Misha Verbitsky - October 23rd, 2015

October 23rd, 2015

October 23rd, 2015
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wherever I am, I must also rape
Коллекция ссылок на историю о том, как
активистку за миграцию, которая провела месяц
волонтером в лагере для беженцев на границе Италии
и Франции, коллективно изнасиловала толпа суданцев.
Она месяц мучалась чувством вины перед суданцами,
но потом таки пошла в полицию и призналась во всем.
Kоллеги по кампфу неодобряют, что пошла, потому что
она всю их борьбу за миграцию поставила под удар.


Ну, в принципе, они правы конечно: если ты борешься
за увеличение количества изнасилований, глупо жаловаться,
если тебя изнасиловали, надо наоборот радоваться.
Которые люди не понимают категорического императива,
неуважаю их совершенно.

Via [info]array.


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"black cock is expensive"
Тоже интересно вот.

Сомалиец дико избил и изнасиловал 12-летнюю шведку,
получил условный срок и 180 часов community service.

...According to recently released court documents, translated

by The Daily Caller News Foundation, on Nov. 10, 2014,
Guled Mohamud, a Somali citizen who now resides in
Sundsvall, lured to his home an unidentified girl who had
just days before turned 12 years old. He apparently was
able to draw her into his apartment by having a friend
claim to possess intimate photographs of her.

Once the girl was in his home, Mohamud violently raped the
preteen, tearing her jacket off and holding her to the
ground while repeatedly striking her face.

He then forced the girl to perform oral sex on him, while
repeatedly taunting her sexually. When the girl returned
home, she was covered with blood and bruises.

...The injured party is only 12 years old. She has

recounted the incident but did so with a child's
language. Although her story isn't that extensive it
contains some unique details, such as Guled Mohamud
several times having stated that "black cock is expensive"

Ida's mother attested that when she saw her daughter later
that day she looked as though she had been beaten up and
bled profusely from her lower abdomen.

The court concluded that it is beyond reasonable doubt
that he raped the girl vaginally, showered her face / head
with blows and held a hand in front of her mouth.

Nonetheless Mohamud was sentenced to a measly 180 hours of
community service with probation.


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