Misha Verbitsky - November 13th, 2012

November 13th, 2012

November 13th, 2012
12:17 am


The Copyright Lobby Absolutely Loves Child Pornography
Если кто-то не видел еще.
К закрытию рутрэкера и либрусека.

The Copyright Lobby Absolutely Loves Child Pornography

"Child pornography is great," the man said
enthusiastically. "Politicians do not understand file
sharing, but they understand child pornography, and they
want to filter that to score points with the public. Once
we get them to filter child pornography, we can get them
to extend the block to file sharing."

The date was May 27, 2007, and the man was Johan Schluter,
head of the Danish Anti-Piracy Group
(Antipiratgruppen). He was speaking in front of an
audience from which the press had been banned; it was
assumed to be copyright industry insiders only. It
wasnЫt. Christian Engstrom, who's now a Member of the
European Parliament, Oscar Swartz, and I were also there.

"My friends," Schluter said. "We must filter the Internet
to win over online file sharing. But politicians donЫt
understand that file sharing is bad, and this is a problem
for us. Therefore, we must associate file sharing with
child pornography. Because thatЫs something the
politicians understand, and something they want to filter
off the Internet."

"We are developing a child pornography filter in
cooperation with the IFPI and the MPA so we can show
politicians that filtering works," he said. "Child
pornography is an issue they understand." Schluter grinned

I couldn't believe my ears as I heard this the first
time. But the strategy has been set into motion worldwide.

* * *

Все так.

Думских мразей, очевидно купили.
Что занятно - весьма задешево, потому что цены
вопроса они не поняли (похоже, не понимают
даже сейчас).

Ненавижу, мрази ебаные, идиотские.
Кто голосовал за CP, называется дикое ебаное
говно. Убейте себя срочно, суки.

Особенно этот ваш мерзкий "Пономарев".

А детскую порнографию необходимо легализовать.


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