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Пишет Misha Verbitsky ([info]tiphareth)
@ 2012-02-23 03:37:00

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2012-02-06 01:59 (ссылка)
да, дурдом натуральный. Сам Каддафи гомосеков адски мучал
сразу, то есть более гомофобного режима даже в Африке найти непросто

In the 1990s, Libyan autocratic ruler Muammar Gaddafi began to enact “purification” laws designed to enforce a harsh view of Islamic law on the population. Libyan courts were given the power to use amputation, flogging and other cruel punishments against persons found to be violating traditional Islamic morality.

Female homosexuality would also appear to be illegal, as is making any sort of public acknowledgment that a person is gay. In a 2010 French asylum case involving a Libyan girl who sought asylum after being jailed, raped and then returned to her family for a forced marriage after she made a public statement online that she was gay.

The government does not permit the public advocacy of LGBT rights and homosexuality and cross-dressing are considered highly taboo within the society. When they are discussed, it is always in a negative manner, in keeping with traditional Islamic morality.


LGBT groups in Libya and abroad have welcomed the rebel victory. Qaddafi’s “purification” laws of the 1990s had reasserted a profound hostility to transgender and gay expressions including the banning of certain types of clothing and a blanket ban on any outside-marriage partnerships. The five-year jail sentence for this had led to many fleeing the regime to the UK only to find themselves returned to the regime by the UK government. Ironically, one of Qaddafi's sons left behind gay pornographic material as he fled as well as accounts of his affairs with men.

The formal legal rights of women under the old regime were also a complete fiction. Families were segregated according to gender and the much touted “revolutionary nuns” of Qaddafi’s personal bodyguard are now recounting stories of personal rape by Qaddafi and his sons.

On 1 September 10,000 women in Martyrs’ Square, Tripoli, demonstrated in support of the victorious rebellion — a huge watershed in the emancipation of women in Libya. Long-time feminist activist Gahida Altwati, who had been imprisoned in Abu Salim prison by Qaddafi after she refused to work with the regime, spoke to the crowd.

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2012-02-06 06:29 (ссылка)
Англарес ради антиисламизма пойдет на любое преступление, такой человек.

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2012-02-06 12:44 (ссылка)
жесть какая. вот потому то россияне его так и любят, не иначе. разврат с насилием запретил.

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