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March 8th, 2019

March 8th, 2019
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King Crimson Live in Argentina, 1994 Evening Show
Неожиданно проперло:
King Crimson Live in Argentina, 1994 Evening Show

По крайней мере начало. В принципе, группу на тот
момент было совершенно невозможно слушать из-за
крайней степени самовлюбленности и идиотства,
но эта штука вроде ок.

Это я неожиданно обнаружил новый концертник
King Crimson - Meltdown - Live in Mexico (2018, 3xCD, England)
и думал накопать его в Ютюбе, не нашел, теперь качаю,
интересно же.

Не без гадливости определенной, но интересно.

Я эту задротскую музыку 1970-х слушаю как guilty pleasure,
с одной стороны, понятно, что ЦА этого говна - очень тупые люди
с очень высокими претензиями и зашкаливающим ЧСВ, с другой
стороны - ну хули ж. Периодически меня начинает клинить от
гадливости, примерно как при чтении книжки, где главный
герой нереально глуп (корейские ранобе это пиздец,
например). Но если я долго это говно не трогаю,
отвращение забывается.

хорош тем, что там неописуемой мерзости
типа вот этого минимум,
интересно подивиться.

Там есть единственное концертное исполнение "Lizard", мне ведомое;
и единственное концертное исполнение "The Sailor's Tale" после
1972 (фубля).

Кстати, бложек сей очень активен, хотя контент
в основном неописуемое дерьмо. У нас синдикация:


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his Royal Majesty King Mswati III: annual brides choosing ceremonial
Какая красота
парад невест королевства Свазиленд

несовершеннолетние сиськи, тысячи их
найдено тут

Mswati III is known for his practice of polygamy (although

at least two wives are appointed by the state) and
currently has 15 wives.

In Eswatini, no king can appoint his successor. Only an independent special traditional Council called the Liqoqo decides which of the wives shall be "Great Wife" and "Indlovukazi" (She-Elephant / Queen Mother). The son of this "Great Wife" will automatically become the next king.[1]

The "Great Wife" is chosen after the death of the king and must be of good character. Her character affects her child's chances of ascending to the status of king. According to Swazi culture, a son cannot be the heir if his mother is not of good standing. She must not bear the maiden name of Nkhosi-Dlamini as Dlamini is the name of the Royal House of Eswatini and she must not be a ritual wife (consequently the eldest son is never the heir).[2]

The king currently has 14 wives, (2 have permanently left him and 2 are late) 1 fiance and 33 children.[3] A Swazi king's first two wives are chosen for him by the national councillors. These two have special functions in rituals and their sons can never become kings. The first wife must be a member of the Matsebula clan, the second of the Motsa clan. These wives are known as tesulamsiti.

A royal fianc'ee is called liphovela, or "bride". They graduate from being fianc'ees to full wives as soon as they fall pregnant, when the king customarily marries them. But the traditional marriage, known as "Ludvendve" (marriage to the king) only follows later.[4]

In traditional Swazi culture, the king is expected to
marry a woman from every clan in order to cement
relationships with each part of Eswatini. This means that
the king must have many wives.

Что самое смешное, в Свазиленде по факту матриархат,
основной правитель - не король, а его мама.

Больше сисек:


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The Men Who Want AIDS-and How It Improved Their Lives
The Men Who Want AIDS-and How It Improved Their Lives

думал, там будет про bugchasing (сексуальный фетиш),
а там про нью-йоркских бездомных, которые специально
заражаются спидом, потому что жаждут бесплатных
социальных услуг, предоставляемых заболевшим.

А что, разумно, в принципе

For Fortner, the phenomenon of young men deliberately

contracting HIV is dispiriting but not surprising. "When
you're on the streets every day - winter, summer, spring,
and fall - and you find a way to have an apartment of your
own, it looks better," he says. His own experience is
instructive: Once his AIDS was diagnosed, he was
astonished at how much easier it was to live in New York
City. "Right now the rent for my apartment is $1,150, but
because I'm on the program I only pay $217, which leaves
me with about $400 a month," he says. "That's still a
struggle, but I feel gifted, because one way or another I
pull through."


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