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Пишет Misha Verbitsky ([info]tiphareth)
Re: Австриец отпилил себе ногу и запек ее в духовке, чтоб
герой, че
надо поставить ему памятник
.All those who sustain anything merely contribute to police work.
We know that all extant ideas and forms of belief are insufficient.
Present-day society is thus divided between lettrists and police
informers. There are no nihilists, only impotents. Almost everything
is forbidden. The detournement of the minors and the use of drugs are
pursued in the same way as all our more general efforts to transcend
the void. Many of our comrades are in jail for theft. We protest the
punishment inflicted on those who have realized that it is absolutely
unnecessarily to work. We refuse to talk about it. Human relationships
must be grounded in passion, if not terror. (Manifesto of Internationale Lettriste)

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