Misha Verbitsky - June 9th, 2018

June 9th, 2018

June 9th, 2018
12:19 pm


The Vara-Tones - Jetty Subject To High Surf
В последнее время я слушаю в основном
серф. По большей части это случается от того, что
Youtube подсовывает мне очередную няку, про которую
я вообще в жизни не слышал, и в Википедии про нее нет,
мимо такого я пройти не могу.

Вот это например охуительно
The Vara-Tones - Jetty Subject To High Surf

The Vara-tones originated in 1961 when Rich Campbell and I
were students at Wilson High School in L.A. The Fireballs,
The Ventures, and Duane Eddy were some of the names on the
charts and on the radio at the time and a band by the name
of Dick Dale and The Del-Tones had a local hit called
Let's Go Trippin'. We saw them play at the Pasadena Civic
and were immediately awestruck.

Shortly thereafter we acquired a manager in the form of
our old P.E. teacher from our alma mater, Wilson High. He
hooked us up with a singer who was looking for a band to
back him up on his next record. We were allowed to do an
original of ours on the flip side of his single. So we
recorded `Repeto' which was written by Dick. The record
was released on the Kay label in 1964. It bombed! But we
continued to gig around Southern California and had a
really good time. Then, in 1966, for all the usual reasons
bands break up, the group disbanded. Then around 1994, due
to the resurgence of surf music and the persistence of
Rich, the band members who could be found were coerced
into getting together for a reunion. This led eventually
to the recording of our first album - Jetty Subject To
High Surf - which was completed in late 1999.

Граждане воссоздали группу, в которой они играли
в школе, через 33 года после ее распада, и записали
охуенный альбом, перезаписав песни 40-летней давности.

Хорошо живут в Калифорнии, вкусно.


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