Misha Verbitsky - August 6th, 2019

August 6th, 2019

August 6th, 2019
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забанили Корчинского и Ореста Лютого
В Ютюбе забанили Корчинского и Ореста Лютого
политическая цензура в действии, Шарий прыгает от радости

а вот хуле юзать этот говноедский ресурс, Гугл это дикое зло вообще
(но Ореста Лютого жалко, смотрел с удовольствием)

А где его теперь смотреть? Последний ролик не посмотрел, страдаю

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Hasta siempre comandante
Я перечел биографию Че Гевары, и осознал одну из причин,
почему Че Гевара типа главная икона XX века,
и 21-го тоже будет, видимо: он все записывал.
То есть поедет в Конго делать революцию, напишет
книгу автобиографического жанра. Поедет в Боливию,
напишет другую книгу. Поедет автостопом через Южную
снова напишет. Красивая картинка это бесконечно
важно, но если ее сопровождает тонна читабельного
текста, это вообще бомба.

Особенно в Латинской Америке, где культ кровавого мученичества
сан-себастьян стайл это практически национальная идея.

Надо накопать португальский перевод и почитать, для
языковой практики.

Вот занятные тексты про религиозное
поклонение Че Геваре в Латине

Father Agustin, the Polish priest, reads out prayers

written down by local people: 'For my mother who is sick,
I pray to the Lord and ...', hesitantly, 'to Saint
Ernesto, to the soul of Che Guevara.' 'Saint Ernesto,' the
parishioners murmur in response.

On a bench in the square, Freddy Vallejos, 27, says: 'We
have a faith, a confidence in Che. When I go to bed and
when I wake up, I first pray to God and then I pray to Che
- and then, everything is all right.' Freddy wears a cap
bearing Alberto Korda's iconic image of Guevara. 'Che's
presence here is a positive force. I feel it in my skin, I
have faith that always, at all times, he has an eye on

The winding road that connects Vallegrande to La Higuera
leads to a cluster of humble houses, walls plastered with
Che's images and graffiti. In the middle of the village is
a cobbled star-shaped square with a small bust of Che;
next to it is a large altar with a cross and a big grey
sculpture of Guevara. Melanio Moscoso, 37, sits against a
wall next to a Guevara poster. 'We pray to him, we are so
proud he had died here, in La Higuera, fighting for us. We
feel him so close,' he says. His neighbour, Primitiva
Rojas, professes devotion: 'I have lots of faith in
him. Because he stopped existing does not mean he is not
here with us.' A few days ago, when feeling sick, she
prayed to him and soon felt better. 'That same night I
dreamt of a man with a black beard and tender eyes, who
was telling me: "I was the one who cured you".'

In Pucara, Remi Calzadilla wears a beige cap that says
'Che'. He prays to him every day. 'And he helped me; a few
years ago I couldn't walk at all', he says, describing how
every time he 'speaks' to Che he feels 'a strong force
inside of him'.

'I am devoted to him as if he were a saint,' Remi's
grandfather, Conrado Calzadilla, 83, adds, jutting a proud
chin in the direction of one of the images of Che
plastered on the wall of his home. 'Still, 40 years after
his death?', I asked. 'Always', he replies. 'Always.'


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