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Пишет Misha Verbitsky ([info]tiphareth)
Re: anita sarkeesian is that you?
>с чего бы это?

ну я же ссылки размещал

As Gillette has come under increasing competition from low
priced competitors such as Dollar Shave Club and Harry's,
along with a resurgent Schick who is offering refill
cartridges that fit Gillette razors, its market share has
dropped from 70% to 50% over the past decade. Gillette
has been forced to drop the price of its razors by about
15% over the past few years and is on the verge of losing
master brand status.

Part of the Gillette’s motive for running the ad may be
that there is recent research suggesting that millennials
give more credit to brands using corporate social
responsibility appeals (See Hoffman 2014 and Neilsen
2017). While there appears to
be something to this generalization about millennials and
CSR appeals, much more needs to be learned about the
nuances of what works and what does not. In this case, it
appears Gillette will learn a lesson about what not to do
as pertains to corporate responsibility efforts.

Reaction to "We Believe in the Best in Men" has been
overwhelmingly negative, with comments on its own Youtube
channel running negative by an astonishing ten to one
margin. There are those who really like the ad really
like the campaign a lot and argue that it is simply trying
to reinforce positive behavior. However, the much larger
group who dislikes it includes many men who are saying the
ad is insulting to men and full of stereotypes. What is
perhaps most dangerous for Gillette, however, is the large
number of posters who are threatening to never buy the
product again.

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