August, 2019 - syn_torrentfrea

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Month View
Here are the subjects of all posts in the [info]syn_torrentfrea journal in August, 2019.

9:02a[info]syn_torrentfreaHome Owners to Be Held Liable For Pirate Boxes, Malaysia Says
7:15p[info]syn_torrentfreaIPTV Service SET TV Must Pay $7.6 Million in Piracy Damages
10:51a[info]syn_torrentfreaDISH Sues ‘Pirate’ IPTV Providers Including Two Already ‘Seized’ By ACE
7:45p[info]syn_torrentfreaRetired Police Officer Wants $48,773 from Copyright Troll
10:39a[info]syn_torrentfreaMindgeek Asks Cloudflare to Unmask Tube Site Uploaders
7:07p[info]syn_torrentfreauTorrent Desktop Client Will Stop Working on New Mac OS
9:49a[info]syn_torrentfreaRIAA Asks Cloudflare to Unmask Owner of Turbobit
6:28p[info]syn_torrentfreaCharter: Fast Internet Speeds are Not Just for Pirates
11:47a[info]syn_torrentfreaWill Cloudflare Kicking 8chan Undermine Pirate Sites?
1:29p[info]syn_torrentfreaTop 10 Most Pirated Movies of The Week on BitTorrent – 08/05/19
6:00p[info]syn_torrentfreaIndustry Groups Share Anti-Piracy Wish List With US Government
10:15a[info]syn_torrentfreaJapan: Piracy Warning Popups Could Violate Privacy
9:23p[info]syn_torrentfreaGame of Thrones Visibly Boosted Global Piracy Traffic
10:52a[info]syn_torrentfreaBREIN “Burns Buttocks” of Pirate Who Forged Email & Refused to Pay Up
8:35p[info]syn_torrentfrea‘Cheating’ Fortnite Kid Wants Copyright Lawsuit Dismissed
7:20a[info]syn_torrentfreaIndian High Court Orders ISPs to Block 1,129 Sites to Protect One Movie From Piracy
1:03p[info]syn_torrentfreaHTTPS Interception “Breaks” Slider Music Search Engine
8:36p[info]syn_torrentfreaTorrent Mogul YTS is Being Sued By Yet Another Movie Company
9:24a[info]syn_torrentfreaPolice Arrest Two in Football Piracy Crackdown
9:53p[info]syn_torrentfreaRIAA: Ebay and Amazon Sell a Lot of Copyright Infringing Music
9:17a[info]syn_torrentfreaBulgaria CyberCrime Unit Arrests Man For Running Dozens of Pirate Sites
6:59p[info]syn_torrentfrea‘Copyright Troll’ Files Over 1,000 Piracy Lawsuits in Half a Year
9:35a[info]syn_torrentfreaSerie A Launches Anti-Piracy Campaign But Shares ‘Sponsor’ With Pirate Movies
7:43p[info]syn_torrentfreaRightsholders Remove Google Results of Legal Search Engine ‘JustWatch’
9:35a[info]syn_torrentfreaKim Dotcom Set to Mobilize Former Megaupload Users Against Joe Biden
11:57a[info]syn_torrentfreaTop 10 Most Pirated Movies of The Week on BitTorrent – 08/12/19
4:33p[info]syn_torrentfreaBell and Rogers to Request ‘Pirate’ Site Blocking Order in Canada
9:53a[info]syn_torrentfreaWarner Bros. Obtains Several Blocking Orders Targeting Major Pirate Sites
7:11p[info]syn_torrentfreaMusic Companies Accuse Cox of Gamesmanship, Ask Court for Sanctions
8:54a[info]syn_torrentfreaTV Distributors Abandon IPTV Blocking Application Down Under
7:13p[info]syn_torrentfreaAds on Pirate Sites Can Hurt Sales, Survey Finds
5:17a[info]syn_torrentfrea‘Get it Right’ Hopes High-Profile Social Influencers Can Deter Piracy
12:09p[info]syn_torrentfrea‘Google Blocked TorrentFreak From Appearing in Search Feature’
3:12a[info]syn_torrentfreaYouTube Forbids Monetizing Short Music Clips Through Manual Content-ID Claims
3:18p[info]syn_torrentfreaCloudflare Flags Copyright Lawsuits as Potential Liabilities Ahead of IPO
4:08a[info]syn_torrentfreaDisney and Charter Team Up on Piracy Mitigation
5:32p[info]syn_torrentfreaMan Tried to Burn Down Telecoms Watchdog to Avenge Pirate Site-Blocking
6:53a[info]syn_torrentfreaAnti-Piracy Efforts Are Unlikely to Beat Sci-Hub
5:39p[info]syn_torrentfreaDISH Files $10m Copyright Infringement Lawsuit Against Easybox IPTV
9:17a[info]syn_torrentfreaNetflix’s First Pirate Site Blocking Application Granted in Australia
12:56p[info]syn_torrentfreaTop 10 Most Pirated Movies of The Week on BitTorrent – 08/19/19
8:36p[info]syn_torrentfreaCourt Denies Default Judgment Against ‘Cheating’ Fortnite Kid, In Spite of Mom’s ‘Defense’
3:51a[info]syn_torrentfreaYouTube Sues Alleged Scammer Over DMCA Extortion Scheme
10:22a[info]syn_torrentfreaFACT Confirms Premier League Anti-Piracy Action Against IPTV Suppliers
8:59p[info]syn_torrentfreaCox Asks Court to Sanction Labels Over Destroyed Tracking Evidence
8:16a[info]syn_torrentfreaVader Streams Was Shut Down By ACE, Must Pay $10m Damages
7:32p[info]syn_torrentfreaOmniverse Fears Criminal Investigation Into Alleged IPTV Piracy
10:11a[info]syn_torrentfreaCan YouTube Be Liable For Copyright Infringing Videos? EU Court to Decide
5:07p[info]syn_torrentfreaIPGuys ‘Pirate’ IPTV Service Sued by DISH Networks
10:23a[info]syn_torrentfreaBill Aims to Deter Piracy by Teaching Copyright in Philippine Schools
5:04p[info]syn_torrentfreaInternet Archive Faces Permanent ISP Blocking Following Audiobook Lawsuits
9:57a[info]syn_torrentfreaEBook.Bike Copyright Case Heading Towards Trial, Default Set Aside
5:37p[info]syn_torrentfreaPirate Site Blocking Boosts Netflix Subscriptions, Research Suggests
10:04a[info]syn_torrentfreaCopyright Alliance Warns U.S. About Pirate Streaming Apps and Devices
7:10p[info]syn_torrentfreaIPTV Providers Reject Claims of Links to Drugs, Weapons, People Trafficking
8:59a[info]syn_torrentfreaAlliance For Creativity Now Effectively Controls Vader’s IPTV Domains
9:15a[info]syn_torrentfreaTop 10 Most Pirated Movies of The Week on BitTorrent – 08/26/19
8:18p[info]syn_torrentfreaMovie Company Sues Hawaiian ISP Over ‘Repeatedly Pirating’ Hotel
7:48a[info]syn_torrentfreaFoxtel Obtains First ‘Dynamic’ Injunction Against Torrent, Streaming & Proxy Sites
8:31p[info]syn_torrentfreaRIAA Refuses to Share Results of ‘Six Strikes’ Anti-Piracy Scheme
8:41a[info]syn_torrentfreaEight Men Behind Two Pirate Streaming Services Charged by Grand Jury
12:51p[info]syn_torrentfreaSteal This Show: ‘How To Hack A Democracy’
4:39p[info]syn_torrentfreaMusic Companies Sue Internet Provider RCN For Enabling ‘Massive’ Piracy
9:44a[info]syn_torrentfreaISPs Block BitTorrent Traffic Despite EU Net Neutrality Regulation
4:10p[info]syn_torrentfreaYouTube Sued For $720K Over Alleged Copyright Strike “Retaliation”
8:22a[info]syn_torrentfreaUFC Knocks Out First Pirate Site Following Debut Blocking Action
7:50p[info]syn_torrentfreaShowbox Site Owner Settles Piracy Case For $150,000
11:17a[info]syn_torrentfreaDISH Sues ‘Pirate’ IPTV Suppliers One Box TV & Miracle Box
6:28p[info]syn_torrentfrea“Legal Options Are a Better Way to Beat Piracy Than Enforcement”