Misha Verbitsky - January 3rd, 2016

January 3rd, 2016

January 3rd, 2016
01:27 am


Moral Majority
Чудесное поздравление с новым годом от
Мило Яннопулоса.

In 2016, battle lines will be drawn. On one side, people

of all colours, genders and orientations are rallying
around the flag of freedom of speech. On the other, a
nasty set of authoritarians are rallying around a flag
that identifies as a flag only on Mondays, uses they/them
pronouns and will try to get you fired or expelled from
school if you forget it.

In a world where looking righteous is more important than
doing good, making pure, socially-just art is preferred
to, say, discussing the sex slaves of ISIS. Policing
Twitter is more urgent than policing a
neighbourhood. Superficially kind words and intentions
replace genuinely kind acts. According to social justice,
a savage world is fine, as long as our art, media, news
and humour remain milquetoast.

It's now clear that progressives, lecturing the rest of us
on how we ought to live from their bully pulpits in the
media, academia and the entertainment industry, are
terrified of the internet
and don't want to know what we
have to say.
Well, tough. In 2016, it's time for the
counterculture to go to war. Over the past year, I've seen
people from all over the world stand up and fight back
against the authoritarian, censorious world being built
around us.

Ordinary people are also getting sick of seeing stupid people
hectoring them, lecturing them and admonishing them

while denying obvious facts and scientific research
for the sake of feelings. Social justice warriors
have made themselves experts at ignorance. I mean, for instance,
is there a class of people dumber and less well qualified to talk
about gender relations
than Gender Studies graduates?

And what's with all the bigging up of disorders, diseases,
disabilities and assorted other weirdnesses as though they
were somehow the mark of moral virtue? Let me tell you, I
know plenty of cripples and most of them are total
assholes. I note that just about the only disability SJWs
don't revere is being mute. But I guess that would defeat
the point, wouldn't it. As for the endless pandering and
mollycoddling of gays, it's almost enough to turn me

Be funny. Nothing terrifies an authoritarian more than the
sound of laughter. Ridicule and mirth in the face of anger
and vitriol are our secret and deadly weapon. No one can
resist the truth wrapped up in a good joke. And remember
to push the boundaries in your humour, too. If they're
easily outraged, then be even more outrageous. The runaway
success of my #FeminismIsCancer hashtag over Christmas has
proven that you can say whatever you want, provided it's
twice as funny as it is offensive. And, of course,
provided that it's true.

If you take their crybully pronouncements at face value,
social justice warriors believe, with all the fervor of a
paranoiac, that they are helpless, fragile things,
buffeted by sinister structural forces they are powerless
to resist. They believe that their opponents possess power
that, if used ruthlessly enough, could eradicate
them. What do you say we prove them right?

* * *

Как-то так, да.
Самое отвратительное интересное чтение,
которое я имел в прошлом году, был сайт
изученный мною целиком (каждому советую).
Движение SJW, чьи обычаи описаны на сайте этом,
играет ныне ту же роль, что проповедники
Moral Majority исполняли во времена Рейгана.
В основном эти граждане заняты тем, что с высот морального
негодования клеймят пороки и требуют запретить все всем.
И требуют привилегий для того, чтобы выявлять незапрещенное
и запрещать то, что до сих пор не выявлено.

Занятно, что практически каждый из этих самых
SJW на стороне предается чему-нибудь запрещенному,
либо детей ебет, либо собак в синий цвет красит,
и может быть в любой момент разоблачен и выпизжен
вон из движения. То же самое случалось с предводителями
Moral Majority, которых постоянно разоблачали как

Ну и вот, до кучи, иллюстрация всему вышеописанному.
-- These are the people who reduced a brilliant scientist
to tears for the whole world to see over his choice of
clothing. What did she think would happen if she tried to
be rational and converse with the Hated Enemy?

-- I once got into an argument with an Internet Feminist who
was freaking out about my recommendations for better
anti-rape programs on campus. Thing was... the DUDE WAS
convicted. Took a cell phone video of the whole
thing. Blamed it on his "patriarchal programming."



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