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Monday, November 29th, 2010

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    Много шума из ничего
    ImageДипломатические телеграммы на Викиликс вряд ли откроют что-то существенное. Утекла, похоже, рутинная бюрократическая переписка не очень высокого уровня. Телеграмма про кавказскую свадьбу, впрочем, умеренно забавная. Тут тебе и доставка водки "Белуга Экспорт" самолётом c Урала, и пляшущий Рамзан Кадыров с позолоченным пистолетом в заднем кармане джинсов.

    After Ramzan sped off, the dinner and drinking --
    especially the latter -- continued. An Avar FSB colonel
    sitting next to us, dead drunk, was highly insulted that we
    would not allow him to add “cognac” to our wine. “It’s
    practically the same thing,” he insisted, until a Russian FSB
    general sitting opposite told him to drop it. We were
    inclined to cut the Colonel some slack, though: he is head
    of the unit to combat terrorism in Dagestan, and Gadzhi told
    us that extremists have sooner or later assassinated everyone
    who has joined that unit. We were more worried when an
    Afghan war buddy of the Colonel’s, Rector of the Dagestan
    University Law School and too drunk to sit, let alone stand,
    pulled out his automatic and asked if we needed any
    protection. At this point Gadzhi and his people came over,
    propped the rector between their shoulders, and let us get
    out of range.

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