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May 29th, 2022

May 29th, 2022
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Игрокомпания "Furry tails"
выпускает порноигры про фурри нацистов и Гитлера. На Стиме.


-- Perfect game to stream if you want to retire on twitch

-- So hitler was a furry? No wonder nobody likes him.



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революционная самокритика
Русская Википедия:

Объединённая Красная Армия -

японская леворадикальная организация, основанная 15 июля
1971 года.

Первоначально группа состояла из 29 членов. В 1971 году
они напали на оружейный магазин и раздобыли таким образом

В начале 1972 года группа организовала тренировочные
лагеря в горах. Однако во время акций в январе и феврале
того же года 14 членов организации погибли.

Каким образом они погибли, ру.вики не сообщает.
А вот каким: революционеры проводили занятия революционной
самокритики, где они били друг друга до потери
сознания. Недостаточно самокритичных революционеров,
которые не теряли сознания, товарищи вытаскивали на мороз
и привязывали. В итоге примерно половину революционеров
удалось убить. Выживших революционеров начали ловить,
когда сошли снега и прикопанные трупы оттаяли и начали

Сюжет для японского ужастика, не хуже известной истории


Aside from the preparation of their next movements and

missions, the group underwent a process known as
'self-criticism', a ritual that had become normalized
among Left groups in Japan at the time. The original
intention of this practice was to allow members of the
group to strengthen their alignment with the values and
purpose of the cause.[5]

However, Mori quickly introduced an element of violence to
this process in keeping with the New Left's demand for
individuals to demonstrate their commitment. The purpose
of this violence against members was to test their
devotion to the cause. Mori argued that beating members
into unconsciousness would allow for them to be reborn
with true "communistic subjectivity" when they were
brought back to consciousness.[3] Members of the URA
expressed their concerns to Mori regarding this practice
and the unpredictability as to the consequences of
beatings, unsure of an exact way to achieve sending a
member into unconsciousness.[2] As such, it was through
this process that several group members were killed.

Two members originally from the Revolutionary Left were
the first victims of self-criticism. Kato Yoshitaka was
selected for self-criticism as he had spoken to police
during an earlier interrogation, and Kojima Kazuko for
lacking the ability to fight her "bourgeois thinking".[3]
Initially the pair were refused food, and from the 26th to
the 27th of December Kato was tied up and beaten by group
members.[2] Kojima was also beaten by group members. As
Kato had not lost consciousness during the beatings, Mori
concluded that he had not achieved self-criticism and so
he was tied to a post outside in the harsh mountain
climate to suffer further beatings. Once the leaders
Nagata and Mori were satisfied that Kato had achieved
self-critique he was brought inside. However, he died from
his injuries on the 4th of January 1972.[3] This was not
before another member, Ozaki Mitsuo, was killed in the
self-critique process initiated against him on the 28th of
December that resulted in his death two days later.[2]


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