Misha Verbitsky - October 15th, 2018

October 15th, 2018

October 15th, 2018
10:38 am


"Ayaan Hirsi Ali, ты следующая"
про то, как в Брандайзе выдали почетную степень
Ayaan Hirsi Ali за борьбу за права женщин при исламе,
но после кампании протеста со стороны SJW отменили.

Если кто не помнит, Ayaan Hirsi Ali это писательница, которая совместно
с Тео ван Гогом сделала фильм Submission, за который
ван Гога убили исламские террористы, и приделали
к трупу бумажку с надписью "Ayaan Hirsi Ali, ты

Интересно, что Брандейз был изначально создан
на еврейские пожертвования как конкурент Гарварду,
куда не брали евреев по причине антисемитизма.
Там и сейчас евреи, но они ниибацца прогрессивные,
значит, готовы делать что угодно на саудовские
деньги, потому что у SJW так принято. Данная
конкретная акция была осуществлена при спонсорстве
Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR),

который официально объявил, что Ayaan Hirsi Ali есть
"notorious islamophobe". Если кто не в курсе,
CAIR есть американское
отделение Хамаса, занятое
раздачей саудовских денег полезным идиотам.

По соседству, очерк студенческих протестов
в университете Оттавы.

Professor Janice Fiamengo's speech at the University of

Ottawa was shut down by protesters who claimed her "ideas
have no place on our campus."

The entire display is chronicled in a 50-minute YouTube
video that shows protesters booing, yelling and blowing a
vuvuzela throughout Fiamengo's attempted address. The
lecture organizer tried to reason with protesters, but it
didn't work. Campus security tried to intervene, with
little success. Finally, the event moved to another room,
but shortly after, the fire alarm went off.

According to the student newspaper the Fulcrum, a group
that calls itself the Revolutionary Student Movement (RSM)
was behind the protest.

      "We feel that these ideas have no place on our campus

      and refuse to legitimize them by allowing them space
      to organize," a representative for the RSM wrote in an
      email to the paper. "As was demonstrated, campus
      security will not protect our community from events
      that are harmful to men, women, and trans people in
      the community, so we decided to stand up for what we
      feel is right."

Hold on - ideas have no place on campus? Surely, they
can't be serious.

Alas, the irony of unilaterally deciding "what is right"
is apparently lost on this vocal group of freedom
fighters. Indeed, they haul out the notion of "safe
space," which is commonly used as a defence for quieting
speakers that the loudest few on campus don't want to
hear. And they take it upon themselves to "protect" the
apparently feeble campus community from the perils of
intellectually challenging ideas.

The same shoddy rationale was employed by protesters at
Massachusetts' Brandeis University, which was recently
pressured into forgoing plans to award an honourary degree
to women's rights activist Ayaan Hirsi Ali. Ali's personal
history is a remarkable testament to resilience - she was
genitally mutilated at age five and became a refugee to
flee an arranged marriage, yet still rose to become a
distinguished member of Parliament, public speaker and
author. But her ongoing criticism of Islam, which she has
called "imbued with violence," was deemed "hateful" by a
self-appointed group of safe-space-keepers at Brandeis
University, and the administration shamefully caved to
their demands and revoked their invitation.


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