:45p[info]syn_mappornArea of New South Wales burned in 2019/20 fire season
1:45p[info]syn_mappornE. Sachse & Co's Bird's Eye View of the City of Baltimore, 1869
1:45p[info]syn_mappornJust another ancient roman 'world' map
2:15p[info]syn_mappornSnapshot of what the air traffic looked like Sunday, 29 March 2020, compared to Sunday 31 March 2019
2:15p[info]syn_mappornCanadian provinces but labeled with countries with the same population
2:15p[info]syn_mapporn[OC] Just a first version, I'd be grateful if you help me find new data
2:47p[info]syn_mappornHDI World Map for 1990 with 2019 colors [6060 x 2737]
2:47p[info]syn_mappornSiege of Quebec (1759)
2:47p[info]syn_mappornMap of Denmark from 1636
2:47p[info]syn_mappornIsometric Tourist Map of Copenhagen (circa 1940s-50s)
4:03p[info]syn_mappornThe British Empire throughout the world (ca. 1870)
4:03p[info]syn_mappornWatercolor map of Western Europe
4:03p[info]syn_mappornSoviet map of the Kamchatka Peninsula (1967)
4:30p[info]syn_mappornA World of Languages. By Lucas López
4:30p[info]syn_mappornWith or without Mercator projection Russia is huge.
5:04p[info]syn_mappornUninsured Americans Likely to be Most Prolific Coronavirus Carriers [OC]
5:04p[info]syn_mappornEthnicities and religions in Iran.
5:31p[info]syn_mappornProportion of the Jews in Africa, 2005
5:31p[info]syn_mappornMap of all Polish local councils that refuse to carry presidential elections during pandemic despite government's push to do so at any price.
5:31p[info]syn_mappornEach family member colored a quarter of each state visited
6:01p[info]syn_mappornHungarian border barrier (with Slovakia, Czechia & Poland assisting in its operation)
6:01p[info]syn_mappornCritical care beds per 100,000 inhabitants
6:01p[info]syn_mappornThis map I bought at goodwill awhile back
6:01p[info]syn_mappornCoronavirus case map by zip code in Oakland County MI (county comprising north and northwest metro Detroit)
6:01p[info]syn_mappornStates with a smaller population than Los Angeles County [960 x 606]
6:31p[info]syn_mappornRoman trade network in 180 AD. [2621×1414]
6:31p[info]syn_mappornThis Visualisation of air traffic over the British Isles showing 25 March 2019 – 6,224 flights – and 25 March 2020 – 1,415 flights, A 77% drop
6:31p[info]syn_mappornThe most efficient route between every Springfield in the United States
7:04p[info]syn_mappornMap of Europe's most popular surnames
7:30p[info]syn_mappornI know it’s a little late, but I thought I would post this map I made of all 2019 severe weather reports.
8:00p[info]syn_mappornBreakdown of Rotterdam Port- Europe’s busiest sea port!
8:00p[info]syn_mappornOld stylish map of Arkhangelsk Governorate (1843)
8:00p[info]syn_mappornA map of Bermuda that I've had for a while
8:34p[info]syn_mappornMy friend isn't great at geography. I had them fill out a map of the US. [OC]
8:34p[info]syn_mappornOld map of Arkhangelsk Governorate (1843)
9:45p[info]syn_mapporn% of the population without health insurance under age 65 [OC]
9:45p[info]syn_mappornThe Extreme Relief Globe - Part Two with Closeups!
9:45p[info]syn_mappornEmoji New York (State)
9:45p[info]syn_mappornEthnicity of the Austro-Hungarian Empire (1867-1908)
10:19p[info]syn_mappornGerman Map of the Balkans 1881
10:46p[info]syn_mappornEvery US state mapped by the amount of Native Americans