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Пишет Misha Verbitsky ([info]tiphareth)

Prof Clare McGlynn of Durham University, an expert on the law on sexual offences, said: “The criminalisation of upskirting … is a welcome first step towards a more comprehensive law protecting victims of all forms of image-based sexual abuse, which also includes so-called ‘revenge porn’. We hope to work with the government to strengthen what is proposed in order to provide a truly effective deterrent, looking at intent, anonymity for all victims, and at threats.”

Taking “upskirting” or “downblousing” images is already
illegal in Scotland. The law was changed by the Sexual
Offences (Scotland) Act 2009 which introduced a voyeurism


Currently prosecutions can be brought for the offence of
‘outraging public decency’ but this only covers some types
of upskirting. And, FOI data has shown that police forces
are confused about what this means for recording the
reports. With only 34% of forces in England making any
note of it at all

And because outraging public decency is not a sexual
offence, reporting it under this framework also doesn’t
award victims anonymity they would expect with other
sexual crimes.

“Upskirting is a form of image-based sexual abuse and
should be treated as a sexual offence,” explains Clare
McGlynn, Professor Of Law, at Durham
University. “Outraging public decency is about public
being offended. The law should focus on harms to victims,
not what other members of the public think.”

Krys says: “This is overwhelmingly a crime against women, and in particular young women, so we would really like to see policymakers dealing with this more urgently. Cause right now, they’re really not.”

The law in Scotland doesn’t only cover taking the photographs, but has also made their distribution illegal. “[English] law has not kept up with technological advances and the government is refusing to update it,” adds McGlynn.

In September MP Richard Burgon called on the government to
make upskirting a specific sexual offence throughout the
UK, after 64,000 people signed his petition calling for
stricter laws.

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