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Некто написал,
Anyways, after becoming blackpilled, I started noticing shit in the show I never realized before. How Rarity is so fucking hypergamous. How she keeps her pathetic shortcel Spike as an orbiter. And yes, Spike is just an incel in denial. But in my opinion, they're perfectly lookmatched. Here is a picture of Spike and here is a picture of Rarity. From this picture, they might not seem lookmatched. But first off, male ponies and femoid ponies are different in the show. Every femoid pony is objectively a 6/10+ because animators decide that all femoids should be beautiful. So therefore a 3/10 dragon (which would be rare/exotic if Spike was a girl but since he isn't he's incel) is lookmatched with 7/10 Rarity who uses fakeup.

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