Misha Verbitsky - September 26th, 2018

September 26th, 2018

September 26th, 2018
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нос в риталине
про то, как школьницы решили потравить
одноклассника (сына автора статьи, известной
), обвинив его в половом харрассменте.

...The background was this: 18 girls, most of them

children of the staff, had decided my son was - and I'll
use their term - "retarded" and therefore "dangerous."
(I'll point out that the speech impediment was the ONLY
reason they could even think so.) And they'd decided to
make us remove him from the school/get the school to expel
him by accusing him of "harassing them."

It included such charming incidents as claiming he blocked
the door to them so they couldn't leave the school, on a
day when he was home sick. That he'd called them lesbians
when that was a word he a) didn't know the meaning of and
b) couldn't pronounce because of speech impediment. That
he'd FOLLOWED THEM HOME, throwing rocks and threatening
them, on a day I'd picked him up in the car. (In fact, I
started making a practice of this. Which is why one day,
parked under a tree, I watched my son leave the school
pursued by one of these delicate flowers who was throwing
rocks at him and calling him filthy names.)

Our son became clinically depressed. He gained fifty
pounds. He slept all the time. The administration and the
school entrusted with his education told us only that
girls don't make things up, so he must be doing something.

* * *

До кучи, статья про то, как американским детям
(в основном мальчикам) всем подряд ставлят диагноз
ADHD (Attention Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder),
и прописывают им риталин
и аддерал, 15% американских детей. Причем среди
детей, родившихся в декабре, с таким диагнозом
живет аж 40 процентов, потому что они идут в школу
на год раньше и более непоседливы, чем их

Про опасность риталина:

Впрочем, по психофармакологическим
свойствам риталин целиком аналогичен кокаину,
так что фактически детям дают то самое,
к чему стремится практически все взрослое
население США. По-ленински, по-коммунистически.

Почитал про кокаиновые досуги депутатов
и вспомнил вот.


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05:23 pm


Meet the most dangerous man in the world!
"Meet the most dangerous man in the world"
Уморительнейшая статья про Гельевича.

With his unkempt beard, an obsession with the mystical and the occult, and a powerful hold over Russia's autocratic leader, it isn't hard to see why Aleksandr Dugin is likened to a modern-day Rasputin.

The ultra-nationalist, ultra-conservative philosopher has a considerable profile in Russia, where he is known as 'Putin's brain', his writings and utterances providing an ideological veneer for the president's cynical power plays.

Beyond his country's borders, he has been a less familiar figure - but that is now beginning to change, both as Vladimir Putin's actions become increasingly reckless, and as Dugin himself becomes a guru for far-right activists in the West.

Of course, his distinctive appearance, and unmistakable likeness to the 'Mad Monk' who bewitched the family of Russia's last Tsar, have helped considerably in this. Dugin is, though, far from being 'Russia's greatest love machine'. Born in 1962, he is in a long-standing, apparently stable marriage to fellow philosophy graduate Natalia Melentyeva and has two children.

Dugin and Putin's views are rabidly anti-Western, anti-liberal, totalitarian and socially backward, with an oddly obsessive focus on homosexuality. Both are fervent proponents of expanding Russia's power in pursuit of these ideas. They exult in the use of underhand methods or military force to do so.

Alexander Dugin is peddling a rehashed version of the fascist ideology that once led the world into catastrophe. But the substantial influence Dugin exerts over ultra-powerful people like Putin and, indirectly, Trump, makes him a frightening figure.

Охуительно вообще.


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