imp_2143 ([info]alexbogd@lj) wrote on August 7th, 2005 at 06:22 am
вот еще, кстати, дополнение
BARCELONA, Spain, July 30 (AFP) - Princess Alexia, eldest daughter of
Greece's former King Constantine II and Queen Anne-Marie, on Saturday gave birth
to her third child and first son, Carlos, hospital sources said here.
Alexia, who is married to Spanish architect Carlos Morales, has two
daughters, Arrietta and Ana Maria, aged four and two.
The sources at Barcelona's Teknon clinic said both mother and child,
weighing 3.76 kilograms (8.5 pounds), were doing well.
Forced to flee after a 1967 military coup before a 1973 constitution
prohibited the monarchy, Constantine now lives in London. His sister Sophia is
married to Spanish King Juan Carlos.
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