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Пишет polytheme ([info]polytheme)
а знаете ли вы, что ..
обыкновенный кухонный чайник крыловские Гав'виали (одна из экзистенциальных ипостасей евреев) это на самом деле такие крокодилы ?

Выглядят величественно.

Кстати, оригинальная цитата из "Корабля уродов" Гребенщикова, подозреваю, тоже утащена им или Джорджем из "The end of Eternity":

Harlan said, “There was a man named Vikkor Mallansohn who lived in the 24th Century. That was part of the Primitive era, you know. The thing he is known best for is the fact that he first successfully built a Temporal Field. That means, of course, that he invented Eternity, since Eternity is only one tremendous Temporal Field shortcircuiting ordinary Time and free of the limitations of ordinary Time.”

            “You were taught this as a Cub, boy.”

            “But I was not taught that Vikkor Mallansohn could not possibly have invented the Temporal Field in the 24th Century. Nor could anyone have. The mathematical basis for it didn’t exist. The fundamental Lefebvre equations did not exist; nor could they exist until the researches of Ian Verdeer in the 27th Century.”

            If there was one sign by which Senior Computer Twissell could indicate complete astonishment, it was that of dropping his cigarette. He dropped it now. Even his smile was gone.

            He said, “Were you taught the Lefebvre equations, boy?”

            “No. And I don’t say I understand them. But they’re necessary for the Temporal Field. I’ve learned that. And they weren’t discovered till the 27th. I know that, too.”

            Twissell bent to pick up his cigarette and regarded it dubiously. “What if Mallansohn had stumbled on the Temporal Field without being aware of the mathematical justification? What if it were simply an empirical discovery? There have been many such.”

            “I’ve thought of that. But after the Field was invented, it took three centuries to work out its implications and at the end of that time there was no one way in which Mallansohn’s Field could be improved on. That could not be coincidence. In a hundred ways, Mallansohn’s design showed that he must have used the Lefebvre equations. If he knew them or had developed them without Verdeer’s work, which is impossible, why didn’t he say so?”
“Eternity could never have been established without Mallansohn’s discovery of the Temporal Field. Mallansohn could never have accomplished this without a knowledge of mathematics that existed only in his future. That’s number one. Meanwhile, here in Eternity at this moment, there is a Cub who was selected as an Eternal against all the rules, since he was overage and married, to boot. You are educating him in mathematics and in Primitive sociology. That’s number two.”


            “I say that it is your intention to send him back into Time somehow, back past the downwhen terminus of Eternity, back to the 24th. It is your intention to have the Cub, Cooper, teach the Lefebvre equations to Mallansohn. You see, then,” Harlan added with tense passion, “that my own position as expert in the Primitive and my knowledge of that position entitles me to special treatment. Very special treatment.”

            “Father Timer” muttered Twissell.

            “It’s true, isn’t it? We come full circle, with my help. Without it...” He let the sentence hang.

            “You come so close to the truth,” said Twissell. “Yet I could swear there was nothing to indicate--” He fell into a study in which neither Harlan nor the outside world seemed to play apart.

            Harlan said quickly. “Only close to the truth? It is the truth.” He could not tell why he was so certain of the essentials of what he said, even quite apart from the fact that he so desperately wanted it to be so.

            Twissell said, “No, no, not the exact truth. The Cub, Cooper, is not going back to the 24th to teach Mallansohn anything.”

            “I don’t believe you.”

            “But you must. You must see the importance of this. I want your co-operation through what is left of the project. You see, Harlan, the situation is more full circle than you imagine. Much more so, boy. Cub Brinsley Sheridan Cooper is Vikkor Mallansohn!”

Ещё и Ian Verdeer (по-русски он вообще Жан Вердье, хоть и без Луи, но это странно, в оригинале, скорее, из Вермеера сделано). Киселев.жпг, в общем, мелкий провластный пропагандист эпохи Гайфуллина и Кузнецова.

Люблю коммутативные квадраты,
И многие геометры им рады!

Или, иначе говоря,

Но, видимо, воздух — только сырье для кружев,
распятых на пяльцах в парке, где пасся царь.
И статуи стынут, хотя на дворе — бесстужев,
казненный потом декабрист, и настал январь.

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