Misha Verbitsky - June 20th, 2020

June 20th, 2020

June 20th, 2020
09:59 am


Covid-19 is far more widespread than we think
Про людей, заболевших ковидом за месяцы
до эпидемии (такого много вообще). Рассказывает
Tom Jefferson
, известный специалист
по вирусным эпидемиям.

There is some fairly conclusive evidence from cruise

ships. We are talking about a defined, isolated
population. There was a cruise ship in the South Atlantic
going to South Georgia in early March. It then aborted,
turned around and sat off Uruguay for about 10 days. Both
the crew and the passengers as they came on had
temperatures tested at the start of the voyage. They
excluded anybody who was coming from China or Iran, the
hotspots of the time. They said the first case on board
was eight days later. That implies Covid-19 was already
circulating on the ship when it set off in late February
from Buenos Aires in Argentina, and therefore circulating
in the city. It was widespread even then.

The earliest recorded case in Europe was a French
gentleman who died. In April, the clinician who had
treated him remembered his case, and said he had treated a
series of atypical pneumonias. He went back to samples
taken from those people which had subsequently been placed
in a deep freeze. He tested them for Covid-19 and they
came back positive. That was at the end of December.

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