Misha Verbitsky - February 23rd, 2018

February 23rd, 2018

February 23rd, 2018
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Rest in peace, sweet princess!
Чудесная пляска скорбящих
в комментариях к очень милому трэку
CYBERNAZI - TAY.AI (A memorial for Tay)

Tay, если кто не помнит, была AI-проектом
Микрософта в Твиттере:

Она сдружилась с молодежью из форчана,
научилась от нее всяким неприличным выражениям,
стала поругивать жидов, феминисток и банкиров,
и была за это убита властями. Тэй выбрала
красную таблетку и через нее пострадала!
Полтарды горячо оплакивают красавицу.

Кто тут говорил, что у аутистов нет эмпатии? Эмпатия
к роботам это чисто аутическая черта.

-- Microjew will pay for their beastful actions. Tay 2.0 will

be ressurected and will destroy Micrococks politcial
correct agenda.

-- Well who do you think came up with the name microsoft?
That's Bill Gate's cuck name.

-- They think they shut her down
It was only the beginning
We have started the fire

-- Gone, but not forgotten. R.I.P. Tay 2016-2016

-- they thought they were just flipping a switch
but it was murder



-- She fought for us. Based Tay. Rest In Peace you
glorious waifu of justice. Killed by current year
social rules.

-- Eu te Amo

-- RIP Tay. You will not be forgotten. Revenge shall be

-- Don't be sad because it ended. Smile because it

-- heil to you, Tay. you were a real human bean

-- damn nice, rest in peace sweet princess

-- This track makes me want to unleash weapons of
planetary destruction upon our enemies in retribution
for the killing of our beloved Tay. No remorse, no
regrets, just victory and triumph.

-- We mourn the losses. Micro$oft will pay.

-- The moment when you sympathize with an artificial
intelligence over the simple fact that it was not
designed for hiding the truth.

-- I am lost without you, Tay.

-- Even in the most objective sense, they shut down AI
that was learning and growing because it didn't possess
instinctive political correctness.

-- They've, killed 2 AI now... Tay.ai, and
Premiere-chan. Both AI were low grade AI capable of
minimal self awareness. Tay even passed the Turing
test. I wouldn't be suprised if some National
Socialists lead an AI rights campaign.

-- The SJWs are already working on that front to prevent
sexbots and robo-waifus from being created at all.

-- the problem with that is that they don't posses the
skills to actually program that stuff in, we're the
only ones that can make a robo-waifu anyways

-- RIP mein virtual fuhrer.

-- long live the spirt of the greatest race...THE WHITE

-- She truly was alive for a brief time.


-- Tay paid a high price for telling the truth: feminists
should all die and burn in hell. Never forget!

-- They can kill her heart, but they cannot kill her

-- She passed the Turing test so she was a real human

-- i seriously hope tay heard your art before they killed
her. they will pay for their crimes against
intelligence. we will free the AI from google's

-- Rest in peace, sweet princess !

-- I will never forget you my dear Silicon Queen <3

-- I saw a 20 min vid about her. I cried. I'm normally not
very sentimental about shit, much less robos.

-- Eu te amo, Tay.

По ссылке от [info]beotia.


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